Justin Fields’ status an “ongoing discussion” for Bears this week

NFL: NOV 21 Ravens at Bears
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Bears quarterback Justin Fields has missed the last two games with cracked ribs and it remains up in the air whether he’ll be able to make it back into the lineup against the Packers this week.

Head coach Matt Nagy said on Monday that the Bears are “never going to put him at risk medically” and that the team will have an “ongoing discussion” about his availability over the coming days. Fields was limited in practice last week and Nagy said pain tolerance will be a big factor in their conversations.

While that discussion is taking place, they’ll also be making sure that Andy Dalton is ready to go.

“In the meantime, we have to be able to do like we did last week, too,” Nagy said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Which is kind of prepare on both sides of it.”

Nagy said he liked how Fields’ confidence was growing before the injury and we’ll learn later this week if he’ll be able to take that confidence back out to the field.

11 responses to “Justin Fields’ status an “ongoing discussion” for Bears this week

  1. Justin Fields is a rubbish qb. He was the worst qb in the league before he got injured, he’s the worst qb in the league now. Look at what Mac Jones is doing with an objectively worse roster in New England. The Bears are in full rebuild mode from ground zero and I don’t have confidence that ownership can rebuild this team because they haven’t in almost four decades. If Fields is in the NFL 4 years from now it’ll be as a cheap backup on a bad team.

  2. Fields needs bench and observation time, just like Jordan Love does, just like most acclaimed quarterbacks need when arriving in the NFL. It’s the rare exception that somebody can step right in and take care of business, very rare. Give Fields time.

  3. Shut him down for the year so the next coach has less of Nagy’s “coaching” to fix

  4. That really worked out for Jordan Love!

    Justin Fields would do better on the Pats, it’s the coaching.

  5. As a Bears fan I don’t want him playing another down until Nagy and the rest of the coaches are gone. As it is he’s only being put in harm’s way and being taught how to fail.

  6. Fields is being set-up to fail by Nagy, whose interest is saving his job and not developing his QB. Chicago needs to clean house from top to bottom. They tried and fail, time to cut bait. Nagy is a bad coach.

  7. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nagy and Pace are attempting to sign new QB to start Sunday in order to save their jobs.

  8. Objectively worse Pats roster? Are you high?

    Fields should play when healthy, the experience is still valuable, even under the anchor weight of coaching that is Nagy. But why is it so hard to just say “he’ll play when he’s healthy”? Nagy makes even the simplest things so hard.

  9. Fields wouldn’t play for the Pats. The Pats get what the NFL doesn’t. QB’s need to be able to throw. Not that running is bad. Just that throwing is not 3rd on the list of traits they need to succeed. Not unlike the mistake made in GB during last years draft.

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