In Super Bowl IX rematch, Vikings try to beat Steelers at home for first time since 1986

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The most intriguing stat of the week came from Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, who pointed out that no current members of the Vikings team were alive the last time Minnesota beat the Steelers at home.

It happened on September 21, 1986. Under Jerry Burns, the Vikings beat Chuck Noll and the Steelers, 31-7.

They’ve met only once in Minnesota since then, in 2005. Their 2013 game set for Minneapolis was played in London, where the Vikings won, 34-27.

The two teams currently are tied at 9-9, including their matchup in Super Bowl IX. The Steelers won the game played at Tulane Stadium, 16-6.

It was the first of six Super Bowl victories for Pittsburgh. The Vikings are still waiting for their first.

The history of the series takes a clear back seat to the current playoff hopes for both teams. The winner remains alive. The loser will have a very hard time making it to the 14-team field.

7 responses to “In Super Bowl IX rematch, Vikings try to beat Steelers at home for first time since 1986

  1. Maybe the Vikings will finally win that ever elusive first Super Bowl this season.

    It could happen. 🤣

  2. seems to me SB IX rematch is kind of a stretch. I got a good chuckle out of it though, so thanks.

  3. We won our super bowl last month. That makes our year for us. A real one would be nice once.

  4. A missed kick is a great way to start. I’m beginning to understand why it must be very difficult to be a Viking Fan, at times.

  5. This match up always remind me of the moment when Bill Cowher stuffed the “too many men on the field” photo in the refs front pocket.

  6. The Vikes may be going back to the Super Bowl this year if they keep playing like they have tonight.

  7. My dad tells me the game was so bad and so late on Monday night game that he left, then listened to the comeback on the radio going home.

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