Aldon Smith is arrested for DUI causing injury, a felony

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Free-agent NFL defensive end Aldon Smith, a former top-10 pick who showed incredible potential and performance early in his career, has another off-field issue.

Via, Smith has been arrested on a felony charge of DUI causing injury.

The arrest happened on Monday night. As of Tuesday afternoon, Smith remained in custody. His bond had been set at $50,000.

Smith entered the NFL with a bang in 2011. The seventh overall pick in the draft out of Missouri, he had 42 sacks in his first 43 regular-season games. His career then became derailed due to legal issues. He missed four full seasons before returning to the NFL in 2020, starting 16 games for the Cowboys.

Smith signed with the Seahawks in the offseason, but he was released before Week One. His name had not come up during the 2021 season as a potential free-agent acquisition. Given Monday’s events, the chances of that happened are even more slim.

17 responses to “Aldon Smith is arrested for DUI causing injury, a felony

  1. “Wow, this is a huge surprise and very disappointing, I heard Aldon had turned the corner and was doing well in life after football”

    Said no one, ever

  2. He should get Henry Ruggs lawyer… on home arrest, missed an alcohol test and nothing happened

  3. How many “seconds chances” has Smith had in his career?

    I would imagine that since high school, the guy has had at least 50.

    When the Cowboys don’t want you, you truly know you’re in it deep.

    Could this finally be the time that Aldon is All Done?

    One would hope so, but B.B. may need a lil help for another ring. That would be a very sad thing…

  4. This kid was an absolute monster as a pass rusher as a young player and it looked like him, Watt, and Von Miller were gonna terrorize the NFL for a decade. Millers done well enough and Watt was a monster when healthy, but man Aldon could’ve been a $100 million dollar man if had kept his life straight.

  5. Hope he gets jail time. Stop thinking you’re above the law and putting other people’s lives in jeopardy because you can’t call an Uber.

  6. I am not much of a Jerry Jones fan, but give credit to the Cowboys for keeping Aldon on the straight and narrow for one year.

    Given Aldon’s history both before and after his stint with the Cowboys, the Cowboys clearly gave Aldon a strong support network, which afforded him the opportunity (which he promptly threw away) to resurrect his career. So for that at least, they deserve some credit.

  7. As a Raiders fan I sincerely believed Smith was being treated unfairly when the league was hesitant to reinstate him for his first “second chance”. I fully retract that sentiment.

  8. Demons man – Demons. We work to control our inner demons or they take over.

    Many people don’t have the good fortune to have a unique skill set to keep getting more chances.

  9. And we were told he was reformed and we should celebrate him. Let’s save our celebrations now for after his sentencing! We could even invite his former head coach and clap together!

  10. To paraphrase : “Some men you just can’t reach” … “what we have here is a failure to communicate.” *music playing*…. As a Niner fan I was hoping for the best but …:(

  11. Love Aldon as a player. I hope he can get that alcoholism under control. It will be the death of him

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