Jake Fromm on possibly starting for Giants: Like preparing for final exam when you weren’t at class

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The Giants are holding out hope that Mike Glennon will be cleared from the league’s concussion protocol in time to play against the Chargers on Sunday, but they’re currently preparing Jake Fromm to make his first NFL start.

Turning to your third quarterback of the season — Daniel Jones remains out with a neck injury — would be a daunting prospect under any circumstances, but Fromm’s are more daunting than most. He was signed off the Bills’ practice squad last week, so he hasn’t had much time to pick up the offense and he likened the experience to a nightmare some people experienced in their school days.

“It’s a lot of learning,” Fromm said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “It’s like preparing for a final test and you didn’t show up for any of the classes. But it’s fun.”

Fromm was a fifth-round pick last year and players taken at that point aren’t guaranteed a chance to play under ideal circumstances, so he’ll be trying to make the most of his chance to show he’s deserving of further shots if he does get the start in Los Angeles.

6 responses to “Jake Fromm on possibly starting for Giants: Like preparing for final exam when you weren’t at class

  1. Whew. At this point, just let Fromm draw some plays in the dirt, play backyard football and have fun with it. How much worse could it get? Good luck with all that.

  2. Gettleman knew he was only carrying 2 qbs on the roster. Why on earth would he not have already had one on the practice squad? They will turn into the Jets.

  3. I have a flag football with long and short play routes on it he can use. I’m sure they are better than whatever the Giant’s brain-trust will come up with. Let me know!

  4. Kid clearly has no idea how to inspire confidence does he? That’s probably why he’s on a practice squad.

    Hey Fromm, the fans already know you don’t know the plays, we don’t need you to diagram that for us!

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