Russell Wilson: I’m focused on what we’re doing here, not the offseason

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The prospect of a Russell Wilson trade was a hot topic early in this year’s offseason and the disappointing Seahawks season has kept speculation that he’ll move on at the end of this season on many minds.

A report this week indicated that Wilson would consider accepting trades to the Broncos, Giants, and Saints, which led to a question for Wilson at his Thursday press conference about his plans for the future. Wilson called it a “non-story” because he’s only thinking about what’s going with the Seahawks right now.

“That’s not in my head right now at all,” Wilson said. “I didn’t say that. I’m focused on what we’re doing here. Obviously I love Seattle. This is a place I’ve loved every day, every moment.”

Wilson was asked in a followup if that means that he intends to play out the remaining two years on his contract with the Seahawks.

“That’s my hope,” Wilson said. “My hope’s not just to fulfill it. Hopefully I can play here 20 years and my career. WIll that happen? I don’t know. That’s my prayer, that’s my hope. That stuff’s in the future, that stuff’s down the road. I think my mission, my focus is only on right now.”

As he noted, nothing Wilson said on Thursday guarantees he’ll be back with the Seahawks next season and the issue isn’t likely to disappear from anyone’s radar for at least the next few months. For now, he’s only talking about the Seahawks and their hope to finish stronger than they’ve started this season.

14 responses to “Russell Wilson: I’m focused on what we’re doing here, not the offseason

  1. This comes down to an either or senario, Seattle keeps Wilson or Carrol not both. My money is on Wilson time for Pete to retire or get fired.

  2. Carroll and Wilson, as any long suffering Hawks fan will tell you, are the best thing to ever happen to that franchise. Well, Zorn and Largent were pretty damn cool. And Tez. Kenny Easley, of course….obviously the Boom Squad. Wait, what was I saying? Oh, yes, careful what you wish for. I’m in no hurry to see Rick Mirer back.

  3. The Seahawks have an easy schedule for the rest of the season. It will be rich to see them win several games, and give Jody Allen cause to keep everything as it is. Another year of Wilson, Waldron, and Carroll will be just perfect.

  4. Russ is counting his days until he is done with Seattle, didn’t help the team dynamic when he threw his O-line under the bus and forced a new hire of a O-coordinator that he was part of the process and his judgment that hired a guy that is worse then Schotty. Actually see both Pete and Russ gone. Schneider who will have control once Pete is gone will use the draft picks from Russ to build a new team with a new coach.

  5. It makes so much sense to trade him this off-season. Seattle doesn’t have the picks/cap room to really re-tool in the off-season. Meanwhile, some team will pay a ton of draft capital for him allowing the Seahawks to hit the reset button and start over.

  6. He said exactly what he needed to say. He needs to focus on the present, knowing the future depends on him producing the rest of the season & beyond. If he doesn’t produce & look like the Elite QB he can be, his value will drop off. Thus, no trade option would not even be available.

    I’m one that feels he will be traded only if the Seahawks can get two first round picks (2022 & 2023) & either a first in 2024 or a 2022 second.

    The Seahawks just extended Pete Carroll’s contract, so he isn’t going anywhere.

  7. Any team that gives up multiple picks let alone first round picks for an over the hill Wilson should have their heads examined.

  8. Seahawks themselves poisoned the idea of dealing an “elite” player for multiple first round picks with the Adams fiasco. Teams will be hesitant to repeat that huge mistake.

  9. Dear Seahawks, please win out this year so you can convince ownership to keep the gang together for a few more years. Signed, the rest of the NFC West.

  10. Wilson looks disinterested & the Hawks need a rebuild. Wilson doesn’t want any part of that. Enjoy the one SB you won, and the one you threw away vs Pats, Seattle fans. All good things come to an end.

  11. If he goes, Carroll and Schneider must follow. They’re horrendous with personnel decisions. Giving them high picks to squander would be insane…….

  12. As an Arizona Cardinals fan, I would like the Seahawks to stay the current course, and hopefully win most of the remaining games, and ensure Pete and crew stay around.

    Pulling for you guys! Stay the course.

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