NFLPA should demand that NFL investigate all rosters for fake vaccination cards

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The NFL, by all appearances, has no inclination to aggressively investigate whether teams other than the Buccaneers have an issue with fake vaccination cards. The NFL Players Association has a voice in this dynamic — and to date the NFLPA hasn’t used it.

The union that represents all players finds itself in a tough spot. On one hand, it needs to protect the interests of players who may eventually be accused of using fake vaccination cards. On the other hand, the NFLPA needs to protect the interests of players who are legitimately vaccinated and who are exposed to players lying about their vaccination status. The harder the NFLPA pushes on behalf of one group, the more it infringes on the rights of the other.

Still, given that the COVID protocols were crafted jointly by the league and the union, the union presumably has a clear interest in ensuring their integrity. If players are lying about whether they’ve been vaccinated, that’s not just an affront against the NFL but an insult to the union, too. It therefore would make sense for the NFLPA to state in a loud, clear voice that it wants the NFL to aggressively investigate the possibility that fake vaccination cards were used by one or more players with one or more of the other 31 teams.

It would be a shock if they weren’t. The Antonio Brown/Mike Edwards fake cards fell into the NFL’s lap, because Brown was dumb enough to piss off someone who knew that he’d gotten a fake card. Other players with other teams likely haven’t left themselves exposed to such an outcome.

But that’s not compelling the league, or the union, to search proactively for fake cards — even though this means that unvaccinated players are masquerading as vaccinated, and in turn enjoying the benefits of being vaccinated. While also putting the legitimately vaccinated players, staff, and their family members at risk of infection.

The league has instead crafted an illogical test for justifying a decision not to vet the vaccination cards of those who were vaccinated away from team facilities. Because the rate of positive COVID results for those vaccinated at the team facilities and away from them is no different, the league is presuming conclusively that it has no problem.

That, in itself, is a huge problem. And it’s fair to conclude that the league doesn’t care about finding more fake cards. It’s also fair to conclude that the union doesn’t, either.

As a result, none will be found unless another player behaves as stupidly as Brown did. Which means that the league should be investigating the vaccination cards of those players who got vaccinated away from team facilities. And the NFLPA should be demanding that it happen.

50 responses to “NFLPA should demand that NFL investigate all rosters for fake vaccination cards

  1. Neither side benefits from an investigation so why would they push for it? Just because they bargained for something doesn’t mean they want to flush out their members and give them bad PR.

  2. Personally, I’d love to see this. But why would the NFLPA of all organizations demand an action that would very likely get a large number of its members suspended or worse?

  3. I would say the NFL has done a good job of this so far. They haven’t had a major Covid problem and have the Majority of Players vaccinated. Why draw unwanted negative attention to you when there is no problem? Not something to be obsessing over.

  4. You want a Union to push for exposure of its members wrong-doing???

    NYW how many NFL players have lost their lives to Covid???

  5. So the countries with the highest vaccination rates are also struggling with outbreaks. Are we still just blindly pretending that these things work??

  6. bengalfan86 says:
    December 7, 2021 at 8:31 pm

    How about we start with wife beaters? There seems to be a lot of those…

    The Vikings and league have done their best to sweep the Dalvin Cook situation under the rug for over a year now.
    Unfortunately, without a video, they can deflect and victim blame all day long, even though the player has a history of it.

  7. This is a no brainer. Like I said unless the team got them vaxxed they must prove their status is legit.

  8. Until someone rings up that the league will be liable for a vaccinated person dying of covid from exposure to an unvaccinated player with a fake card. Both them and the union will do nothing. The league will argue the teams were responsible. The team will pin it on the player. However the suer will argue that because of the inherent conflict of interest the league never should have not taken responsibility.

  9. And why would they incriminate more of their players? This would be like Goodell saying all owners have to release their emails.

  10. I can imagine the high liability for someone like Andy Reed who could coach more than 10 more years, higher end of the pay scale and has endorsements. I am sure even those companies who loose a spoke person could sue for negligence.

  11. It is funny how the idea someone could die doesn’t move their needle it would have to be a financial hit.

  12. The vaccinated players obviously don’t care about this, so let’s at least not act like the union would be doing this in the interest of the players.

  13. NYW how many NFL players have lost their lives to Covid???
    Over 800,000 Americans have died from Covid-19! The unvaccinated are the ones prolonging the pandemic, that’s why it’s an important issue!

  14. Next thing you’ll be suggesting is that the NFLPA should care about player safety! It’s money that makes them tick.

  15. There’s no win for NFLPA or NFL to do this investigation. I’m sure there’s a few that have done it, as there were a good portion of the players who were very hesitant to take the vaccine, but AB was just plain stupid. Stiffing an employee out of 10K, likely cost him 500K of lost pay with the suspension and took another chunk of incentive pay for missing an extra game (he was suppose to come back in 2 games).

