Report: Duke hiring Mike Elko, not Jason Garrett

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Jason Garrett was a candidate for the Duke head coaching vacancy and believed to be the favorite for the job. PFT reported this week that Garrett had interest in the job.

But Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports reports that Duke is finalizing a deal to make Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mike Elko the school’s next head coach.

Elko spent four seasons at A&M after serving as Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator in 2017. He also worked as the defensive coordinator at Wake Forest for three seasons.

Elko has no previous head coaching experience.

Garrett was head coach of the Cowboys for 9 1/2 seasons, going 85-67 with three playoff appearances and only one losing record. He became the Giants’ offensive coordinator in 2020 after leaving Dallas, and he and the Giants parted ways Nov. 23.

The Blue Devils are replacing David Cutcliffe, who was 77-97 with six bowl appearances in 14 seasons.

5 responses to “Report: Duke hiring Mike Elko, not Jason Garrett

  1. Jason Garrett is that onion ring you find in your fries after getting home from the Burger King drive-thru.

  2. In college football knowing your X’s and O’s and leadership skills are only half the formula for being a successful Coach. Recruiting is the other half. There is no draft and you don’t have a GM providing you with players. You have to go out and Recruit. You can get as many 5 Star players as you can bring in. Having players who are bigger, faster and stronger then the other team evens up the lack of head coaching experience very quickly. Elko has college recruiting experience at multiple high level college programs. Jason Garrett does not.

  3. Garrett would be better off at Harvard, Yale, or another Ivy League school. Nobody better to recruit Ivy League type kids than Garrett. No experience necessary. In fact, experience is probably the most overrated thing in many areas of life. How much recruiting experience did Deion Sanders have? None. He’s dominated.

  4. Better hire. As a Cowboys fan I still cringe when I hear his name. He may be a great person but he’s a terrible coach. He has a ‘process’ and in college ball there is no time for that. Every season is a 1 year plan….. He would not do well. They made the better choice.

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