49ers special teams coach Richard Hightower: Seahawks’ fake punt was totally on me

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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One of the biggest plays of the week in the NFL on Sunday happened because the Seahawks’ punt team outsmarted the 49ers’ punt return team, and 49ers special teams coach Richard Hightower says he’s fully responsible.

Hightower said today that the 73-yard touchdown run from Seattle’s Travis Homer on the fake punt was set up by Hightower’s call, which wasn’t accounting for the possibility of a fake.

“We had a call on, and it’s totally on me,” Hightower said. “The players couldn’t have done anything in that situation at all. We had a call on where we were trying to set up the offense in good field position there, and they have the perfect play. They got us. Bottom line, they got us. They had the perfect play.”

No one on the 49ers even touched Homer on the play. It’s not a credit to Hightower that the 49ers weren’t ready for it, but it is a credit to him that he’s taking full responsibility for the blunder.

3 responses to “49ers special teams coach Richard Hightower: Seahawks’ fake punt was totally on me

  1. That was a great play. Neither team should have won this game but the league had the home cooking in and the Hawks “won”. Hot rumors of Russ leaving and his thumb is “fine”. The cell phone play = Pete gone.

  2. I’m not going to lie….. as the punt was about to occur, I was complaining to several fellows in the stands, how the Seahawks just ran three straight passing plays to start the game after they emphasized the need & commitment to a running game. The fake happened & I was surprised as Homer ran straight around the left side, untouched. I was even more surprised as he ran passed me on the 40yd line (visitors side) for the TD. What a play. Loved the result, but what a gutsy decision. Go Hawks!

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