Ben Roethlisberger: Not my job to deal with “player issues” like Chase Claypool

Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings
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Someone needs to demand more from Steelers receiver Chase Claypool. Someone other than quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

After Thursday night’s loss to the Vikings, Roethlisberger made it clear that he doesn’t believe it’s his place to hold accountable Claypool or any other players who do things they shouldn’t do.

It’s not really my job,” Roethlisberger said, via Brooke Pryor of “To me, that goes up to Coach Tomlin. That’s what he needs to do. That’s his job as the head coach. As the quarterback, it’s my job to help manage what we do on the field. Dealing w/ player issues . . . that’s the coach’s job, not mine.”

That’s a complete abdication of the leadership responsibilities inherent to playing the position quarterback. Either it’s a sign that Roethlisberger has checked out as he plays out the string, or it’s conclusive proof that he was never a leader.

It’s also a slap at Tomlin for not getting through to Claypool. For all the faults and flaws of receiver Antonio Brown, Tomlin spoke to Brown’s better angels — and kept him from surrendering to his worse impulses — for most of his time in Pittsburgh. Brown never would have done what Claypool did last night, contributing to the wasting of 14 critical seconds by celebrating a first-down catch and then not realizing why a teammate was trying to get the ball from him, so that it could be put in place for the next snap.

Tomlin has failed to get Claypool to do at all times what he needs to do to help the team win. Although Roethlisberger should be trying, Tomlin is the one who ultimately should be succeeding. As to Claypool, Tomlin isn’t. And the best evidence is the fact that the Steelers didn’t have another crack or two at the end zone on Thursday night.

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  1. Claypool is a mess. In his own world. Misses blocks, wastes time on a running clock, and commits stupid penalties to cripple drives.

    I watched Big Ben spend the entire first half shaking his head.

    You can’t coach talent, and you can’t fix selfish…and stupid.

  2. It’s Tomlin’s fault mostly but Big Ben also needs to show these guys their place and what it takes to last in this league

  3. Tomlin is an average coach at best. He would have been fired 10 times over if not for the Saint Rooney family.

  4. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Time to go bye bye now. Ben has never been a leader it’s been obvious for a long time. Leaders aren’t afraid to lead either by example or verbally. He does neither.

  5. The NFL celebrates effeminate first down dances and punishes aggression.
    This is the result. We’ve traded hard nosed Marvin Harrison types for the chase claypool mold.

  6. Or maybe he’s feed up dealing with the B.S. and lack of maturity; for all the reason you wrote in the 2nd half of this post.

    Look are we really supposed to think that Ben had no idea the story about this being his last year in Pitt would hit the wire? He put org on notice so this could very well be Tomlin’s last year.

  7. Tomlin needs to do a lot more but so does Ben. It’s kinda like that saying where it takes a village to raise a child.

  8. So in this lead, it is both Ben’s job and not his job to be in charge of kiddie day care of his receivers room? Sounds like you don’t know either so just say it both ways.

  9. I don’t know why both the coach and the quarterback can’t hold players responsible. They can both try and get to Claypool. Just passing the buck here and it looks bad Ben

  10. That’s the difference between a Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. There is a reason why when Emmanuel Sanders went to Denver to play with Manning, he made a statement about Manning’s Leadership. Tomlin did get on Claypool. He benched Claypool after the first quarter penalty. When Claypool said they should play music at practice, Tomlin told him to concentrate on playing WR. The fact that part of making a huge percentage of a team’s salary cap also comes with been a leader. Ben never had that, which is why we had a top 3 Wideout and RB for years and couldn’t do much. Bad leadership. I can’t wait for the dude to retire and get a different QB.

  11. Part of being a leader is also knowing the limits of your authority. What can Ben do other than talk to Claypool and refuse to throw him the ball? I agree with him that Coach Tomlin has to address Claypool because he has more authority and options in dealing with any player on the team. Often times when teammates confront one another it leads to fights and that rarely solves the issue.

  12. A huge bust for Pitt now without a future qb.

    Pitt to be bad for years and years.

    lol@VASteelers fan and JimmyThePin

  13. I think this is Ben saying he tried but has to give up because that kid does not listen to him or anybody it seems.

  14. Old Ben may not think its his job to wisen up his teammates but why cant he remind them time is short,make the play and get quickly back to the huddle or take the ball out of bounds.its obvious Claypool forgot the situation and the time remaining on the clock and Old Ben could have easily reminded his team of their situation.

