Mac Jones: It was a weird day, but we got the win

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said after Monday night’s win in Buffalo that he’s seen “way, way worse” conditions than the wind that ripped through the stadium during New England’s 14-10 win, but that wasn’t the case for rookie quarterback Mac Jones.

Jones said he’d never seen that kind of wind before and the Patriots only asked him to throw the ball three times because of the impact that the conditions were having on the game. After the game, Jones noted that Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had been in similar situations that gave them the right blueprint to get the win.

“It was just a crazy game to be a part of, but we knew if we didn’t turn the ball over, we’d be good,” Jones said, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “It was just a weird day, but at the end of the day, you just get more points than the other team, and it’s a great day. It doesn’t matter how many times you run it or throw it as long as we win. Everyone’s going to be happy.”

The win moved the Patriots to the top seed in the AFC playoff race, which is all the more reason for Jones and company to be happy about how things played out in Buffalo.

5 responses to “Mac Jones: It was a weird day, but we got the win

  1. Do the Pats want the top seed? Jones is 6-0 away from Gillette as a rookie. That is totally unheard of

  2. This Pats season has been a coaching clinic on how to mange a young QB to not only get wins but build his confidence and limit the kind of mistakes that are crushing to a rookie’s psyche. Bill and McDaniels have done a heck of job with Jones.

  3. Hope this stops the “Jones is as good (or better than) Brady” at this stage of their careers.

    Brady beat the Raiders in the snow with TD passes & runs; he beat the Greatest Show on Turf in the SB with a 1-minute drive without time outs.

    Last night’s game plan was an indictment of Jones.

  4. If Buffalo had been able to score, then NE would have had to respond and I’m pretty sure they’d have asked Mac to throw the ball. Circumstances just didn’t require it. Winning is what matters to winners. And Mac’s pretty clearly a winner.

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