Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is fine, some passes that looked off were bad routes by our receivers

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has had an up-and-down season that has led to some talk that he might be struggling with an injury. Jerry Jones says that’s not the case.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that Prescott is 100 percent healthy, and that a bigger problem than Prescott missing on throws is receivers running bad routes.

“The thing that you’re seeing is sometimes the pass looks errant is because the receiver, for instance, ran the route two yards, cut it off two yards shorter. He should be out two more yards before he makes his cuts. It can make all the difference in the world as far as his ability to separate. It has a relativeness to the other receivers. And, so, if you’re not really crisp on the way the play was designed, relative to how many yards you go, the cut, then your passing game can look really off. That’s one of the answers: better routes,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News.

Jones makes a valid point that outside observers don’t always know whether a quarterback missed on his pass, or whether the quarterback threw the pass exactly where it was supposed to be, but it looked off the mark because the receiver ran a bad route. The Cowboys may have a receiver problem that some are seeing as a quarterback problem.

29 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott is fine, some passes that looked off were bad routes by our receivers

  1. Dr. Jerra throws the receiver under the bus to protect his over paid prize possession. Typical.

  2. Wide Receiver Coach Jerruh has spoken. He consulted with Dr. Jerruh prior to making this statement.

  3. Well, Dak will have a full compliment of first string receivers and lineman this week at Washington.

    You’re out of excuses Jurrah.

  4. Wow!! Throw your receivers under a bus so you can justify over paying for an average at best QB, great job!!

  5. It’s week 13. Are you seriously telling us your QB and his receivers aren’t on the same page yet?

  6. Utterly, utterly tone-deaf. And equally disconnected from reality, if not microphone.

  7. You been playing with 3 or 4 different tackles and 2 and 3 different guards. Need consistency bro! Find a set and stick to it. And Yes Dak you do need to stop going for the dagger early and get back to playing what the defense gives you!
    Also glad to finally be healthy! Both starting tackles back Both starting DE’s back both starting WR’s back, and our starting DT back! Missing All that talent and was expected to win 3 games in 12 days? Lol okay.

  8. What he says may be true to some degree, but why call out your receivers with a generalization that’s much too broad? How does that help the team?

    Also – no NFL player is “100% healthy” at this point in the season.

  9. Dak has singlehandedly lost two, almost three games just by himself because he can’t throw and his one dimensional. Just follow his eyes and you’ll see where he throws every time. Just like Moore he benefits from others

  10. Why does this owner need to talk so much about the team, no other does. Dude really likes to hear own voice. The way to learn is to listen. Know it alls are those that always interrupt the conversation.

  11. >> Is there a head coach that should be speaking of these issues?

    No! That would be just as bad as the owner blabbing to the press. Both should keep it in house.

  12. Listening to Coach Jerry do Xs & Os is like listening to my 88 year-old Grampy breaking down the nutrients in his tv dinner. Gotta love it.

  13. How many routes in the Cowboys playbook have the receiver going out of bounds or diving to the ground to be able to catch the ball?

  14. If the receivers can’t run the correct routes then that is complete failure of the head coach, O-coordinator, TE, RB and WR coaches and the GM/Owner/I am the defacto that hired them. McCarthy has never been known for fundamental football and it really shows with his teams with receivers that cannot run the right routes, missing blocks, DB’s having lots of fouls because they don’t know correct techniques and really bad tackling. They are lucky they play in such a sorry division.

  15. It’s easy to point the finger at Prescott but he doesn’t have the run game or blocking that he did early in the year (KC game is a great example). No matter how great a QB is, it’s hard to complete passes while laying on the turf – not even Tom Brady has been able to master that.

  16. Well, his recievers have dropped a few passes the last several games but it is a bit easier to think your one qb is throwing inaccurate passes than to think all your recievers are running bad routes.

  17. Yes because the play was drawn up that the WR needs to dive to catch his passes or tie top on the sidelines to get the ball. NO Dak just isn’t worth the money you paid and I understand given what’s out there you really had no choice but if I’m the owner/GM I’m going into the draft looking for a QB. Not some 7th rounder that stays there 4 years and when you need him couldn’t hit the side of a bus but a REAL QB. If Dink and Dunk [aka Dak] works out great and you have a QB you can trade if not then great you have another QB… Gotta get smarter “jerruh”….

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