Jerry Jones: We’ll use La’el Collins or Terence Steele as a sixth offensive lineman to help running game

NFL: NOV 21 Cowboys at Chiefs
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The Cowboys should be getting Terence Steele off of the COVID-19 reserve list in time for him to play against Washington this weekend and that creates a question about who will start at right tackle.

Steele was starting there when La'el Collins was out of the lineup and he did a good job, but Collins has returned from his suspension to start three of the last four games for Dallas. During an appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he’s not concerned about which player starts because “both of them will play a lot” as the Cowboys will be using one or the other in place of a tight end in hopes of giving a jolt to the running game.

“I think it’s the best we’ve been all year,” Jones said, via Mark Lane of WFAA. “You’ve got an improved Collins. You got a Steele that we know and are very confident he can play at the right tackle — just play well there. And, so, in doing so, we will use the fact that we got Collins at his best this year. We got Steele. We’ll use that as one of the, or a way, to help our running game. We will do that. What that lets us do relative to any other formations that we use, we’ll have a big guy in that you would normally have a tight end. That will help us out.”

Washington has been grinding out wins in close games in recent weeks and they’re likely going to try to follow the same formula this weekend. A rushing attack that can eat up time and yards would help Dallas counter anything their divisional rivals want to throw their way.

8 responses to “Jerry Jones: We’ll use La’el Collins or Terence Steele as a sixth offensive lineman to help running game

  1. Coach Jerrah doing Tuesday morning’s press briefing. Tomorrow is GM Jerrah with roster moves. Thursday is doctor Jerrah with the injury report and Friday is owner Jerrah with his thoughts on whatever scandal pops up this week in 345 Park Ave.

  2. One has to wonder the self worth of those who make ceaseless trolling remarks about a self made billionaire, who has been the key driver into making the NFL the no. 1 game, without a close second, and the most valuable franchise, and 3 rings, and a collegiate national championship in which he was captain, and a success at running a family business–yeah, that guy is a total buffoon. I need more advice from smart guys commenting here instead of doing the work that supposedly “puts bread on the table” for their families. I will bet for a lot of you the rest of us are paying for that bread, and that’s fine, people need help–but maybe help yourself instead of cat calling from the sidelines about how everyone else is the idiot. Give that a try.

  3. Rich, it’s a football blog where people have engaged in trolling for almost 20 years. Lighten up. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. When they used McGovern as an extra blocker earlier in the year it really worked for them. But Zekes knee wasn’t all banged up. This is the week we find out if they are ever going to get this running game back on track

  5. So Jerruh is drawing up the game plans now? This is the gift that just keeps giving!

  6. What they need is to put Steele back in at RT, and move Collins to left guard. He played there in past and did great!! Obviously both Conners cant get the LG job done. Use Connor McGovern at the “fullback” position they used sometimes. Let Connor Williams be the swing tackle….his college position.

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