Montez Sweat tests positive for COVID-19, out at least 10 days because he is unvaccinated

NFL: OCT 03 Washington Football Team at Falcons
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Washington pass rusher Montez Sweat was expected to return to the field this week after spending a month on injured reserve, but that won’t happen.

Sweat has tested positive for COVID-19 and is unvaccinated, according to multiple reports. Because he is unvaccinated he has to miss at least 10 days.

Sweat will miss Sunday’s big NFC East showdown against the Cowboys. It’s possible he could return for the following week’s game at Philadelphia, but he won’t be able to practice at all next week.

With four sacks in eight games this season, Sweat ranks second on the team. Before suffering the jaw fracture that landed him on injured reserve, Sweat had started every game and had played a majority of snaps every week in the defensive line rotation.

29 responses to “Montez Sweat tests positive for COVID-19, out at least 10 days because he is unvaccinated

  1. weird how the Skins started playing better defense after him and Chase Young got hurt. Riverboat is not a good coach

  2. Another Rocket Scientist putting himself and Ron Rivera at risk. I am sure cancer survivor Rivera appreciates him having Covid around ehe team and possibly exposing Rivera who is a cancer survivor to Covid.

  3. Waive him. Put all of the unvaccinated plague rats in quarantine. Protect the decent members of society.

  4. The genius Montez isn’t vaccinated and also didn’t care about putting his cancer surviving head coach in danger due he’s immuno compromised.

  5. A. His body, his choice
    B. He did his own research
    C. Something in the vaccine, he is allergic to.
    D. He is young.

    Get vaccinated, to protect your family, teammates and society in general. Now with the biggest game in a decade for your franchise, you will sit it out. Let down for the coaches, teammates and yourself.

  6. How disappointed must all these anti-vaxxers be that the smart people who got the jab didn’t turn into zombies by now?

  7. mike624 says:
    Sure seems like there are a lot of unvaccinated players , doesn’t it?
    Lot of brain trauma in that league [see: CTE]

  8. If he’s tested daily and has to have a mask on at all times in the facility, he’s actually doing more to protect his cancer surviving coach than the vaccinated players who are tested once per week and have much more opportunity to spread it among the facility

  9. Makes one wonder how someone like him will get along in life. Of course he’ll be wealthy but coming up short on common sense. Oh well, thanks for helping out the team ‘Tez!

  10. It’s OK to be upset at unvaccinated players, I am. But also be upset at your unvaccinated co-workers, family members, church members, etc. etc.etc.

  11. Probably a nice break after all these Thursday games and extra weeks the league keeps implementing.

  12. Clearly, the ‘research’ (read none) done by Montez wasn’t very good. He got the COVID anyway. Great job!

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