Report: Dalvin Cook trending toward playing Thursday night

Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers
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Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was expected to miss a couple of weeks with a shoulder injury, but he returned to practice on Tuesday and wound up being listed as questionable to face the Steelers on Thursday night.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Cook is trending toward being in the lineup as the Vikings try to get a home win. He still needs to get final medical clearance before he’s a sure thing to be active.

Pelissero adds that Cook will be wearing a harness or other added protection for the shoulder if he does get the green light to play.

The Vikings enter Thursday night’s game with a 5-7 record and a loss would leave them with little remaining hope of advancing to the playoffs. They’ll be without wide receiver Adam Thielen in their bid for a win, so Cook’s return would be all the more welcome in Minnesota.

18 responses to “Report: Dalvin Cook trending toward playing Thursday night

  1. Stupid to rush him back, Mattison is nearly as good if not equally. Why disrupt his groove to get Cook hurt, AGAIN?

  2. Why, why, why? Fire Zim before he kills our future too. Rest Cook and Thielen for the rest of the year, evaluate all that young “talent”, tank for better draft position. Please!

  3. A loss will leave the Vikings with a better draft position, and that’s the best we can hope for at this point, much better than backing into the playoffs just for a one and done. Like usual.

  4. Sounds great, let’s jumble the line all up and see if he can find the imaginary hole.

  5. Man, I’ve seen Dalvin play dinged up and it’s not worth it. He’s more explosive when he’s fully healthy, but I think you gotta let Mattison do his thang tonight.

  6. Stupid to rush him back, Mattison is nearly as good if not equally. Why disrupt his groove to get Cook hurt, AGAIN?


    Mattison is good but only as good as Dalvin when Dalvin is playing hurt like he has been. When he’s healthy, he’s legit one of the best backs in football. I do agree it’s stupid to rush him back.

  7. A foolish move by any coach to rush to olay injured players, especially in meaningless games.

  8. He will play for sure there was never a question. With Zimmers job on the line everyone will be lights out tonight and put away the Steelers hopes of the playoffs.

  9. It IS stupid to rush him back. But no, Mattison isn’t “nearly as good if not equally.” The Vikings are in a dog fight for a WC spot. If Cook is fully healthy, it’s even more stupid not to let him play.

  10. fritosandcoke says:
    December 9, 2021 at 7:49 am
    Stupid to rush him back, Mattison is nearly as good if not equally. Why disrupt his groove to get Cook hurt, AGAIN?
    He really isn’t “nearly as good”. Mattison is 100% a backup RB in the NFL. He’s a dang good backup, but a backup nonetheless.

  11. If Mattison were truly as explosive, and trickier to scheme for, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  12. Dalvin is not playing tonight. This is just Zimmer attempting to play mind-games with Tomlin by making him have to game-plan for both Cook and Mattison. The Vikings don’t play again until Monday Dec 20th giving Cook extra time to heal, if by some chance they win tonight and still have something to play for.

  13. It appears that Dalvin Cook is Questionable on the Injury Report as well as in Character.

  14. Don’t think Cook will play but if he does it would be a desperation move. If he actually does play, they’re going to keep pushing Cook and use him up. He’ll get re-injured and be lost for rest of season. Fire Spielman and Zimmer now

  15. They did this earlier in the season against the Browns. Cook tried to play with a sprained ankle and was ineffective. Mattison couldn’t get in a rhythm and was ineffective. The Vikings scored 7 points. This would be another nail in Zimmer’s coffin. I would prefer to remember him more fondly.

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