Nick Caserio won’t comment on David Culley’s status until after the season

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The Texans are the first team officially eliminated from playoff contention in the NFL this season, but General Manager Nick Caserio isn’t ready to start talking about 2022 and beyond.

Caserio was on SportsRadio 610 on Tuesday and he was asked about whether head coach David Culley will return for a second season in Houston. Caserio said that he will not discuss Culley’s future with the organization until his first season as the Texans’ head coach has come to an end.

“I’m not going to make any comment on what’s going to happen after the season,” Caserio said, via Aaron Reiss of

As a 66-year-old with no previous head coaching experience, Culley was a surprising choice for the job this offseason. He wasn’t given much of a hand to play with in terms of the talent on the roster, but we’ll have to wait to see if gets a shot to work with a high draft pick and whatever assets the Texans might get in a trade involving quarterback Deshaun Watson this offseason.

17 responses to “Nick Caserio won’t comment on David Culley’s status until after the season

  1. Why hire a guy for one year? No one thought he had much of a chance with the present roster, plus he’s a first-time HC.

    But I take this comment to mean he’s out, otherwise why not support your head coach?

  2. Culley is the fall man, pure and simple. And sadly, the Texans owner will allow Caserio to get away with how dysfunctional the organization is, and that there’s no direction on how this team will rebuild.

  3. Hiring Culley in the first place may have been a failed attempt to appease DeShaun. They should have let Deshaun play and let the chips fall as they may. Culley was dealt a very bad hand.

  4. Caserio and everyone in the front office should be sent packing! What a embarrassment that organization has become!

  5. Caserio should be the one out. Who would have thought that elevating a former team chaplain to GM for some reason might be a poor idea? Everyone except for ownership I guess.

  6. Who knew it was Caserio all along that was the issue with the Patriots poor drafts…..
    Good luck Houston….

  7. When an organization churns HCs it makes it harder to get qualified ones to apply.

    And it’s costly to the owner because a good HC will demand a long contract as protection.

  8. Caserio hired Culley to be the fall guy for 2 year which is gutless of him. Shows a total lack of respect. Now if Caserio hired Culley fully thinking he was the coach to lead the team for years it would show a total lack of ability and understanding on Caserio’s part.

  9. DeShaun Watson is not suspended by NFL or Texans. Why didn’t Caserio play him? How much worse could it get? Fans boycott? Watson got hurt and further lower his trade value?
    I don’t get it.

  10. I can’t see where Caserio’s done anything worth keeping him, but you don’t get rid of a GM after one year. He had best choose this next HC wisely! IMO Bieniemy is the right move.

    I can’t see where Culley has done anything worth keeping him either, and you totally need to get rid of him after one year!

  11. I feel sorry for Coach Culley. He’s a nice man who’s been totally shafted by this toxic mess of an organisation. No decent coach will even consider going there until the Watson situation is resolved one way or another. If Bienemy had any sense, he wouldn’t be touching the Texans with 10ft pole.

  12. If the owner had any sense he’d give Caserio his walking papers at the end of the season. He’s incompetent.

  13. If the FDA ran the NFL, the Texans would be recalled because their product can be hazardous to your health.

  14. Stop blaming the Culley, Caserio or whoever else. A huge part of the problem is Cal McNair. The fan base of any franchise that has been/is dysfunctional should take a long hard look at the owner. The owner has the keys and determines the direction of the ship – who’s steering it, who’s managing the crew etc. The Texans, Browns, Lions, Jets and a few others have consistently failed their fan base over several. There should be a rule – if you haven’t had a winning season in the last 10 years you have to sell your franchise.

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