  15. I’m just glad to see that the Steelers aren’t degenerating into a thoroughly dysfunctional franchise.

  16. Tomlin often preaches the “division of labor” whenever someone, other than the coach, suggests what the team should or shouldn’t be doing. That is Tomlin’s way of saying “stay in your lane” or “You go catch balls, and I’ll set the curfews.” So, in this case, Ben is right. It’s Tomlin’s job to hold players accountable since that’s the “division of labor” approach he has established towards leadership on the team.

  17. You guys are just realizing that Claypool is a tool. I told you this last season when he was running his mouth about what the 49ers are doing and not doing in practices. Dude is classless.

  18. The Steelers really miss JuJu and his communication skills as well as his likability. Seems like he knew how to lead by example in that wide receiver core. He always had fun but was serious when he needed to be.

  19. Maybe Ben is saying that to the media, is calling Claypool and Tomlin out. Telling Tomlin that more action and less lip service is needed.

  20. Ben was repeatedly pounded in the first half, and came back in the second, to make it a game.
    And you guys are criticizing him for being a leader?
    Sounds like most of the critiics here are just like Claypool.

  21. Yes they went to 3 Super Bowls, and won 2 with Big Ben. But the Steelers could have accomplished so much more.

  22. There’s very little to be admired of anyone, in any line of work, who willingly makes the statement “not my job.”

  23. I wonder if this is what Ben was telling Tomlin on the sideline when he looked unhappy. Something tells me other players have tried to get through to him too. When a teammate has to rip the ball out of your hands because you’re being stupid I get the feeling the rest of the team feels the same way. This is 100% about Tomlin continuing to be spineless and enable these divas. That’s why they’re sitting at home for the playoffs most of the time under his leadership.

  24. I’m not a Steelers fan, and I’ve never liked Roethlisberger. However, I think he’s correct. It’s not a slap in Tomlin’s face either for Ben to say that dealing with players is a coach’s problem. It’s just a fact. And divas like Claypool are a SPECIAL problem coaches have to deal with. Tomlin has a lot of experience with it having had AB on the team for years.

  25. longlivedansnyder says:
    December 10, 2021 at 9:33 am
    The NFL celebrates effeminate first down dances and punishes aggression.
    This is the result. We’ve traded hard nosed Marvin Harrison types for the chase claypool mold.


    Marvin Harrison was hard-nosed? Lol!!! Marv would willingly hit the turf if there was a defender within 5 yards of him.

  26. You can bet that the other players will be on Claypool’s case for costing them that game. I’m disappointed because I was looking to Zimmer being fired. The Vikings should’ve scored 50+ but we have poor coach so he doesn’t know how to close out games.

  27. Rather interesting comment from the QB of the team, who by default, is the leader of the team. How many times have we all heard that Rothlisberger is the learder of the Steelers? I am certain he is happy to hear comments like that but then does the bone headed moves like this, calling out teammates on radio (versus talking to them quietly) & now, throwing someone under the bus.

  28. I’ll be very disappointed in Tomlin if Claypool is not benched for the next game. That is something that Ben doesn’t have the authority to do. Yes, Ben could yell at Claypool to keep his head in the game and stop causing issues, but ultimately enforcing that is the coaching staff’s job.

  29. By contrast, did folks see how the Viking players got on Boyd after that moronic taunting call that turned game momentum around? I’m not a huge Tom Brady fan, but I can’t imagine him ever saying something like that.

  30. How about having Haskins throw Claypool 100 passes in practice where after making the catch Claypool has to hand the ball to the receivers coach and nothing else. If he messes up and doesn’t get the ball to the coach quickly and without any showoff stuff, then another hundred passes.

  31. Media anointed Claypool as the next big thing in Pittsburgh before he had done anything to earn it. What do you expect?

  32. It’s a double-edged sword – he calls them out and people howl that he’s destroying the team. He says “not my job” and people cry out that he’s not a leader. Whaddya want?

  33. The wild card here is we do not know if Benny has tried to be a leader to Claypool, and guessing he has put in some time trying, it is in Tomlins lap now.

  34. This is what happens when you try to accommodate all of this individuality these kids think makes the game fun.
    We’ve allowed these tools to self promote and put showmanship above teamwork and winning. It’s about their “brand” more than the team.
    This will not end as long as we celebrate celebrations. Selfishness and cluelessness will only get worse. Claypool is just a symptom of the greater problem.

  35. “You will never, ever hear Brady say that.”

    Brady would have decapitated Claypool for that, and just stopped throwing him the ball much in future games.

