Dan Campbell: Last week’s win can do a lot for Jared Goff and the offense

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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The Lions finally got their first win of the season last Sunday, defeating the Vikings on a walk-off touchdown from quarterback Jared Goff to receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Goff then was named NFC offensive player of the week for his 296-yard, three-touchdown performance.

It was only one game, but head coach Dan Campbell said this week that the validation of a win could be a significant boost for the quarterback and the offense as a whole going forward.

“I think it can do a lot,” Campbell said, via Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ website. “I echo the fact that — man, he had some outstanding throws in that game. I mean, really top-notch throws, particularly early in the game.

“And then, there was about a three or four-play sequence there where it was rough. And, for him to come back and get out of that and be able to drive us down the field I think was crucial. And, I think it’s great for him and I think it speaks volumes and I think that will help his confidence moving forward.”

In his first season with the Lions, Goff is completing 67 percent of his passes for 2,576 yards with 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Goff has also fumbled nine times, losing six of them.

The Lions have a tough task as they try for a second win in a row, heading to Denver with a flu bug going around the team. But if Goff can make big throws and limit turnovers, the Lions could start forming a winning streak.

7 responses to “Dan Campbell: Last week’s win can do a lot for Jared Goff and the offense

  1. Dan Campbell is experiencing a little bit of what Sean McVay did in Los Angeles. No matter how meticulous you prepare and how perfect the game plan is..Jared Goff still has to to go out and perform and execute. Jared Goff reminds me of Mitchell Trubisky,sure they flash and have an occasional good game,but they have to constantly play above their natural abilities to consistently win football games. Neither dependable nor reliable for prolonged success.

  2. I’m a big Dan Campbell fan. Yeah, he’s got some X’s and O’s to work out with his coordinators, but I believe that will settle down with experience. The thing I really respect about him though is his accountability. Never once have I seen him blame or even comment about the lack of talent on the roster. It’s all been about guys earning their spot and role, coaching people out of mistakes while praising the victories, even if it’s winning practice reps. I think people who ridicule him as a meathead should look in the mirror.

  3. Goff is a mediocre QB with a big arm. When a power running game gives him time in play action, he is very dangerous. Lacking that ground game that slows the pass rush, not so much.He won’t carry a bad offense but as a complementary piece of a balanced offence his arm makes him valuable.

  4. Poor Dan. One little win and he thinks he’s suddenly Vince Lombardi. Can’t wait for the post-game interview where he’s back to crying crocodile tears because he thought they were so close to winning.

  5. Pressure Goff. Odds of turnovers increase. Odds of Lions scoring more than 16 pts decreases.

  6. Sure it can. You just need all your opponents to be missing half their defensive starters, literally all of their starting D-line and LB’s, and their coach to play a prevent defense, and then you will repeat that “success”.

  7. primalnumber says:
    December 10, 2021 at 10:36 am
    I’m a big Dan Campbell fan.
    He is 1-10-1. The only win came against a team that was literally missing their front 7 on defense, and they won when that teams coach played a prevent defense. They should be 0-11-1. I have seen nothing to respect about the Lions, and there is zero indication they will rise to mediocre in the years to come. And I am being nice in this assessment.

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