  16. The union should push to avoid being liable if anything bad happens as a result. Keeping quiet opens them to liability if one of their members causes harm to someone else and they knew fake cards are out there and didn’t demand a full and complete investigation across the league.

  17. Never going to happen, the League is afraid too many will be discovered, and it is apparently a federal crime, and then if the gov’t starts arresting big-time NFL stars, they have a huge problem. They will never look seriously into it.

  18. Seems to me it would be better for all if the league announced a date they would commence a check and allow a grace period to fix any “clerical” errors.

  19. They should investigate all teams. Otherwise, it’s just going to look like the league had it out for the Bucs. We all know Brown and Edwards aren’t the only ones.

  20. just investigate the cheaters like tampa and some of these other teams who hid the truth

  21. The same union that refused to sign a CBA which required the players to wear Knee and thigh pads because the players didn’t want them?

    Good luck with that ..

  22. Hey coach, can I get my vax card back, I need to “update” some stuff on there…. (Replaces old card with new one…) Never mind the 12/8/2021 date on the card they game the team doctor in 12 weeks ago…

  23. They aren’t going to do it.

    Faking a vaccine card is a federal and possible state crime.

    Sure. I can see the NFLPA ratting out its members…

    I assume that will happen around the same time pigs fly.

  24. Goodell is to lazy to do what’s right yes every card needs to be checked and if found in violation immediate suspension and reported to the FBI as that it is a federal crime .

  25. midunno2012 says:
    December 7, 2021 at 8:57 pm
    Totally agree, because that vaccine sure did the job…

    SMH at all the morons out there who just don’t get it. Had more people gotten vaccinated earlier, we would have been close to done with Covid. Because of simple-minded conspiracy theorists, the virus was allowed to mutate once (and now twice). Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the vaccine both waned over time and was also less effective due to the variants. The vaccine would have done “the job” if more people were not so ignorant and selfish. Wonder if any of the geniuses posting here would change their tune if they, or someone they loved ended up in the ICU or died because of their ignorance.

  26. Anyone with a fake vaccination card, should be kicked out of the NFL….starting with Rogers followed by these 3 cheats and check everyone and kick them out!!!!

  27. Rather than this being a debate about vax/no vax this should be about lying/cheating to circumvent league rules. If the rule is not agreed with that can be a discussion point sure, but while it stands it should be followed and those using subterfuge to get around it should be rooted out and punished.

  28. Saying the vaccine doesn’t work is like saying raincoats don’t work. Do raincoats come with 100% guarantees? Of course not. If one-hundred people were standing in a downpour, all wearing raincoats, and less than four people get wet anyway, does that make the raincoat stupid and unnecessary for everyone else? Go ahead and refuse a raincoat and stand in the rain, Einstein.

  29. If the players want their union to pursue this, then let them speak up and direct their union to do so. Until that happens, let’s just play ball.

  30. Why do we not hear anymore about Aaron Rogers vaccination status or have I missed something?

  31. Missing from this conversation:
    It’s a federal counterfeiting charge if you fake a document (like a vaccination card) that has a federal seal on it (like the CDC seal on a vaccination card).
    Time to send these liars down the river.

  32. If the NFLPA were serious about protecting their membership they wouldn’t fight fines for illegal hits that injure their other members.

  33. I have this strange feeling the playoff run and runs will be effected by positive tests and more issues coming to light

  34. Funny how this shiny object of fake vaccine cards has blocked out all talk about the WFT emails . . .

  35. Why do we not hear anymore about Aaron Rogers vaccination status or have I missed something?

    He’s not vaccinated.

    and he doesn’t care what you think about it.

  36. While the NFL is at it maybe trying using the cell phone logs Brady provided on appeal. J\K 🙂

    Personally I agree with the NFLPA on this. It’s wholly unfair to target a single player for fake vaccination. There should have been a process in place to prevent that from the outset. The fact the NFL was negligent to put that in place kind of forces the NFLPA to play the fairness card.

  37. Anyone with a fake vaccination card, should be kicked out of the NFL….starting with Rogers

    This just in from the newsroom;

    Rodgers isn’t vaccinated.

    And therefore… doesn’t possess a fake vaccine card.

  38. 40domi says:
    December 8, 2021 at 3:32 am

    Anyone with a fake vaccination card, should be kicked out of the NFL….starting with Rogers followed by these 3 cheats and check everyone and kick them out!!!!


    Aaron Rodgers is in the minority of NFL players that we can certain doesn’t have a fake vaccination card because we know he doesn’t have a vaccination card.

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