Cam Newton doesn’t want to talk about playoffs

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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It wasn’t quite the same as Jim Mora’s 20-year-old PLAYOFFS?!? rant, but it stands out on a Thursday full of NFL news.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton bristled on Thursday after someone mentioned playoffs during his midweek press conference.

“Can we please stop mentioning that word?” Newton said. “I’m trying to get a win. Hell. I’m 0-2. All right? . . . .The important thing for me is, yeah, we know what the grand scheme of things is, but the reality is, like, I’m 0-2. . . .This ain’t no Cinderella [story], like I’m here to win football games. . . .  I’m here to win. And when we win, everybody else gets promotions. And when you don’t, a lot of people are gonna get cut along the way. So that’s just the harsh reality of the league that we play in.”

The most notable person to get cut recently was offensive Joe Brady, abruptly fired after both of Newton’s failed starts. He addressed during one of his answers whether he had something to do with the change that was made.

“Do I think I had something to do with it?” Newton said. “The competitor in me, absolutely. Yes. Because the truth of the matter is you don’t lose your job because of success. But where I’m at now is doing what I can control to make sure I have a job, too. Let’s just be honest.”

No one has been fully honest yet about the real reasons for firing Brady. Newton was asked about remaining in Charlotte during the bye week and working with Brady and quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan. He didn’t answer it.

“My focus right now is focusing on what I can control, and that’s just being prepared to go versus the Atlanta Falcons,” Newton said.

Obviously, something happened last week to cause coach Matt Rhule to fire Brady on Sunday afternoon. Rhule surely didn’t plan to do it as the bye week began, or it would have happened before, for example, Newton spent time with Brady (if Newton did indeed do that) working on the offense.

It’s fair to wonder whether Newton and Brady simply didn’t click. As the Panthers were trying to teach Newton the Joe Brady offense, we pointed out that the real challenge was teaching Brady the Cam Newton offense.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t working. And to the extent that Charlotte wasn’t big enough for both Newton and Brady, Brady is the one who got the pink slip.

30 responses to “Cam Newton doesn’t want to talk about playoffs

  1. Playoffs??? Are you kidding me? Playoffs??!!! I just hope he can win a game. -Jim Mora. 😂🤔

  2. We’ll never know how good Brady could have been but we all know Cam Newton is NOT the long term answer and to break him off to keep Cam content would have been a bad move. I think there is much more to this story then we are being told.

  3. Brady got fired because he couldn’t dumb down the offense enough for cam. At this point who cares, cam ain’t coming back next year and the Darnold experiment was an abysmal failure.

  4. Poor Cam … as the guy is so done like dinner but hey he was able to cash in one more time.

  5. Let’s see the head coach picked keeping a washed up Cam over an up and coming coach just save his job, the guy is in way over his head and grasping at straws and we all know it.

  6. “I’M BAAAAACK” to completely sucking and being lost on the field like the way he lost the fumble…by going backwards. Remember when people were saying there aren’t 31 QB’s better than Cam so deserves a job. So silent now since there are 60 QB’s in the league better.

  7. Cam Newton’s QBR of 5.9 against MIA was better than Mac Jones’ 4.3 against BUF. BB should have kept Cam.

  8. New Orleans should have signed him when they had the chance. A backfield of Newton, Hill and Kamara would have taken them to the big game.

  9. Is sCam Newton really worth talking about this much? Crazy how much attention this rodeo clown garners. The guy’s washed up and has been for years. He’ll be out of a job next year. Just stop giving him the spotlight already.

  10. Insert Jim Mora. This team has no business even mentioning the playoffs. Trade for Darnold, then double down and sign Cam to a head scratching contract. The fans should be upset that the owner is trying to scrounge any money he can by signing Newton. They’ll be making a run at Kirk Cousins before you know it.

  11. I think we can trace the problems in Carolina to the day they decided Darnold was their best option.

  12. So many who make Comment on here didn’t read it or didn’t listen to Cam or haven’t watched the Panthers , Joe Brady was Fired cause he doesn’t know what he’s doing…..In 2018 Bears fans and many others said Matt Nagy was s super great HC .. Joe Brady maybe good someday but he’s not in Carolina with Ratt Mhule who is a college HC pretending to be a NFL HC

  13. This isn’t about me, I’m 0-2??? Who else on his team cares about his personal record this year? Let’s see what impact picking this guy as the hero savior has on the rest of the roster.

  14. Cam Newton is a one-read QB. Even when he know what the defense is doing he has a hard time executing plays. And probably a topic for another day but this is just further confirmation that all doors are closed to Kap.

    Hell Tebow could have done better for Carolina. Or at least put the team first.

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