Vikings may set NFL’s all-time record for one-possession games

NFL: DEC 09 Steelers at Vikings
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The Vikings’ win over the Steeler on Thursday Night Football came down to the final play. As usual.

Minnesota won 36-28, making the game the 12th time this season that a Vikings game has been decided by eight or fewer points, or one possession.

With four games to go this season, the Vikings are closing in on the all-time record for one-possession games. The current record is 14 one-possession games in a season, set by the Giants in 1994 and equaled by the Ravens in 2015. If two of the Vikings’ four remaining games are decided by eight points or less, the Vikings will tie the record. If three or four of the Vikings’ remaining games are decided by eight points or less, they’ll break the record.

Thursday night was the Steelers’ ninth one-possession game of the season, which is the second-most in the NFL this season. With the Vikings and Steelers meeting, it was guaranteed to come down to the wire.

15 responses to “Vikings may set NFL’s all-time record for one-possession games

  1. It’s just a sign of a mediocre team. Manages some wins, can’t win consistently.
    The better teams win a few games by more that one score.

  2. I watched the first half of TNF (I never watch past halftime on night games because of my work schedule) and thought the performance by MN was one of the most complete halves of football I have ever seen from a football team (aside from the missed kicks).

    Cousins was doing whatever he wanted; Jefferson couldn’t be covered; Cook looked like he could go the distance for a touchdown every time he touched the ball; and the defense totally stifled Pittsburgh.

    The fact that it ended up being a close game is amazing and hilarious.

  3. Undisciplined Vikings players on defense. Gave the Steelers life and extended drives.
    Make a tackle for lose and taunt the player. Real BONEHEAD player.

  4. rcoh says:
    It’s been a tough year for Viking fans.

    It’s been a tough 62 years for Vikings fans.

  5. All those years coaching under Marvin Lewis has definitely rubbed off on Mike Zimmer. As Bengals fans can attest…Marvin’s teams found new and creative ways to lose close football games. Mike Zimmer has unfortunately brought that same mentality to Minnesota. Even after having a solid sound first half and the Steelers creeping back into the game…you get this familiar coaching and playing not to lose feeling. It’s exhausting to watch. I see a worn down and frustrated Minnesota Vikings fan base.

  6. At the end where was the play action? Steelers sniffed out the screen plays so I get stopping those but where was the play action when we needed first downs and the Steelers were expecting us to run Cook? A little fake and Kirk has time which means the receivers have time to get open.

  7. Fire zimmer!!!!!! A decent offensive-minded HC who doesn’t play to hardly win would have this team at 1 or 2 losses this season! It’s embarrassing and can’t believe he still has control of this team because he’s FAR TOO inconsistent. He should have this team playing like they did the first half for the whole game every single week!

  8. Even Mediocrity feels the Vikings are nothing more than average.

  9. Hooray!! Our Vikings hold an NFL record for something that’s not completely negative!

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