Report: Urban Meyer had heated argument with Marvin Jones, called his assistant coaches losers

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Urban Meyer’s first season in the NFL is not going well.

That’s true both on the field and off; Meyer’s Jaguars are 2-10 and Meyer was the subject of an embarrassing incident early this season when he was caught on video dancing intimately with a woman who is not his wife. And it has apparently not gotten better more recently.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Meyer has been involved in ugly incidents at the team facility within the last two weeks.

One incident involved a heated argument between Meyer and veteran receiver Marvin Jones, who was so angry with Meyer that he left the team facility and had to be convinced to return by other staff members.

Another incident featured a staff meeting that had Meyer ripping into his assistant coaches, calling them losers and asking them to explain what they’ve ever won.

The report also casts doubt on Meyer’s claim that he wasn’t behind the benching of running back James Robinson last week and that Meyer delegates the running back rotation to his staff. According to the report, it was actually Meyer who ordered Robinson’s benching after a fumble. Robinson later went back into the game because quarterback Trevor Lawrence questioned Meyer on the sideline about why the team’s leading rusher wasn’t playing.

PFT has contacted the Jaguars to request a comment on the report.

None of it reflects well on Meyer or the culture he’s creating in Jacksonville. And it raises questions about whether Meyer will be able to turn the franchise around.

124 responses to “Report: Urban Meyer had heated argument with Marvin Jones, called his assistant coaches losers

  1. Urban is about to take advice from the Biff Tannen Book of Life, Vol. I: Make like a tree and get out of here.

  2. Who here is shocked that Urban runs the Jags EXACTLY like he has ran every single other program he has run?

    He’s a college coach who has done a great job of convincing young men and their parents that committing to his program gave them an opportunity to the make it to the next level.

    Getting better athletes than the other guys works differently in college.

    Urban is out of promises to sell. So now he looks all the time like he used to look on the sidelines when things were going badly.

    He’ll be gone at year-end.

  3. I have one honest question…is anyone shocked by this ? He was a turd everywhere he’s been, but he won so it got overlooked. Funny how he’s not winning and stories seem to come out every week. Go back to college , start to win again and you can dance with any college girl you want ya creep.

  4. I don’t think i’ve seen a head coach alienate a whole fan base and team quicker than Urban Meyer has…since Ben McAdoo graced the New York Giants sidelines.

  5. NFL and college are two different animals. You’d think someone with his past experience in the spotlight would have better prepared him for this moment…But when lapses in judgment happen on a continual basis, you can’t keep excusing them as mistakes. Unfortunately, some just have to learn the hard way…

  6. Gallon of gas, full dumpster, matches. Ready for the show. He seems to be spinning out of control, Trevor won’t have to worry about his running back being benched for no reason real shortly. Who’s the next coach? Dabo?

  7. Trevor should have tanked his last year at Clemson. Maybe he would have fallen to the Patriots instead of going to this disorganized bunch of losers in Jacksonville.

  8. There is no way he sees the field next week for the Jags. What a poor excuse for a coach. Expect to see more players speaking out, and more dysfunction, in the next few weeks.

  9. Poor Urban. Hopefully his secret Santa will gift him Dale Carnegie’s Classic book: “How to Win Friends & Influence People.”

  10. He’s not capable of coaching a professional team, and he doesn’t care. The position was only a money grab for him.

  11. Im sorry but to see Urban Meyer absolutely fail in the NFL brings me so much joy. He won’t even have to quit cause no way will the Jags bring him back next year.

  12. This team was horrible and completely dysfunctional before he got there. It’ll take atleast a couple seasons to change that, no matter who the coach is. The constant scrutiny of Urban Meyer is ridiculous…. and nobody on that team cares about the incident with the girl, so that has nothing to do with anything as far as this team goes.

  13. He sheltered a domestic violence abuser. His college teams were rife with criminals, including Hernandez. He used his children and grandchildren as excuses to twerk in public with a young woman.

    Otherwise, he’s a great guy.

  14. When you win, everything you do looks like the right move. When you lose, everyone second guesses everything you do. Bill Walsh (2-14), and Jimmy Johnson (1-15) were second guessed a lot during their first seasons, too. Later those two “dummies” ended up going ok. Lots of people were trying to tell Eddie DeBartolo and Jerry Jones they hired the wrong coaches. NFL history would be a lot different if those two HOF owners would have taken our advice.

  15. He won’t be relevant much longer. He may resurface as a mid-major college coach in his final years, but his time as a high profile pro or college coach is nearing an end.

  16. Urban is a proven winner, the others are not.

    Urban doesn’t tolerate incompetence and hes’s right!

