Mike Vrabel walks out of Friday news conference over Zach Cunningham questions

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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Titans coach Mike Vrabel did not want to talk about newly acquired linebacker Zach Cunningham on Friday. He made that clear before storming out of his news conference after the fourth question about Cunningham, whom the Titans claimed off waivers from the Texans this week.

Vrabel, who coached Cunningham for one season in Houston, said in response to the first two questions about Cunningham that he would talk about the waiver pickup next week. Cunningham will not play this week.

“We’re excited to add him to our football team,” Vrabel said, via Terry McCormick of titaninsider.com. “We’ll talk more about Zach next week. He won’t be active for the ball game.”

Vrabel had a similar answer to the second question about Cunningham. The third question about Cunningham, which came only 1:30 into the presser, sent Vrabel over the edge.

“This is ridiculous. Tell them who’s f—ing out,” Vrabel said, instructing media relations director Robbie Bohren to reveal the players who won’t play Sunday. “This is so stupid. It’s a waste of my time.”

Vrabel answered other questions about other topics before a reporter returned to Cunningham. That prompted Vrabel to walk out.

7 responses to “Mike Vrabel walks out of Friday news conference over Zach Cunningham questions

  1. ‘Storming out of a press conference?’
    Vrabel is asked and answers a question about Cunningham, clearly indicating that Cunningham is irrelevant for this weekend’s game, and is then asked another couple of stupid questions about him.
    But sure, Vrabel was the problem here…

  2. As someone who worked in journalism for nearly a decade, reporters are (sometimes) lazy. The Cunningham claim news was somewhat recent, so they all latch on like it’s some super important player they need to ask about. Usually when a coach or player storms out they look ridiculous, but Vrabel answered the questions over and over. He was absolutely right to walk out. How are the reporters covering the Texans even worse then the team?

  3. I love Vrabel. None of his players have ever questions where this guy’s mind was. Nobody was ever getting a line of B.S. from this coach. This guy is all about winning football. He’s smart. He’s tough. He’s a competitor, and all his guys line up right behind him. No coach has the control over their team any better than Vrabel. No coach gets more wins per the talent on his team. His players love him. They’ll give 100% every day. That’s rare.

  4. Frankly, I don’t know why this doesn’t happen more often. These reporters are stupid. There should be some rule that if reporters ask the same question that has already been addressed they get removed from the room and has their credentials revoked for a week. I’m all for coaches attending pressers but stuff like this is ridiculous.

  5. All those years of watching Belichick pressers and he doesn’t know how handle media who ask the same stupid questions repeatedly?

  6. Can’t blame Vrabel for walking out on the same question.

    I’ve always half-thought if I were a media member having to cover Belichek and his kabuki theater press conferences, I’d just ask random questions — why do you cut the arms off of your hoodies? Did you see the sunset yesterday? Favorite pizza? At least you’d amuse yourself and maybe get something different than a football cliche.

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