  36. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a football player do anything as stupid as celebrating a first down, while losing, with the clock running down under 30 seconds. It is mind blowing that a guy can make it to the NFL and still have such little awareness in situational football. Pop Warner kids understand how the clock works.

  37. We saw this diva behavior with A.B.
    It started last year with JUJU.
    And now it is carrying on with Claypool,so yes,it is Tomlin’s job.
    However,the antics on the field affect all the players on the field
    And as QB and field Capt. Big Ben
    Needs to address it because it affects the whole offense

  38. I get shivers/smiles just thinking of what Brady would’ve did/say to Claypool. The QB is the leader – period. Ignorant and arrogant, there is no worse combination in the world. Somebody needs to send this WR some humble pie.

  39. Ben is selfish and has always thrown coaches, teammates, etc. under the bus throughout his career. He has never been a leader. That is why the Steelers have not won a SuperBowl since guys like Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis (true leaders) retired.

  40. You know who’s job it is? It’s Claypool’s job. That’s who. Enough with grown men and women in our country having to be told how to act. You want to blame somebody, blame the person acting irresponsibly! If you are mature enough to make millions of dollars playing a kids sport, then be responsible for your actions on the field. Have respect for your teammates and coaches. Claypool is easily replaceable. Very easily replaceable. And this is why I am all for the taunting rule. Throw a flag every time. You know what I am a fan of…peer pressure. When his teammates get tired of his act they should get together and let him know to get on board or get off the ship. I’m not talking aboiut leaders here, I am talking about guys giving it all they got getting in this guy’s face and letting him know it’s unacceptable.

  41. How come no one is talking about a completely idiotic center that doesn’t understand it’s his job to snap a football. Claypool is just lost right now. Sit him out some games.

  42. Near the end of the game when the Referees went into a huddle after the Steeler defender grabbed the arm of the receiver just below the shoulder pad, flag was thrown, I said out loud here we go again the Rooney/Steeler effect is in place. Sure enough,
    the Ref said, no penalty, NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE!!!

  43. Claypool actually said, after the game, “did my little first down point”.

    That is the referee’s job, Mr. Claypool.

  44. This is why we don’t celebrate first downs while losing. I never understood that crap. Celebrate that 1st down that will cause the other team to use timeouts or the one that seals the victory.

  45. Translation: Not my job, I’m just here to collect my last few paychecks.

    A perfect summation of the Ben/Tomlin regime. No one has done less with more than those two.

  46. Chase Claypool is the reason I no longer watch NFL football other than the one team I have followed for over 50 years.

  47. Ben said: “As the quarterback, it’s my job to help manage what we do on the field.”

    Ben, call me crazy, but it looked to me like what happened with Claypool last night *happened on the field.”

  48. People forget that Roethlisberger has a history of being a source of “player issues” himself, whether he was crashing motorcycles, getting suspended for his off-the-field conduct, causing drama about whether he was going to retire, or exaggerating his injuries.

    Not only is he not a leader, but he also would have no credibility if he tried to be one.

  49. Translation: I’m too old for this drama, I’m retiring at the end of this year, y’all deal with it

  50. A 17-year veteran has a duty to call out the young guys who don’t seem to get it. That’s what leaders do. It’s just necessary sometimes. There’s nothing that an employer hates more than to hear “it’s not my job.” Roethlisberger should have ripped into Claypool more than once last night.

  51. Everyone posting about Big ben would LOVE him on your team for the past almost 20 years.The coach needs to take care of this kid today. Easy really, you do that once more you’re not on the team anymore.

  52. jimmygeewhiz says:
    December 10, 2021 at 10:22 am
    Aaron Rodgers gets criticized for doing what Ben, apparently, can’t, or won’t, do.

    No Rodgers throws teammates under the bus so he doesn’t have to bear the responsibility. It’s not my fault it’s theirs.

  53. Reothlisberger played his arse off last night and willed the Steelers back into the game after getting zero help in the first half.

    It must be frustrating as heck to have guys on the team who have the talent to help but who either aren’t smart enough or don’t care enough to play better.

    I don’t blame Ben for being incredibly frustrated and not even wanting to talk about it – easier to say not my job.

  54. Just another reason he won’t be remembered as one of the best, or mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Brady,Montana, Aikman, or old Steeler QBs like Bradshaw and even Kordell Stewart. Ben you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

  55. Big Ben is on his way out and doesn’t care about some diva WR. That’s Tomlin’s problem. Ben has never spoken out about a teammate, so why start now? Ben knows the Steelers are not a Super Bowl team, so he’s just playing out the season so he can start the 5 year Hall of Fame waiting period.