  17. Blaming his assistant coaches and demanding they defend their resumes? Really? Maybe he should take to task the person who hired them–that would be Urban. His behavior is childish and people now get to see a glimpse of what the real Urban is like. He’s a lousy human being.

    Any normal owner would fire him today but unfortunately for the Jags and their fans they have Khan as an owner. He’s probably out shopping for a bigger yacht and could care less about the Jags–at least until he’s asking the city for more money.

  18. Urban is not a good human being. He had the protection of winning while at Ohio State. You’ve been exposed UM

  19. Lol,oh man. I moved to Florida so was kinda pulling for Jax besides my team also. They’re both dumpster fires!

  20. “Gallon of gas, full dumpster, matches.”

    Is there any expression that is more tired than the “dumpster fire” one? Try to be at least a little bit creative.

  21. Coach Urban’s approach has to abruptly change or the abrupt change will be his exit as Coach. In fact, it might already be set in stone. The target date for that would be week 17. That’s when other NFL coaches can be interviewed, so I expect an announcement that he is either remaining or gone, by then.

  22. Meyers was a mistake for the Jags and this mistake will set the franchise back several years.

    Look at Lawrence vs Mills of the Texans. TL has started 12 games to Mills 6 games started, yet look at the results.

    Both QB’s have (2) 300 yard games, but Mills has started half of the game TL has started. TL (2) 300 yard games came against the Texans and Miami, vs Mills (2) 300 yard game came against NE and the Rams, both better teams than the Texans and Miami. Advantage Mills.

    Completion % TL 58% to Mills 65.5% – Advantage Mills
    Yards per pass attempt TL 5.9 to Mills 6.3 – Advantage Mills
    Quarterback Rating TL 72.3 to Mills 78.4 – Advantage Mills

    TL 1st overall – Mills drafted in the same draft, but in the 3 round, 67th overall – Advantage – Mills because he cost the Texans less in draft capitol.

    The Texans may have the better QB, sure looks like it in year one!

  23. So coaching is harder when you don’t have all the best players? And you have to deal with men rather than boys?

  24. There is so much more to NFL coaching than x’s and o’s. It’s more about leading men and keeping your team together, so things like this don’t happen. You guys constantly rag on Mike Tomlin for a missed time out or going for 2. Coaching is so much more than that while you sit back in your easy chair and criticize an accomplished coach for 3 or 4 calls a year that you don’t like saying he should be fired. You have no idea what it takes to have a winning season every year you have coached in the NFL.

  25. Seems to me that he’s trying his best to be fired, so he can go back to college football but still collect his Jacksonville salary.

  26. I can think of many expressions more tiring than “”dumpster fire”. Has any coach, outside of Gruden – who at least won a SB – self-torpedoed his career more thoroughly than Meyer? Ok -maybe George O’Really? – who was out of Notre Dame after about 15 min, from lying on his resume.

  27. Five more games in the NFL coaching career of Amos Alonzo Meyer. The next coach will inherit a potentially great QB.

  28. Did anyone expect a perennial losing franchise to win the super bowl in the first year with a new coach and a college QB?

  29. Many college coaches have a very bad first season when they move to the NFL. BUt Meyer has much bigger problems. HIs off the field antics and lack of control of the locker room is showing that he’s not ready for the majors.

    Meyers is treating grown men in the NFL as if they were kids…..and that just won’t work.

  30. If this is corroborated, then it has to be the final nail in the coffin for him. Just look at his body of work here in Jacksonville from, well everything, to now with these reported incidents and the fact that he appears to be lost and disinterested on the sidelines. Fire him now, don’t wait for week 17.

  31. Not a Jaguars fan, but I feel bad for the players and their fans. The guy’s a jerk. He needs to go, hopefully before the season ends.

  32. The biggest problem with Meyer right now is that Darrell Bevell HAS head coaching experience, even as an interim coach. And Brian Schottenheimer has been an OC for many teams.

    With a interim replacement on hand, its much easier for him to claim health issues and walk away before he gets fired.

    And he will claim its health issues.

    (and did Darrell Bevell look back at Meyer and say–well, I won a SuperBowl with the Seahawks…)

  33. I’m sorry but this ALL on Kahn….you own the team and should have vetted this guy better. Maybe you cut your loses ( and money you owe him ) and get a quality NFL coach?

  34. RisenAnge7 says:
    December 11, 2021 at 11:38 am
    Lol,oh man. I moved to Florida so was kinda pulling for Jax besides my team also. They’re both dumpster fires!
    Did you move here from Pittsburgh, or Buffalo?

  35. While the dude keeps making rookie mistakes n possibly the owner did too because no one else wanted the job …. thus is a off season payoff in the works to get rid of this jerk ?? thus time will tell as hey its a way different game and skill set needed between college and the big boys so we shall see later on if its a big ka-ching of which UM probably wanted anyways to be rid of this ding a ling.

