Ron Rivera: Mike McCarthy’s victory guarantee is a “big mistake”

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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One of the best games of Week 14 is getting even better.

On Thursday, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy returned to the team after a 10-day COVID-related absence and declared of Sunday’s date with Washington, “We’re going to win the game.”

In an interview with Julie Donaldson of the team’s official website, Washington coach Ron Rivera got candid about McCarthy’s confidence.

“I think it’s interesting; I don’t think it’s important,” Rivera said. “I think that’s the big mistake, is because as far as I’m concerned, you do that for a couple of reasons. One is you want to get in our head. And so I’ve told our players, ‘That’s interesting, it’s not important. What’s important is our preparation, getting ready to play on Sunday.’ Secondly, he’s trying to convince his team. So, again, I think that’s another mistake. Because he’s now made it about him and what he said, it’s not about his players anymore. So I think that’s a big mistake. That’s why to me, you don’t do those things. What you do is you focus in, you get ready and you play football. We show up on Sunday and we’ll see what happens.”

It’s also a mistake because it gives Rivera a little something extra, when it comes to getting his players fully focused. It’s frankly surprising that Rivera said anything publicly other than, “It doesn’t matter.” Privately, what he says to the team about it could potentially peel the paint from the locker room walls.

Regardless, one of the great rivalries of the past is back, because both teams are playoff contenders in the same season, something that doesn’t happen very often.

23 responses to “Ron Rivera: Mike McCarthy’s victory guarantee is a “big mistake”

  1. So did Riverboat Ron just call McCarthys “We’re going to win the game”
    and raise him two “that’s a big mistakes”???

  2. Does anybody care what McCarty says? His team is again overpromising and undelivering. They will win the division and lose the first playoff game.

  3. One of the worst coaches in the league guaranteeing a victory? What can possibly go wrong?

  4. rick2288 says:
    December 10, 2021 at 10:17 am
    This just in. He is in Rivera’s head.


    I can’t stand Washington, but I doubt anyone really gets in Rivera’s head, especially someone like Mike McCarthy. Hiring Rivera is the best thing Washington has done in years.

  5. What is Mike supposed to say? “We’re going to do our best”? He’s getting paid millions a year to win as many games as possible and that’s his goal. It’s ok to be confident in your team. There wasn’t any trash talk about Washington, just confidence in his own team. Can we stop this cycle of bashing coaches that say something outside of the typical boring loop of coach speak?

  6. If Rivera had Dallas’ players, they’d be a good bet to win the Super Bowl. With McCarthy? I don’t think so.

  7. And your novel of a response is a mistake. You don’t go in depth and analyze what he said. You file it in your mind, put it on the board and go to work. Your response shouldn’t have been more than 5 words.

  8. So how much motivation did you really have if it takes an opposing coach’s guarantee to get you all riled up knowing what’s already at stake? Gimme Cowboys 27-17

  9. And Rivera just gave bulletin board material right back saying its a mistake to say your going to win. Not a Cowboys fan here but I hope they beets the snot out of the stinkin Panthers.

  10. For all of the people saying what McCarthy should have said “You can never guarantee a win in the NFL but I feel confident in our guys and we will be ready for a fight on Sunday.” It’s almost like no one has ever been asked a question like that before ???

  11. Rivera is twice the coach McCarthy is which ironic because McCarthy is twice as hea….
    Nah too easy, and Christmas is coming.

  12. Tom Brady was nearly undefeated coming off bye weeks. Ron will have those guys ready to go. It’ll be a close game. Either way, Rivera certainly turned that ship around. I don’t think Mccarthy even deserves to be a head coach. If he doesn’t win the division, he may be jobless by spring.

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