  56. Steelers fans must be eating their words over all the praise they’ve lavished on this selfish icon of me first football. It’s not his job because he doesn’t play for a team. He plays only for himself. Clowns like Clayfool and JuJu Smith-Fumble simply emulate him.

  57. I not a Ben fan, however, maybe a situation like this has transpired in the past and Tomlin said that’s my job I’ll take care of it.

    We really don’t know.

    But the bottom line is this fool is hurting the whole team, and someone needs to stop it.

  58. Tomlin needs to do better. But Ben is not a good person. Never has been. It was clear last night that nobody wants to play for Ben. He needs to retire. And Tomlin probably needs a new team.

  59. That’s a complete abdication of the leadership responsibilities inherent to playing the position quarterback. Either it’s a sign that Roethlisberger has checked out as he plays out the string, or it’s conclusive proof that he was never a leader. Laughable assessment ben is one of the best to play and hes a leader hes right 100%

  60. It is the coaches job to set standards, but in that moment Claypool had no sense of what the situation was. He’s a diva WR that wants to put on a show, not play to win. I don’t ever recall Antonio Brown doing that in similar situations. He always knew what was going on. If anything, he got it in gear to give himself another shot to shine. Claypool is child and should be placed on the practice squad the rest of the season. Enough is enough. Steelers aren’t going anywhere with him, so why not? Enough is enough with this moron.

  61. Ben may have his own issues, but playing hard and doing the right thing on the field are not one of them. He’s right: It’s Tomlin’s responsibility.

  62. “Either it’s a sign that Roethlisberger has checked out as he plays out the string, or it’s conclusive proof that he was never a leader.”

    Not a Steelers fan but I don’t think that is entirely safe to conclude. It’s equally possible Roethlisberger has spoken to Claypool and it hasn’t stuck. At what point does it become Tomlin’s problem to solve? The answer most certainly is not never. The simple truth of the matter is there is only so much Roethlisberger can do to hold Claypool accountable. Once he’s at that point it’s up to Tomlin to do something.

  63. I was at the game last night here in Minneapolis and i ll just say some of the hits that were put on Ben should of had him as an older man feel like he should be home or doing something else. So to hear him frustrated over some showboat youngster and rip off some comment like this is no surprise to me. It is on Tomlin 100% should of saw the problem the other week when Claypool stated how practice should go that the guy needs to be put in place. Ben could of easily packed it in on the season after the first half, But willed the Steelers back into the game only to not see it threw cause some fool. Poor Ben. But shame on Claypool, does the guy know that his best chance to win is right now this year ? Bens done and than what in Pittsburgh ? Growing pains so Claypool should fit right in.

  64. Culture counts. The Steelers’ lack of discipline and team cohesion has been on view for years, ie Brown, JuJu, Bell…now Claypool. It’s much more a coaching and management problem then QB’s field generalship. But it is still part of the QB’s job.

  65. A great team holds each other accountable. Steelers aren’t a team. Just a bunch of guys playing football.

  66. I don’t even blame Tomlin…

    It’s football… I coach kids at the 12u level who show more awareness…

    Chase Claypool is a First Rate, Do Not Pass Go, Case Closed…


  67. curtis20 says:
    December 10, 2021 at 11:47 am
    Everyone posting about Big ben would LOVE him on your team for the past almost 20 years


    Please child….

  68. Selfish acts like Claypool’s, and the lack of a proper reaction from Big Ben, are a couple of reasons the Steelers are no longer a winning organization.

  69. Ben is just fed up with the tiktok crew of WRs he has lol. He’s ready to call it quits after this season it seems.

    Anyway we can see what kind of leader Ben is. Tom Brady would’ve had these dudes focused and ready.

  70. Tomlin used to be a tough disciplinarian but seeing him on the sidelines looking clueless tells me he is either shocked at the lack of talent he has and doesnt know what to do or he just isnt very good at coaching a team without stars all over the place.
    He has been blessed over the years with great GM’s who continued to provide him with top defensive talent and offensive weapons as well. Not to mention not having to go through nine or so QB’s to get to the one who fits. Having a solid QB makes your job easier only having to work with the rest of the team.
    Coaches are only as great as the players they have to work with.

  71. This team under Tomlin has always had discipline issues. Nothing new. It’s allowed there, and it has hurt them over the years.

