Texans name Davis Mills their starting QB for the rest of the season

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
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The Texans offense will be Davis Mills‘ to run for the rest of the 2021 season.

Texans head coach David Culley announced on Friday that Mills will start against the Seahawks this Sunday, which was expected given Tyrod Taylor‘s wrist injury. Culley went on to say that Mills will remain the team’s starter for the four other games left on the team’s schedule.

Some might see the decision as a chance to evaluate their third-round pick while making it likelier that the Texans will pick at the top of the draft, but Cully gave a different answer when asked why he’s promoting Mills.

“I felt like he gives us the best chance to win,” Culley said at a press conference.

Culley was asked why he felt that Mills offered the Texans a better chance to win than Taylor and replied that “the last three ballgames we played” made the decision a clear one for him.

Mills started six games when Taylor was on injured reserve earlier this season and he’s made eight overall appearances. He’s 146-of-223 for 1,406 yards, seven touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

18 responses to “Texans name Davis Mills their starting QB for the rest of the season

  1. He looks to be as good as Cousins and Dalton while that is not high praise it is good enough to
    be a backup .

  2. Tyrod Taylor has never been able to stay healthy for any team he has played for… Texans signing this guy was a head scratcher. When I watch Tyrod Taylor and Robert Griffin lll play,I really can’t tell the difference and both oft injured.

  3. So why is D Watson not starting or even backing up?? No convictions, hes healthy. It’s really shady. Most blatant tanking job aided by NFL. Cowards.

  4. People may laugh and not understand why Houston is doing this but I think it is a good move because the Texans are going to need a new starting QB1 next year and Mills could be that guy, I mean don’t forget a lot of people thought had he of went back to College for this 2021 football season that he had a good chance of being a very high 1st round draft pick.
    Now Davis Mills has not been great as a rookie but for starters he doesn’t have much around him at all and he hasn’t been overly terrible either, at times he has been good and that is DESPITE going to the worst team/roster in the NFL in the midst of a rebuild without a whole lot around him. Mills is a very talented QB though with all of the tools in his QB box to become an above average QB in the NFL. Worst case I think he becomes an excellent top tier QB2 as an NFL backup. I mean with a bad offensive line that cannot protect Mill’s in his SIX (6) STARTS in 2021 he has posted a 65.5% completion percentage throwing for 1406 passing yards (235PYPG) for 7TDs Passing (3.1% TD percentage) and 8INTs (3.6% INT%) thrown with a 78.5 QB Passer Rating. Now a lot of those INT’s are because Houston cannot protect him at all, hes gotten hit and hit hard taking a lot of sacks. Mills needs to work on not getting sack and the Texans need to fix their OL and build a fortress of an OL up front. The bad being the turnovers a large part of were caused by just how bad the freaking team is w/ no real protection very limited weapons in the pass game.

    With a strong off-season building an above average pass protecting (but physical) OL up front that can keep Davis Mills clean with a few more true excellent to elite play makers brought in at WR/TE though the draft n F/A while drafting a power back to compete as well. I believe in Mills and with NFL Talent around him with a good OL that can give him 2.5-3.0 seconds to scan the field I think he will be an above average NFL QB at best. I like the move by Houston if they’re really looking at making Mills the starter long term and like the kid.

  5. Cynical group…Mills was looked by many a real shot at NFL starter. His early performance wasn’t bad, even better than Lawrence. Why wouldn’t Texans see what they have in Mills?

  6. They are officially throwing the baby into the lake to see if he can swim. He’ll be the starting QB the rest of the season till he’s carried off on a cart. He is him good luck. He’ll need it.

  7. Love it when new blood is put in the game. If the OL can give him at least 5-7 seconds After he gets the ball ,let’s see what he can do.

  8. howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    December 10, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    The Tank is on. One of the worst NFL QBs I have ever seen

    And he has just as many Super Bowl rings as your overpaid hotshot QB…

  9. I’ve always liked Tyrod. I mean a name like Tyrod why not. Wish him the best. The Steelers will be in the market.
    I wonder if the Steelers will keep Tomlin as in afraid to fire him even though they will have missed the playoffs for the third consecutive year and try and get either Rodgers or Watson to justify it.

  10. You guys are wasting your time with Watson insults, he”s way beyond anyone’s thoughts here. We all know he’s gone, so we really don’t care.

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