  36. I find it interesting Meyer would try and bring up resumes considering his resume sho wss he has quit every coaching job he has had within a few years, recruited violent criminals/known gang members like Hernandez, drug addicts, covered up for people assaulting women and that whole thing about Burrow transferring because Meyer wouldn’t start him and later remarking Burrow wasn’t half the QB Haskins is…

    Meyer is a dirtbag, it is no surprise he lost the locker room and coaching staff already. I am sure his phantom migraines will reappear again soon and he will fake another retirement, moving onto his next con.

  37. Good Football Coaches are good football coaches…

    Meyer WAS a great Football Coach, and would have succeeded in Jacksonville, if he actually wanted to coach.

    He clearly doesn’t want to coach anymore… nothing anybody can say to prove this statement differently.

  38. I’ve both watched him be my teams coach with Florida, and I’ve watched him be the coach of the team everyone hates living in UM territory. Man is a front runner, and a control freak to theNth degree. He is used to just doing as he chooses and winning has more often than not made his methods go unquestioned. He is not good at grinding, he hates it. When things get tough he starts to act like he ALONE has the answers and pushes his assistants to the side and tries to do their jobs too. He is an arrogant front runner who is burning out right before our eyes. Wont make it past game 5 next year. IMO

  39. This was a terrible hire, and everyone who knows anything about college and NFL ball saw this coming a mile away. These top college guys thrive when they are the be-all, end-all but it’s not like that in the pros. You can’t take anyones scholarship away, you can’t rip into the coaches YOU hired because guess what? They’ll just leave and blacklist you for any other quality replacements. If Meyer lasts more than this season both he and the team are completely insane. No lackeys at this level, son.

  40. Michigan beat up on the Bucknuts so hard they broke they their players , coaches , fans and even their ex- coach , lol .

  41. I don’t think i’ve seen a head coach alienate a whole fan base and team quicker than Urban Meyer has…since Ben McAdoo graced the New York Giants sidelines.
    Matt Patricia lost the lions players BEFORE the first game. After the first game blowout, no fans believed he could make a difference.

  42. “Meyer WAS a great Football Coach”

    His teams won, but I wouldn’t necessarily give him all the credit for that. In college, there are a handful of teams that get most of the talent. Those teams have a huge advantage over other schools. Meyer coaced at those types of schools.

    BUt in the NFL where EVERY team is full of talent, coaching means a lot more….and Meyers is being exposed as a mediocre coach, at best.

  43. What’s wrong with a head coach who states facts? What have his assistants ever won before? I’m okay with an iron fist as long as it results in more numbers in the win column. The guy has a history of winning wherever he goes. That comes with a level of respect and maybe the occasional hottie dancing on your lap.

  44. When you make horrible hires, you get horrible results. Urban Meyer couldn’t even beat Iowa and Purdue with superior talent. It’s not the firing, it was the hiring Stupid

  45. Perhaps being a head coach in college for 21 years makes it difficult to adjust to the pros. Steve Spurrier had 20 years of college head coaching and he sucked in the pros. Jimmy Johnson only had 9 years of college head coaching experience and won 3 superbowls. Yes, he gets the credit for SB 30.

  46. He doesn’t get it. You can only get away with this kind of stuff if Brady won you 6 rings.

  47. Meyer is and always has been a sleaze! He was treated like a God at Florida and Ohio because he had great recruiting assistants, and in college the teams with the best players win the most games. Duh. But now this jerk is coaching the best of the best from college who made it into the NFL. Most are making as much or more money than him. They are MEN he’s coaching now, not fearful kids. His overbearing egomaniacal, dictatorial style does not go over well with other millionaire MEN. Hard to believe this ahole is still employed, and unless Khan is as stubborn and egomaniac as is his current coach, Meyer will be gone sooner rather than later. Good riddance! This monumental failure couldn’t happen to a more deserving diva.

  48. That sound you hear is the sound of Regret, by the Jags Ownership. If theyvthink Trevor Lawrence is the real deal, they need to give Meyer the heave-ho asap and bring in someone who knows how to run an NFL team and develop a young QB. This could potentially stunt TL’s growth for years.

  49. One thing this does show is Lawrence has some leadership in him. He needs a real coach. Urban Meyer isn’t it. I’d fire him right now and not at years end just for being completely incompetent. Not only is he a terrible coach but he also seems to be a terrible human being as well.

