NFL’s response to Jon Gruden lawsuit is due soon

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Jon Gruden sued the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell four weeks ago tomorrow. Soon, the NFL and Goodell will be responding to Gruden’s complaint.

In most jurisdictions, the initial filing in response to a civil complaint becomes due 30 days after service of process. If it was served on November 11, 12, or 13, the due date for a response will be Monday, December 13.

The deadline can be extended by stipulation of the parties, and sometimes it is. Eventually, the party defending against a civil lawsuit files the initial response.

A potential removal to federal court remains possible; however, the fact that the NFL is an unincorporated trade association apparently makes the league a resident of every state in which it has a franchise. A motion to dismiss is possible if not likely; if there’s any plausible argument to be made for pushing the case from litigation to arbitration, the NFL will give it a try.

At some point and in some forum, the league will have to respond to Gruden’s allegations. The NFL undoubtedly will do so, aggressively. It will deny all factual allegations regarding the deliberate leaking of Gruden’s emails to former Washington executive Bruce Allen. It will assert multiple “affirmative defenses” aimed at defeating or minimizing Gruden’s claims based on issues unrelated to whether the league did what it’s accused of doing.

Whatever the NFL does, this controversy will likely linger for months. Possibly years. Unless there’s a settlement between the two sides.

8 responses to “NFL’s response to Jon Gruden lawsuit is due soon

  1. I hope Gruden walks away with a ton of money. To me, it’s way bigger than football. It’s an American right to expect a certain amount of privacy. Someone violated those rights. Lots of damage was done. Someone is going to pay for that damage. I don’t know if it’s the NFL, but someone will pay.

  2. Why would you settle if you’re Gruden?

    At this point, they dropped a nuc on you. He may as well fire back with a full retaliatory strike.

    What’s he got to lose?

  3. I am interested too. Interested to see if the public really understands why his firing is far worse for society than the awful things he said. Not defending his character, just his rights as a person.

  4. It should in no way be a defense or diminishment of Grudens part in this, ‘forget’ him. But seriously the parties that knew about the problem and instead of addressing it saved it for a rainy day were just as or maybe more callous about those issues than even Gruden. That is a problem with how things operate in the NFL that needs to be rooted out and addressed. For openers how many here would be interested in seeing the replies to Gruden’s emails?

  5. There are few who so pure something could not be found on them.

    Gruden deserves more money than St Louis got

  6. Weird how many people continue to defend Gruden. Hope he loses this case hope this good old boys culture fades away

  7. Weird how many people continue to defend Gruden. Hope he loses this case hope this good old boys culture fades away ,

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