Reports: Hue Jackson to be hired as Grambling State head coach

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Former Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is set to be a head coach once again in the college ranks.

According to multiple reports, Jackson is set to be hired by Grambling State to be their newest head coach after firing Broderick Fobbs after eight seasons in the position in November.

The school is expected to make the announcement on Friday.

Jackson has spent the past year as the offensive coordinator at Tennessee State under former star NFL running back Eddie George. He was the head coach of the Browns for parts of three seasons before being fired at the end of October in 2018. He finished the year as a special assistant to Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis before they also made coaching changes at the end of the season.

The Browns were 3-36-1 in his tenure as head coach, including an 0-16 season in 2017.

Jackson spent one season as the Raiders head coach in 2011. He’s also spent time as an assistant coach with the Bengals, Raiders, Washington Football Team, Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens.

21 responses to “Reports: Hue Jackson to be hired as Grambling State head coach

  1. Good luck Hue. Had a terrific run calling plays for the Bengals. Obviously a disaster in Cleveland.

  2. Usual story of a coach who should have stayed as a co-ordinator. With the Raiders Hue did a brilliant job of somehow making the Jason Campbell led offense into a great unit. The Raiders had to offer him the top job as he was at the time the ‘hot’ co-ordinator and teams wanted him. Second he was headcoach he was very average, even worse by far for the Browns.

  3. If he wins at least two games a year it will be a 100% improvement from his last job.

  4. No one could have won in Cleveland with the AAA talent they had and the Raiders (in retrospect) should have been happy at 8-8. They will have a good offense under Jackson, so good luck to the Tigers.

  5. I am not going dump on Hue Jackson, but I think I have some legitimate reasons that this in not a logical idea.

    Jackson has always come across to me as very good tactician who makes a great coordinator but lacks the leadership and organizational skills to be a head coach. That’s not a shot at him- everyone has strengths and weaknesses. But it was pretty clear in Cleveland that he couldn’t even control his own staff and did not have the respect of people working under him.

    At the college level, leadership may be the single most important aspect, along with recruiting. Being an expert at one phase of the game is not typically the hallmark of a great college football head coach.

    All that said, I wish him well.

  6. Hue should not be leading and molding young men. He is a good coordinator but a narcissist and not a good influence on still developing young men.

  7. Deshone Kizer ruined this guy. I have never seen such an inept QB in the NFL. He has to hold all time records for interceptions thrown in the red zone. Kizer was so afraid to play against the Ravens, he ran into the locker room to hide because he “had a head ache” No coach in the world can fix that.

  8. Hue Jackson is a great coach and a high character guy. The idea that he gets the blame for the failures of a clueless sports owner who had a lawyer making roster decisions that openly traded away or cut anyone who was productive like any coach could have won with that shows how bad NFL fans are conditioned to blame coaches and QB’s for everything like somehow all teams are equal.

    The year he got fired (also the only year he had a productive team) they were a functional kicker away from a 5-0 start.

    Hue Jackson and Jim Caldwell are both on the list of good coaches who were thrown under the bus for poor front offices. Both would have been justified to pull a Nick Saban on their teams. At the same time he should have known better anyway as it’s not like the Browns front office wasn’t suspended several games for meddling with the previous coach, forcing them to call certain plays and use certain players whether they wanted to or not.

  9. Jackson, as the Browns’ HC, took a really bad situation and somehow made it worse. I hope he does well at Grambling.

  10. He was not a good coach but what Baker did to him was inexcusable. A rookie QB who has done nothing in the league disrespecting a veteran coach was so out of line. Good luck Hue.

  11. that disrespect was almost as egregious as not giving the #1 pick in the draft a fair shot in competing for the starting QB spot against a relatively mediocre guy.
    and having Carlos Hyde starting over Nick Chubb. Still smh over that.

    FWIW, I agree Mayfield should have taken the high road and not shown up Huebris, but I can’t deny that Huebris earned that disrespect.

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