Report: T.J. Watt only tweaked groin, has a chance to play in Week 15

NFL: NOV 28 Steelers at Bengals
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The Steelers reportedly got good news on Alex Highsmith after he suffered an injury during Thursday’s loss to Minnesota and now there’s apparently positive news on T.J. Watt.

According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Watt is believed to have suffered just a tweak to his groin. With the extra time before Pittsburgh’s next game in Week 15, the star defender has a chance to play in the Steelers matchup with the Titans.

Watt played only 36 percent of Pittsburgh’s defensive snaps on Thursday, recording a tackle and a quarterback hit.

He entered the week leading the league with 16.0 sacks and 16 tackles for loss, making him a clear frontrunner for defensive player of the year.

If the Steelers are going to get on a run to make the playoffs, they’ll need Watt to be available. After Tennessee, Pittsburgh plays Kansas City, Cleveland, and Baltimore to end the 2021 season.

24 responses to “Report: T.J. Watt only tweaked groin, has a chance to play in Week 15

  1. Ya just a tweak. Wonder if it had anything to do with being bolled over by the Vikings and deciding you have an injury, time to exit stage left. Funny how this guy always seems to have a good game against the lousy teams with lousy QB’s an offensive lines but is always hurt for the big games.

  2. Pathetic, they really don’t need him in week 15 now do they? They needed him last night. He can go ahead and sit out the rest of the year now and wave his terrible towel if the team does something good.

  3. Anytime this guy doesn’t start getting sacks immediately, he suddenly gets hurt.. Seems like a big baby.

  4. These guys play hard that’s why the get hurt. It’s the same with the Bosa’s – they give it 100% all the time and pay the price with battered bodies.

  5. LOL dude is the one of if not the best defensive players in the league now. The comments are so funny.

  6. Doesn’t matter, the Steelers are cooked. This is a dysfunctional team with a “look at me” culture. As good as his resume might be, this culture has been established on Tomlin’s watch.

  7. The only “T” word in the Watt dictionary is torn. There is no word called tweaked.

  8. It’s a good thing the Steelers traded Melvin Ingram to the Chiefs for a ham sandwich, especially since the Steelers have so many awesome, healthy linebackers and such a great defensive scheme this year.

  9. Entertaining comments. TJ Watt has played in 73 out of a possible 77 games in his career, led the league in sacks and TFL last year, doing the same this year. And saying he doesn’t show up in big games is just as funny. In 3 games against Buffalo, Green Bay, and Baltimore this year, he had 7.5 sacks and either forced or recovered a fumble in each of those games.

  10. Before the talent was there and there was coaching issues. Now the talent and coaching aren’t there. You cant sign guys off the streets on defensive side of the ball and expect postive results every week. Add in an entire rookie offensive line and that means mediocre ball.

  11. Guys have played through much worse.

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    How can you possibly says this. Do you posses a medical degree and did you examine TJ to determine the severity of the injury? Trolls have some really magical powers dontt they?

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, the Steelers have found a new drama queen. Ben, you can now take one last ride on the cart and not stop until you reach retirement.

  13. Sounds like people are getting TJ Watt mixed up with JJ Watt. The latter is the always injured one. It does remain to be seen how healthy TJ stays. What makes him great can ultimately be his downfall. To use an auto analogy, he’s always redlining it…

  14. bradygirl12 says:
    December 10, 2021 at 4:00 pm
    Guys have played through much worse


    Thanks internet doctor.

  15. tweak
    twist or pull (something) sharply.

    I love the word tweak when applied to sports injuries. It’s not torn but this could be troubling for a while..Not Good for T.J.

  16. So Watt no good gms in big gms? Could your memory be a little lax if you don’t consider 3+ sax vs Baltimore a big gm, just 5 days ago?

  17. I’m a Viking fan so I hope this comes across with the proper perspective — If my favorite team’s O-line dominates (which it did Thursday), the opposing D-line, tweaks and all, must really, really suck.

  18. Steelers are in the basement. Me first players don’t play when their team is in trouble.

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