Chase Claypool: “The ball got knocked out of my hands”


Pittsburgh’s 17-game season may have come to an end in the 14 seconds that elapsed between the fourth-down catch made by Steelers receiver Chase Claypool and the next snap.

After the 36-28 loss that ended in part because the Steelers ran out of time to finish a 96-yard drive that, with a two-point conversion, would have tied the game, Claypool gave his version of the fateful moments that robbed the Steelers of one or two shots more at the end zone.

“I got tackled near the hash,” Claypool said, via Brooke Pryor of “Did my little first-down point. Went to hand the ball to the ref. He just got there. . . . The ball got knocked out of my hands. That’s what cost us time. But I definitely do have to be better.”

The ball “got knocked out” of Claypool’s hands by offensive lineman Trai Turner, because Claypool was oblivious to the fact that they needed to move with a sense of urgency. Then, after tight end Pat Freiermuth retrieved the ball and Claypool nearly lined up offside at the next snap (a clock-killing spike), Claypool seemed to be upset.

Hopefully, he learned a lesson. The question is whether he’ll have to learn other lessons the hard way (like he did last night), or whether he’ll commit himself to having more thorough appreciation of all situations — and to doing a better job of not surrendering to the temptation to do things that advance his own image but that also undermine the more important goal of winning football games.

34 responses to “Chase Claypool: “The ball got knocked out of my hands”

  1. Let me introduce the next AB in Pittsburgh! Maybe he had music playing in his head vice playing the game with brains!

  2. He truly doesn’t get it. That is a stupid answer. He shouldn’t be doing that dumb pointing thing to begin with at that time. Hand it to the ref and be ready for the next play. Absolutely idiotic.

  3. “Did my little first down point.” Wow this guy is dumb if he doesn’t realize this was part of the problem.

  4. He’s talented, but he’s already earned a reputation for stupid stuff on the field. He can’t be successful if coaches can’t trust him.

  5. Yeah, sure Claytool. You lost the game because you cared about no one but yourself. Fact.

  6. Steeler fan here. If he can’t concentrate and execute his part in something as simple as a 2-minute drill, then he shouldn’t be on the field. We need to trade him for a draft pick and give someone else that opportunity to play

  7. My friends and I watch NFL games like they’re all fixed, and point out who the stooges are.
    Claypool was the Steeler helping the Vikes cause, and Boyd/ Alexander were helping the Steelers cause.
    The refs did the usual.
    We all thought Udoh was a stooge, but as he’s been cover your eyes bad all year, the coaches leaving him in are the stooges.
    The NFL has it down making prime time games exciting, too bad it’s not real.

  8. Wasn’t Turner that knocked it out, it was Kendricks. You can see it on YouTube. Kendricks tosses the ball behind his back away from where they needed to spot the ball.

  9. He played at Notre Dame where they don’t even have names on jerseys. Let the young man live.

  10. This reminds me of when Deshaun Watson was flexing and pointing 1st down when his team was getting their arses kicked by the Colts in a playoff game. This dude thinks he’s a HOF, but I’ll bet you he never gets in….

  11. So what’s the deal with the Steelers and all the incredibly talented dopes they’ve had on their teams? Is it coaching or does the GM just have a unique skill for drafting players with personality disorders?

  12. Claypool was an idiot. That said, on replay it looks very much like a Minnesota player swiped the ball out of his hands.

    In that situation, it probably should have been a defensive delay of game penalty against the Vikings.

  13. Every team should have a personality coach, for guys like this guy. Too young, too dumb, too much money.

  14. Hey – he’s an app-carrying member of the “look-at-me” generation. Instead of the nightly news, they watch TikTok.

  15. So what’s the deal with the Steelers and all the incredibly talented dopes they’ve had on their teams? Is it c

    Over react much? AB I understand but Claypool is in his second year. He made a mistake, but a diva….not yet. I hope you wish people give you as much benefit of the doubt as you are giving Claypool…..right?

  16. Clown. He got too big for his britches after an impressive rookie season. Seriously doing a little first down point with less than a minute to play? You can’t make this stuff up man. Dude should be suspended for a game. If that isn’t conduct detrimental to a team then I don’t know what is. If he would’ve just gotten up and sprinted to the nearest zebra and gave him the ball. Instead he’s celebrating down by 8 points. I don’t get some of these guys. You damn well know these kinda players had someone else taking college courses for them.

  17. Tomlin looks like an idiot for continually keeping these WR divas. Clayfool has a $100 haircut on a ten-cent head. Hopefully him and Mr-Fumble-at-the-worst-possible-time Juju are doing their dance routines somewhere else, next yr.

  18. I like the TD celebrations or when the defense turns over the offense and a group runs to the endzone but its cringy when these dudes get a first down and have to point. We as fans are pretty knowledgeable and can tell its a first down without a player insulting everyone, showboating a task the literally huindreds of players do in games every weekend. Now it strickled down into the high school and junior high levels. Sometimes I wonder if players really care about the team or are using the NFL to brand themselves.

  19. lunscr says:
    December 10, 2021 at 5:20 pm

    In that situation, it probably should have been a defensive delay of game penalty against the Vikings.

    Ummm.. no. Watch again. I think you are thinking of the sideline play. This was in the middle of the field. His teammate tries to get the ball to get it to the Ref, and knocks it out of his hands, and then it rolls away, and it costs even MORE time for the Ref to retrieve it and place it because if it.

    That being said, it didn’t cost them the game. Two of the other four passes into the endzone were almost picked.

  20. He reminds me of Jaylon Smith who celebrated after he tackled
    an opponent 8 yards down field on an up the middle run.
    Maybe Coach Kelly’s ego rubbed off on both of them!
    I guess if you play at Notre Dame who are all world and can
    do as you please. Arrogance.

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