Stephon Gilmore opens up about Patriots’ handling of his injury

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The sudden hiring of Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady wasn’t the only item of news that came from Carolina on Sunday, the team’s bye. Cornerback Stephon Gilmore, traded to the Panthers by the Patriots earlier this year, opened up about concerns regarding his final months in New England in an interview with Joseph Person of that was published on Sunday.

“When you return to play, you want to rehab back to return to play,” Gilmore said regarding the manner in which the Patriots, in his view, mishandled his quad injury. “But I felt like they were doing more workouts than rehab, more working out like someone [who] was 100 percent healthy and in the offseason program. But I was rehabbing, coming back from surgery. So that’s different. I think you should take steps to come back and play. . . . It was just making me do all types of running and lifting way more than I was supposed to. I’m just happy everything — I feel like God puts you in position to be in a better place. They handled it right here, and I’m on the right track. I feel good, better and better every week. And I feel more confident.”

Although Gilmore’s uncertain contract status (and the inability of player and team to work out a new deal) seemed to be a major issue in the events that led to the trade, it sounds as if the rehab drove a wedge, too.

“I didn’t show up there over the summer, so I was on the right track,” Gilmore said. “And then I show up there and start on all the unnecessary stuff. Like, right before I got traded, I ran like 3,000 yards in three days. Like a real workout. It’s like, why would you do all that right before you trade me? You don’t do that. Let me do it my way. I don’t know if they were trying to test [the leg] and see, I don’t know. I’m not the type of guy that says, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do that.’ I work hard. I do my stuff. I just think that wasn’t right.”

It’s rare to hear that kind of candor from a current or former Patriots player. Still, don’t expect coach Bill Belichick if have anything to say about Gilmore’s comments, if/when he’s asked about them.

15 responses to “Stephon Gilmore opens up about Patriots’ handling of his injury

  1. Because big dollar Bill wanted to know if you could cut it, physically. And you weren’t ready, so you got traded. Not to mention you wanted more money and were not physically able to perform the job they asked you to. Still my favorite corner in the game. The gilly lock.

  2. Great player in his time here. Tons of big plays. Had a great run.

    The trade was about the money and a young stud (JCJ) ready to takeover the lock down spot. Nothing more.

  3. Belichick has a history of not rushing back players from injury. “Next Man Up” is his mantra.

  4. Gilmore stop pouting and move on. We loved you and you had a top3 contract when you signed and you performed.

    Now you got injured end of 2020 and then in a contract dispute this year refused to practice. You wanted more money without being able to show you were able to based on past but this is a business. Move on. You are closer home and will get a contract if you play well. But based on your grumbling it seems like you wish you were rather in NE than where you are now. Move on dude. Good luck.

  5. That’s Bill, always pushing the limits, stretching the rules, trying to get away with stuff

  6. They made him run 3000 yards in 3 days??. That’s 1.7 miles! Is he kidding? The trainers do what the medical staff says. Gilmour was milking it for a raise or a trade. I call balony on this one

  7. “Belichick has a history of not rushing back players from injury.”…Thats not true, Ted Johnson said coach Bill Belichick subjected him to hard hits in
    practice while he was recovering from a concussion — against the advice of the team’s top trainer. Ted says his brain is still messed up because of it. Belichick is just another coach running a football factory, under enormous pressure to win.

  8. And now you’re with a bad team and in a few weeks you’ll be off for the season….whiner.

  9. He is not a sports trainer or physical therapist. He studied Entertainment Management or something like that. This sounds like a load of bull stuff. Running 100 yards, in a straight line, 10 times a day for 3 days doesnt sound that difficult.

  10. From the time of the injury to the time he was traded was 10 months. There’s easily 2-4 months in there where it might be considered “reasonable” to resume normal workouts. More so since the season had started when this all went down.

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