T.J. Watt questionable to return with groin injury

Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings
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T.J. Watt was hyped as an MVP candidate after 3.5 sacks Sunday. He has only one quarterback hit and a tackle Thursday and is standing on the sideline.

The Steelers pass rusher has a groin injury and is questionable to return. He does not have a helmet and does not look like he will return anytime soon.

Watt has had hip and knee injuries that kept him out of two games this season, but he had a league-leading 16.5 sacks in only 10 games.

The Steelers have only two hits on Kirk Cousins and no sacks.

The Vikings lead 23-0 late in the second quarter as Dalvin Cook has rushed for 144 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries. He has scored on runs of 29 and 7 yards.

UPDATE 10:20 PM ET: Watt returned to the sideline in street clothes for the second half as the Steelers have ruled him out.

25 responses to “T.J. Watt questionable to return with groin injury

  1. What a pathetic showing by the Steelers in this game. Tomlin doing his normal job of coaching in December.

  2. The Steelers paid him plenty to play. Maybe Watt’s scam groin injury gave Rooney a coin injury.

  3. Watt is awesome, but he’s also injured a LOT. But, that’s also where the Steelers don’t have depth.. the O line is still pitiful, esp. with Ben being so stationery. I’d put in D. Haskins, warts & all. At least he has threat to run. Rudolph won’t help. The D is spent & hurting. I waited ALL DAY for THIS?!

  4. The Steelers are awful tonight. This game has zero entertainment value so far. A Watt brother on the sideline? What else is new?

  5. What?! Watt isn’t doing anything in a game and suddenly he’s hurt? That must be why he’s playing like garbage! It’s like clockwork…if Watt isn’t getting sacks or even playing at a high level, he is suddenly hurt. All that money could have been spent so much better.

  6. Steelers are cooked, and not just by Dalvin. Maybe next year, Pittsburgh. Maybe not, too!

  7. I am sorry but as much as I enjoy watching Thursday night games, they are not a fair representation of the teams involved.

    I get it that everybody is greedy from the players to the owners etc…
    But these games are a joke.


  8. How many more times are the TV announcers going to blame the Sunday game for the Steelers pathetic showing tonight?
    The Vikings play on Sunday 2 embossed a heartbreaker

  9. Groin injury, not limping off field. Hmmm, Mr. Watt.

    But after celebrating each of three sacks of Lamar four days ago, Watt probably strained a pectoral multiple times – but didn’t leave the game.

  10. W.A.T.T.
    Waving a terrible towel…. From the sidelines hurt 20% of the year every year.

  11. Even if the Steelers don’t win this game,they made a great comeback in the 2nd half. Watt did a great job cheerleading.

  12. Punchy Watt got to watch Minnesota punch the tying TD right out of Freirmuth’s noodle arms. That was beautiful.

  13. Is this guy ever healthy. Both he and his brother would get their arses kicked by the Enegizer Bunny. They talk about all the sacks but you cant sack someone sitting on the bench or missing big parts of the season injured.

  14. Hey Ben, most working people get Fridays off and go back on Monday unless they have a holiday or use sick/vacation leave. and yes many of those average joes do manual labor so stop the complaining about how little time you get to rest between games. You got three days off pal and were paid pretty darn well for those three days off too.

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