Aaron Rodgers has no regrets over yelling “I still own you!” at Bears fans

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Back in mid-October, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers caused a bit of a stir when he yelled, “I still own you!” at some Bears fans after scoring the game-clinching touchdown in Chicago.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy was asked about Rodgers’ comments on Wednesday and said simply, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times, “We’re aware of it.”

Rodgers was asked about it in his Wednesday press conference, too. He noted that the comment was directed at the fans who were there giving him the bird, not exactly at the team. But he understands that it could be used as motivation.

“I don’t know if you can question a whole lot of what I said,” Rodgers said, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “We’ve had a good record over the years against them and won a lot of games.

“At some point, it will be used against me. It is what it is. I don’t regret saying it at all.”

Rodgers does have a 21-5 career record against the Bears, so he really wasn’t wrong.

The reigning MVP is still dealing with a fractured pinky toe, so he may not practice this week. But he’s still slated to show he still owns the Bears on Sunday Night Football this weekend.

31 responses to “Aaron Rodgers has no regrets over yelling “I still own you!” at Bears fans

  1. “At some point, it will be used against me.

    Aaron knows the world is against him, he just stands tall and takes it

  2. “Rodgers does have a 21-5 career record against the Bears, so he really wasn’t wrong”.

  3. Why would he? That’s a question the Chi defense may answer this weekend. I’m sure they appreciated his comments.

  4. How is it that Tom Brady went from the most hated QB in the league to the most loved and Aaron Rodgers went from the most loved to the most hated?

  5. I actually thought that was a pretty tame response to a Bears fan flipping him the double bird. . . .

  6. Of the past couple of years, Rodgers has made it easier and easier to dislike him.

  7. Considering some of the things he’s been involving himself in lately, yelling to fans is low on the priority list.

  8. The guy really does own the Bears. The reason people hate him is because he’s labeled a diva but yet he backs that up with stats. They also hate him because he didn’t disclose his medical history and somehow and someway beat Covid without a vaccine. On top of that he won the game following his layoff. Maybe.. just maybe there’s hope for people who follow the beat of their own drum and not what others tell them is right.

  9. mark0226 says:
    December 8, 2021 at 4:15 pm
    Why should he? He’s a competitor. Trash talk is part of competition.
    Then why not yell it at the Bears D linemen rather than the fans? Seems a bit cowardly doesn’t it?

  10. It was awesome. Trash talking is awesome when done well. Keep the emotion and rivalries in the game. The idea of fearing bulletin board material is nonsense. If the Bears players aren’t pumped to play GB anyway then there’s something wrong with their coaching staff. A few words of trash talk shouldn’t be what a team needs to get excited about playing their longest running rivalry game.

  11. Imagine if all the teams Aaron has lost too in the NFCCG’s said this to him?

    That would be interesting.. since only 1 of them has a shot at the Playoffs this year.

  12. firejerry says:
    December 8, 2021 at 4:16 pm

    Perhaps someone should stomp on his foot and not regret it!!!

    Yeah, because that would be almost the same. 🙄

    I honestly think the funniest thing to come out of that whole episode were the haters that actually wanted Rodgers to get a flag for his reaction for taunting.
    Taunting, taunting the fans? 🤣
    Perhaps next time, those end zone fans will be reminded to show a little more respect and practice better decorum and keep their middle fingers in their pockets.
    Then Big, Bad Aaron won’t have to chide them again.

    Personally I’d like to thank Rodgers for injecting a little more spirit into this longstanding rivalry.
    It was actually getting a little stale throughout the last number of years.
    A little bit of harmless venom never hurt anyone.
    See you all Sunday night. 😉

  13. This lying Diva can’t keep his big mouth shut enjoy your last few games fellow Packers fans you have him as he takes his ball and leaves to go be high in Denver .

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