Will the risk Antonio Brown presented to Bruce Arians and Tom Moore be a factor in Tampa Bay’s final decision?

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The Buccaneers have two weeks to decide whether to keep or to cut receiver Antonio Brown. In 14 days, he returns from the three-game suspension imposed on him for giving the team, and in turn the league, a fake vaccination card.

On Sunday, PFT reported that the Bucs are indeed considering the possibility of parting ways with Brown.

If Brown were a bottom-of-the-roster player, he’d already be gone. Since he’s regarded as an important piece of the offense (the Bucs are 5-0 this year when he plays), it becomes difficult for a team that hopes to win the Super Bowl to voluntarily jettison a player with the skill to help them get there.

On the other side of the ledger is the fact that Brown’s antics endangered people like coach Bruce Arians and 83-year-old offensive consultant Tom Moore. Arians is a three-time cancer survivor. Moore falls squarely into the segment of society most vulnerable to the worst possible outcome.

Consider this. As noted by Peter King in the latest Football Morning in America column, Greg Auman of the TheAthletic.com noticed an interesting comment in Lars Anderson’s book about the 2020 Bucs, A Season in the Sun: “If any of you make me or Tom Moore sick, I have a gun and I will shoot you in the kneecaps.” And even if Arians, who made it clear when Brown was signed that he was on a clear one-strike arrangement, is inclined to look the other way, there’s a good chance Arians has been hearing it and will continue to keep hearing it from his family as to the reckless and selfish actions of Brown.

Quarterback Tom Brady, who faced the media for the first time since Brown was suspended, didn’t comment on the fact that Brown lied about his vaccination status and endangered people like Arians and Moore. Instead, Brady views the situation as no different than a guy missing time due to injury.

“I’m thinking about what I’ve got to do to help the team win,” Brady told reporters. “You know, different guys go down from injuries and so forth, and whether guys are out there or not, you know, I’ve got to do the best I can do. So just that’s what I’m going to do, be the best quarterback I can be.”

Brady’s got one objective. To win. To win games and ultimately the Super Bowl. If he has a vote, they won’t be cutting Antonio Brown. With the Buccaneers organization so intent as a business proposition on keeping Brady around for as long as possible, Brady ultimately may have the controlling vote when the ballots are counted two weeks from today.

21 responses to “Will the risk Antonio Brown presented to Bruce Arians and Tom Moore be a factor in Tampa Bay’s final decision?

  1. Arians is a blowhard that no one respects. Why does this guy have books about himself? He’s a coat tail rider. A snake oil salesman. He’s been that way his whole career.

  2. Everyone thinks Arians is true to his word – he isn’t. The “one-strike” comment re: AB is a joke. He will be playing come Jan just like the other Bucs WRs. Those stupid flat top hats he wears are just lying-beanies.

  3. If he stays with the team, would be fun to speculate whether he is wearing a mask at pressers or scrambling to get J&J just to give perception he actually was vaccinated (but from a documentation standpoint, proving he had not).

  4. Brady flipped out when the Pats cut Brown. Brady will flip out if the Bucs cut Brown. The Bucs will not cut Brown unless TB12 says it’s OK.

  5. Antonio Brown is a problem. He has been for years. When he was a better player it might have been worth it. Now I don’t think it is. If I was Tampa I would keep him on the roster for the rest of the year but I would not play him. That way he is punished by not playing but he also won’t be able to hurt Tampa by signing with the Packers or the Rams.

  6. When AB THINKS this is ‘his VERY last chance’ he straightens up for 7nor 8 games. Bucs won’t cut him if he can help them get back to the Super Bowl.

  7. It seems that once AB got vaccinated when he learned learned that the fake vaccination card he provided to the team did expose him to a felony charge. If that’s the case, why depict him as a threat to Arians and Moore?

  8. Yeah, Brady’s going to come down hard on a teammate for breaking a rule. Especially a guy he recruited.

  9. Not a huge fan of Bruce Arians. His club has entered games where they obviously have not been properly prepared. The game after the bye week is a perfect example. They had 2 weeks to prepare and they were NOT ready.This past week he brags that NO TEAM will run against the Bucs.Well, Bruce eneded looking like a fool again in first half, when Patterson and Atlanta’s running game made Arians look like a fool. Why would any good coach give red meat like that to the opposition.

  10. It will be up to Brady what happens to AB. He has the keys to the kingdom in Tampa.

  11. 1. What about Edwards?
    2. Faking vaccination status is wrong, but the idea that vaccinated players are “safe” is nonsense.

  12. I really dislike that whole Brady protecting Brown dynamic. Brown should already be gone. Brady has Gronk, Brate ,Evans, Godwin, Miller, Fournette, etc. Brown put his HC and others at serious risk. There is no defending that. Arians needs to stop sidestepping the issue and get rid of him.

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