  72. Why is Mike or Bens fault ….but not claypools. He is supposed to be a man.
    He and only he is needs to be accountable!

  73. It’s a failure of Roethlisberger & Tomiln for not getting through to claypool. The bigger failure was not having his team ready to play from the opening snap yet again. That’s absolutely on Tomlin.

  74. Clown show comes to mind when I think about the last decade under Mike Tomlin.

  75. Not for nothing, but Chase Claypool has changed his on-field behavior since leaving Notre Dame, just like Juju Smith Schuster since leaving USC…just saying.

  76. The quarterback is the general when his team is on the field. He needs to point it out when players make mistakes or do stupid things like Claypool did.

    Tomlin can talk to Claypool after the game, but it is up to Ben to handle on the field issues.

    Ben really has checked out.

  77. “and even Kordell Stewart.”

    The same Kordell Stewart who threw more INTs than TDs for his career? Fun fact: You could subtract the 77 TDs that Kordell threw for his career from Ben’s 415 and he’d STILL have over 100 TDs than INTs.

  78. Put yourself in Ben’s shoes. He came into the league, stood in the huddle with 1st class Pro’s like Hines Ward & Jerome Bettis. Now he has to babysit guys like JuJu and Claypool, the Social Media generation. Ben probably can’t wait for the season, and his career, to be over.

  79. If Big Ben wanted to show why he is not Tom Brady, he succeeded. Brady would still be barking at Claypool if he tried that stunt with the Bucs.

  80. Ben took a beating in that first half. Just like last week and against the Chargers. It was when Ben took charge and called his own plays that they came alive. With Ben leaving, it really is time to clean house. And by the way, there was no time to sit and explain the importance of saving seconds on the clock. If he didn’t know that, he should go back to peewee football for lessons.

  81. Well he is right. It’s not his responsibility. LeVeon and ABs drama probably wore him down and at this point he’s done dealing with it. Big Ben is the only person in that franchise that is getting the blame for their shortcomings so they probably played into this comment as well. When Pittsburgh wins it’s the defense and coaching. When they lose it’s on the QB. I’d be tired of that too lol.

  82. First of all, Roethlisberger is just talking. He’s actually a great leader, and he makes it his responsibility to help keep everyone focused. Remember a few weeks ago when Tom Brady told us he often says things to the media that he doesn’t really believe? Well, he’s not the only one. But the reality of it is this sort of thing is the responsibility of the Director of Player Personnel. You have to get high character guys. You have to get winners. Did you ever see Justin Jefferson screwing around after the whistle, wasting energy? No. He’s the kind of player you should be looking for. Guys that can focus on trying to win a game for 60 minutes. But if you want to know the truth, it’s your parents’ responsibility to raise you right, then it’s the personnel director’s job to stay away from the bad apples. That’s not on the QB or the coach.

  83. Wayleftfield says:
    December 10, 2021 at 5:12 pm
    If Big Ben wanted to show why he is not Tom Brady, he succeeded. Brady would still be barking at Claypool if he tried that stunt with the Bucs.


    Brady would have reamed him a new one on the field, and then later when asked about it, he’d say that it was something between him and Claypool, and everyone needs to play better.

  84. Mac Jones is a better leader than Big Ben at this point in time. He will not tolerate this foolishness.

  85. This team under Tomlin has always had discipline issues. Nothing new. It’s allowed there, and it has h

    You have proof you could share the examples of discipline issues….besides AB? You really don’t know anything about the Steelers but it sounds good to you right? Definetly a quart low aren’t you…

  86. Ben has never been a leader and this is why. When boyd made a stupid taunting penalty what happen ? Anthony Barr got in his face and told him to get off the field. Part of a team is players holding each other accountable and leading by example not just the coaches.

  87. The fact that there are people stupid enough to put the blame on Ben Roethlisberger for disciplining the team is laughable. This is a poorly coached team that lacks a sense of urgency and has no discipline. Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher got a ton of criticism and they would never have put up with this BS. So this idea that Mike Tomlin should get criticism while we go a 5th straight year without a playoff win is beyond stupid. The notion that the head coach of a team celebrating while they are losing by 22 points means you’re a casual fan with little knowledge or you have an agenda.

  88. Hey Ben, you’re being paid the big bucks. The least you can do is sit in the passenger seat while Coach Tomlin drives home some facts of life to Claypool.

  89. The Eagles would be happy to take Claypool off the Steelers’ hands. They’ll even offer JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Jalen Reagor for Claypool. A two for one deal. The Steelers should jump at it!

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