Bill Belichick says Patriots have played in “way, way worse” wind in Buffalo before

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The Patriots employed an offensive game plan unheard of in the modern NFL to win on a windy night in Buffalo, but afterward Bill Belichick downplayed how bad the wind was.

Belichick acknowledged that the Patriots were playing in “conditions that were somewhat challenging,” but he said the Patriots have seen worse in Buffalo, specifically in the final game of the 2008 season.

“That was a lot worse,” Belichick said of the wind his team played in in Buffalo 13 years ago. “Way, way worse.”

In the 2008 game, the Patriots ran the ball 47 times and passed eight times as they won 13-0. On Monday night, the Patriots ran the ball 46 times and passed three times as they won 14-10.

“There was a lot of situational football that I thought for the most part we handled well,” Belichick said of Monday night’s game.

Still, Belichick noted that Bills quarterback Josh Allen completed 15 of 30 passes for 145 yards, with one touchdown and no interceptions, so it wasn’t like passing the ball was impossible.

“Josh did a good job throwing the ball out there,” Belichick said. “It was tough conditions and he slung it in there pretty good.”

The conditions made the game a fascinating chess match in which Belichick and Bills coach Sean McDermott took very different approaches. In the end, Belichick won the chess match, as he so often has in his coaching career.

34 responses to “Bill Belichick says Patriots have played in “way, way worse” wind in Buffalo before

  1. Devastating loss for Bills, good chance they don’t make the playoffs!
    Brady up next and we all know what that means.

  2. I don’t think McDermott was playing Chess. He knew the Patriots would run every play and still gave up 250 rushing yards. If it wasn’t for the Harry fumble, the Bills would have been shut out.

  3. The Patriots Broke the Bills. The players and that moron coach were rattled l…

    And make to things worse for the Bills; They face Tom Brady, aka there DADDY who is 32-3 lifetime against them, next week.

    And if that’s not bad enough after your DADDY puts you over his knee for the last time when you wake up after that you will still Be in Buffalo

  4. That’s hilarious. Belichick seems to come up with ways to poke a rival and win. Forty-six rushes and three passes. I had to work so I missed the game but I bet those table crashers were enraged watching that game hahahaha.

  5. OK Bills, now go to Tampa to see your Daddy, TB12, and bring your whining coach with you to get punched in the mouth.

  6. That screams I don’t trust the rookie. Don’t make it out to be all that smart call it what it is not letting that kid blow the game.

  7. Chess? The weather was not allowing for strategies and such. This was just two teams grinding on each other. One of them one the game.

  8. McDermott was more interested in arguing with officials than redevising a defense that only had to stop the run

  9. Nobody saw this coming after last year. In the Hoodie we trust, a true genius. The kid played pretty ddamn good too!

  10. OK Pats fan, put a brake on it. The PATS owned the Bills while Brady was there AND the Bills were talentless. It means very little now.
    So, “BRADY” did not “own” the Bills. Don’t be surprised to see the Bills know off the Bucs.
    Also, BB was being his typical pontificating windbag self regarding the weather. The wind gusts during a game have NEVER been “way worse”.
    Here is what their OWN color commentator said:

    “Been coming to Buffalo for 30 years. Never saw wind gusts like this,” tweeted Patriots radio color commentator Scott Zolak.
    The wind is blowing so fast before the game that the goalposts are swaying.”

  11. If not for the Harry muff, Bills may not have scored a TD. What’s with punt returners following the ball when not fielding it in the air. We see it at all levels.

  12. Bill B. has been around since the earth was cooling in football terms. He has seen it all and basically done it all but I must admit I never in my wildest nightmares expected The New England Patriots to be as successful this season as they have been. Kicking Newton to the curb and throwing “all in” with Mac Jones was a move that took some real stones but WOW is it paying off. Bill is from the Tom Landry tree and it shows.

  13. “So, “BRADY” did not “own” the Bills”

    uhhhh Brady is something like 33-3 against the Bill with every roster of players the Pats had over 20 years, with pretty much almost every other piece of the roster changing regularly over the years.

    So yes, he owns the Bills. The Pats and Belichick own the Bills.

