Tony Pollard tore plantar fascia on TD run, calls himself “game-time decision”

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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The Cowboys call Tony Pollard‘s injury a “foot strain.” It’s worse than that.

The backup running back, who has more yards from scrimmage than Ezekiel Elliott the past four games, said he tore his left plantar fascia on his 58-yard touchdown run last Thursday. Pollard has not practiced this week.

“It’s really going to be a game-time decision,” Pollard said about playing on Sunday at Washington, via Mike Fisher of

The Cowboys have made Pollard an even bigger part of their game plan since Elliott injured his knee in Week 9. Pollard has played 113 snaps and has 49 touches for 310 yards and a touchdown the past four games, while Elliott has played 176 snaps and has 62 touches for 220 yards and three touchdowns.

Pollard, though, is experiencing pain associated with his foot injury.

“They say once you tear it, it actually heals better, and you don’t feel it as much,” Pollard said. “I’m waiting until I get to that point.”

Pollard, a fourth-round choice in 2019, has a career-high 602 yards and is averaging 5.6 yards per carry.

4 responses to “Tony Pollard tore plantar fascia on TD run, calls himself “game-time decision”

  1. That injury doesn’t have a quick fix. Just trying to walk is agony,let alone running.How much will Dallas get from Zeke with a bad knee?

  2. I wrote this in a comment section a week ago. When Elliott got hurt they should have signed someone and here we are in a even worse situation now. This organization never fails to astound me when it comes to smart decisions or lack thereof…..

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