Adrian Peterson has lower back injury, won’t play Sunday

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson won’t play Sunday, coach Pete Carroll announced Friday. Peterson has a lower back injury that will keep him out.

Since Peterson is on the practice squad, he does not appear on the injury report.

“He had a lower back issue that came up, and he felt it a little bit coming into Wednesday, and then on Wednesday, he couldn’t go,” Carroll said, via John Boyle of the team website. “We’re going to hold him out. We’re got to take care of him and look after him.”

Peterson played 18 snaps Sunday in his Seahawks’ debut and had 11 carries for 16 yards and a touchdown in the win over the 49ers.

The Seahawks also won’t have running back Travis Homer (calf/hamstring) on Sunday, but running back Alex Collins (abdomen) has no designation and will play. Earlier this season, Seattle lost starting running back Chris Carson to a neck injury.

The Seahawks still have Rashaad Penny and DeeJay Dallas on the active roster.

The Seahawks also ruled out offensive lineman Kyle Fuller (calf) and offensive lineman Brandon Shell (shoulder). Safety Quandre Diggs (calf) had a limited practice Friday and is questionable, but Carroll said Diggs will play.

“He’s going,” Carroll said. “He feels fine. He missed time so that we could rest him to make sure, but he’s determined to play, so I’m not even thinking about it.”

15 responses to “Adrian Peterson has lower back injury, won’t play Sunday

  1. Seems the only luck Seahawk RB’s have this year is of the “bad” type. Might be time to sign Marshawn again!

  2. He’s chasing Marcus Allen’s rushing TD record of 123…AP HAS 120…..once he breaks that and moves into 3rd place I say he hangs them up.

  3. Not sure if he is worn down already or it was something that happened last weekend. Why he wasn’t on the injury reports all week, I am curious?

  4. I forgot; he’s Still on the practice squad so that makes him not have to be listed. He then is out so the Seahawks don’t have to elevate him a second week & look at promoting him the active squad or releasing him.

  5. I’m sure next year he will say that he feels great and wants to to go to a team where he can show he still has it!

  6. Why is he still playing? Can you imagine Brady being on the practice squad? Only reasons could be that he’s out of money and/or he wants to pad his stats to break someone’s records.

  7. SEA is going to get beat down this weekend with the shape that the team is. They’re just sooooooo bad this year and compounding their issues is the fact they have no top premium draft picks yet DIRELY need a 1st.

    Given how terrifyingly bad that SEA roster is with no real pass rush, need one or two more MLBs, they need better interior DTs who can rush, their LDE & RDE are trash this year who no one fears not even QBs as they cannot get home w/ Dunlap having A SINGLE SACK all season. And the Hawks CBs are also garbage outside of maybe the rookie from OU who they just drafted.
    Offensively the Hawks have more talent yet they still have to many holes. SEAs main problem is their OL. I’d blow it up bringing back only Peters for 1YR or signing a better LT n FA if I’m SEA. The rest need to go, Pocic is a busy time to admit cut bait n move. Fuller isn’t that good at all and all their guards suck in pass pro. RT Shell has been an OK slightly below average RT over his entire career. SEA needs backs to as Chris Carson is the only dominant back on the roster and even he would be at his best behind A TRUE dominant #1 power back and they need minimum one more big receiver with speed and another TE to add to their TE allowing them to cut Vannett whos useless. You know after seeing what it cost to land Elite All Pro TE 6”6 Zac Ertz who’s still very much an elite player, McVay tried and really wanted him.
    This team needs a full rebuild on both sides of the ball so I don’t see they keeping RW3 and I don’t think he wants to stay either for a rebuild that will take a while to get going.. with how bad they need picks I think they get maybe one mid 1st round pick and a couple mid 2’nd for Wilson. Either way I think he’s gone next season

    This SEA team is obviously at rock bottom though and have a terrible roster now that needs rebuilt from the top up. This is why I think Carroll and JS might trade Wilson as he could bring 3 premium picks in return and they then could draft another young QB like a Matt Carroll who’s a beast. Wilson is already starting to decline a bit, he’s no longer the NFC WESTs best QB as that title now goes to Elite NFL QB Kyler Murray as he’s the much better of the two at this point w/ Murray #1 in passer rating, YPA #1 and the highest #1 Completion percentage of 73%+ n Murray has his team as 7-0 on road winning all by DOUBLE DIGIT points a minimum of 10+. First team since the 84 49ers who won SB to do so.

    This is going to be a year of transition for SEA and it’s going to take a few years likely between 2-4yrs. For now AZ is EASILY THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFC W by a country as AZ had BY FAR BEST QB in the NFC W in Kyler Murray who’s a beast on the field and is also one of the best 3-4 passes and they’re loaded with elite caliber all pro talent at the skill positions that is the league’s best. On the other side AZ also has en elite defense (AZ Only team top 5 scoring n top 5 scoring defense) That is the best of the best. AZs pass defense is elite ranking 3rd among the 33 ranked, AZs defensive front 7 IS LOADED W/ an elite pass rush, solid run defense. AZs ILB Trio is one of the best in a lonnnng longgg time with what he can do. AZ is ready to win a super bowl this year

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