    And I expect a much different game plan in Foxboro in 3 weeks when the Bills come to town, something that will cause another McDermott meltdown

  14. tingelhoff53 says:
    December 7, 2021 at 7:58 am
    OK Pats fan, put a brake on it. The PATS owned the Bills while Brady was there AND the Bills were talentless. It means very little now.
    So, “BRADY” did not “own” the Bills. Don’t be surprised to see the Bills know off the Bucs.
    Also, BB was being his typical pontificating windbag self regarding the weather. The wind gusts during a game have NEVER been “way worse”.

    The Bills record vs the Patriots the last 20 years when Brady has NOT played is 4-1
    When Brady starts they 3-32

    So YES Tom Brady “OWNS” the Bills. And you will be reminded of that one last time next week.

  15. McDermott should get a fair share of the blame, but don’t leave out GM Brandon Beane. Having built a roster that can’t deal with the climate of Buffalo is some poor decision making.
    When your quarterback is your best runner and your defence can be steamrolled, you’re going to be in trouble when the weather turns bad.

  16. Missin’ Again Crosby says:
    December 7, 2021 at 9:40 am
    My goodness.

    Pats fan is back, more obnoxious and intolerable than ever.

    Oh get over it.

    When “Patriots fan” gives it they are “obnoxious and insufferable “

    Go look at all the comments from “Bills fan” last season and this season when NE was 2-4.

    If you’re going to dish it out be prepared to get it back…

  17. The game plan was partially because of a windy night. But I’d be willing to bet that it was mostly because Belichick knows how to beat a McDermott-coached defense.

    Like his predecessor Jim Johnson, McDermott has always advocated for drafting smaller faster guys — even in the trenches and at LB — and building a defense around stopping the pass because, you see, it’s a passing league these days (he has always pointed this out as if doing so made him the most brilliant football mind on the planet, but that’s another matter for another day).

    And like his predecessor’s defenses, you can beat them by running on them. And in the playoffs, the tougher opponents’ offenses are always bigger up front and they have a season’s worth of game film to show them how to win.

  18. Bill Belichick should have referenced that snowy AFC championship game against the Raiders.

  19. BB has a heart. He could have easily gone with zero throw. McDermott would have gone hiding after the game.

  20. There were barely over 100 plays from scrimmage (both teams) in this game. Used to be that there would be 120 to 130 plays from scrimmage during games (on average). Rules over time have been changed to start the clock and keep it running when teams go out of bounce and the 30 second clock became a 40 second clock. This has taken too many plays out of the games. The rules need to be tweaked back in the other direction. It’s like playing a 50 minute game instead of a 60 minute game. Too much stall ball going on and being employed as a strategy against good offenses. Don’t give the advantage to teams deliberately running out the clock. Let’s play Football!

  21. Wow. Entire thread is Brady Fan-boy/Love-boys. Huge thumbs-downs an any comment that is not “Brady is GOAT, BB is God.”

    You missed my point.

    “Brady” did not (by himself) “own” the Bills. Stupid comment. A player does not beat a team, the team does. My point is that the Bills had a horrendous team for over 15 years. The LEAGUE “owned” the Bills. You didn’t need to quote the record of the Pats against them. The same “record” would have been shown against the Jets, and Miami too.

    Cool your jets, and stop being rabid Brady and BB fans and pay attention to the game of football instead for once.

  22. Josh Allen needed to make one play…ONE PLAY…and couldn’t get it done. Let’s not gush to much about the Pats.

  23. If you know that a run play is coming on almost every down, and your defense doesn’t stop it, whose fault is it? The Bills also had opportunities on offense and didn’t cash in. Whose fault is it? They can blame it on the weather conditions, the officials…whatever they want. The fact is that the Patriots are relevant again, without Brady.

  24. Not an AFCE fan here… I will just comment that it’s funny watching Bills fans now try to call out the Patriots fans for being obnoxious given how they’ve tried to take their apparent one season of fame and have been bashing the Patriots and Belichick nonstop. It was almost as if they believed the Patriots were on the decline and the Bills were ascending. They sure did yell that a lot, if nothing else. And for everyone trying to keep up the “was it Brady or Belichick” nonsense, just step back and admire that the two of them are the GOATs and we are never again going to see something like what the Patriots did for 20 years with the two of them together.

  25. For all those saying you know they are running it’s easy to stop tell that to the 70s dolphins or 60s packers it’s not what you do but how well you execute.

  26. Maybe it is because the Bills coach said before the game, “Nobody can run the ball against us…”

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