Mac Jones on not doing pre-Manningcast call: We were just focused on the game

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Peyton Manning revealed during the Monday night Manningcast on ESPN2 that the Patriots denied him access to Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones leading up to the game. Jones is the only quarterback who didn’t speak to Manning before a Manningcast broadcast this season.

Jones was asked about it on WEEI on Tuesday.

“I am not going to get into any details, but I think we were just focused on the game,” Jones said, via Ryan Hannable of WEEI. “The Patriots do a great job of just helping me stay focused on what I need to stay focused on.”

Manning was not critical of the team’s handling of Jones, saying it was the same approach the Colts used with him in his rookie season.

Jones threw only three passes on Monday night, completing two for 19 yards in the victory over the Bills.

14 responses to “Mac Jones on not doing pre-Manningcast call: We were just focused on the game

  1. for how little he was used during the game, he could just have been a guest during the entire show..

  2. It’s like BB ordered this kid QB off a matchmaking site. And he won’t be asking for a refund either.

  3. Thank goodness he wasn’t distracted so he could study for the complex game plan of 40+ handoffs.

  4. Good for Mac who doesn’t live and waste his time in the social media world either, kids focused and it shows!

  5. Dear Peyton…Thanks for the invite, but I’ve got 3 passes to throw tonight. Must focus…Mac.

  6. This is one of the reasons the Patriots win. They don’t get distracted by stupid, time wasting crap like ESPN airs on a daily basis.

  7. Dear Peyton,
    Sorry we weren’t able to connect. I thought you may have been too concerned the Patriots would be bugging our call and I didn’t want to make you uptight. Bill and Tom mentioned the thought of eavesdropping caused you to fumble and throw picks. I’m doing great though. Thanks for asking!

    Mac Attack Jones

    Tell Eli I said “Hey”!

  8. So blessed to have a QB like Mac…. As stated above, it’s a match made in heaven!!…… he did what he was asked & coached to do & EGO wasn’t even an issue for him…..& I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Jab Matt Judon gave the rookie during his press conference after the game….giving props to offense(except Mac) saying he didn’t have to do anything but hand off the ball… that was FUNNY!!! All done in good nature!!!

  9. To first be coached by Saban and now Belicheck… irregardless of how far he goes in the League this kid is set up as far as life skills — though I suspect he’s been pretty strong on those for a while already.

  10. We’re a couple turnovers away from being a .500 team, so hoping we can up our O game in time for playoffs.

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