  50. Whats that song “turn out the lights the party’s over”. Ya him and the owners will part ways at the end of the season and say, its just didnt work. No way his asst. coaches stick around after being insulted and he has lost the dressing room too.
    He had every right to bench the running back if the guy is always fumbling but if it was a rare incident, then there is no point to it. If this guy is a fumbler then I think you tell your QB, worry about your own play dont try and do my job. I mean he takes charge and shows who’s boss or he doesn’t.
    A lot of tough nosed coaches out there that would not put up with that bull. Players do what they are told.

  51. When someone is extremely successful at one thing (for example, college football coaching) they begin to believe they are special and can do anything, including things that are very different. These forays outside their original area of expertise (let’s say, into pro football coaching) tend to lead to spectacular failure.

  52. Shad Khan is learning the lesson that many owners have learned the hard way: the Bud Wilkinsons, Steve Spurriers, Chip Kellys, and even the Nick Sabans of the college ranks don’t always work out at the pro level.

  53. Khan needs to learn from his past mistake with HCs and cut the cord early when things turn sour, and Meyer is making Jacksonville ooze malic acid.

  54. I stand with Urban… you know why? Because he’s a WINNER.. that’s all that matters baby!!

  55. I don’t need to know the internal goings on of any team – it’s none of my business.

  56. Urban is a proven winner, the others are not.

    Urban doesn’t tolerate incompetence and hes’s right!

    I wonder who hired all these massively incompetent coaches.

  57. Having a TEBOW on your team is bad
    But getting rid of TEBOW becomes a curse you can’t rid……It’s almost Biblical

  58. Urban, in college your opposition had lesser caliber of athletes on their rosters. In the NFL all teams have quality athletes on their rosters. In college you’re dealing with eighteen to nineteens year old’s who are impressionable. Now you are dealing with grown men who can spot Balderdash. To belittle YOUR staff is shooting yourself in the foot. I’m sure you can get you old job back with Fox.

  59. It’s a VERY big difference coaching men in a professional league than it is coaching young men in college.

  60. gus53575 says:
    “Who’s the next coach? Dabo?”

    No one knows if Dabo is head coach material but he is good at developing young quarterback. Maybe the Jaguars can take a chance on him.

  61. His skill set has been exposed. He WAS a great recruiter of high school talent. His players were better then most of the other teams he faced. Now that he has to face similar talent, his lack of X and O knowledge is exposed. This is the same thing that will happen to Dabo Sweeny if he ever decided to go to the NFL.

  62. I think he really,really,really wanted the Notre Dame job and he is kicking himself for blowing it and now he might be having a serious breakdown.

  63. Coaches who go from college to the pros should realize that they not dealing with young men anymore. They are dealing with big babies.

  64. “I stand with Urban… you know why? Because he’s a WINNER..”

    You misspelled “weiner”.

  65. “I wonder who hired all these massively incompetent coaches.”

    Urban Meyer. He’s bad-mouthing the guys that HE HIRED.

  66. The thing about Urban being a winner may be accurate, and not tolerating incompetence is fine; however, leadership is important, and leadership in the NFL is different than in college. Jimmy Johnson, Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick may have had losing records their first years, but they earned the respect of their coaches and players in part by treating them with respect. Meyer hasn’t come close to doing so.

  67. Let’s review: What college coaches have done well in the NFL? 1. Pete Carroll 2. Jimmy Johnson 3. ? 3.? Anyone? Now let’s see what top college coaches have FAILED in the NFL: 1. Steve “I only have to beat three other teams in my division” Spurrier 2. Lou Holtz 3. Chip Kelly 4. Lord God Saban 5. CLEARLY Urban Meyer. It’s a different game, folks. Good recruiting wins in college. Good TALENT wins in the NFL! Meyer’s ego led him into trying to buck the trend. He didn’t. He’s just another former college coaching success who in the NFL is a LOSER!!!!!!!!!

  68. How do you not all see what hes doing he has a guaranteed contract hes sabotaging the team so he can get his buy out he sees how much work the nfl is and he wants out.

  69. I can’t understand why ownership continues to make the Jags players and staff suffer through one more game with Meyer. Is it because he WANTS to get fired before all of the college openings are gone? He’s just bad news,and obviously not a winner in the NFL. He’s an embarrassment who has no room to talk about being a loser.

  70. Jags should’ve parted ways with him when they had the chance two months ago. Urban Meyer is a hack who is terrified of being outed. And he’s being outed as a hack this season.

  71. MortimerInMiami says:
    December 11, 2021 at 11:37 am
    Urban is a proven winner, the others are not.

    Urban doesn’t tolerate incompetence and hes’s right!
    Proven winner… yet doesn’t seem to be winning very many games lately.
    Should I mention the former coach he was bringing in that was accused of racism by dozens of players? O-4 and doesn’t fly home with the team, so he can go to the bar and fondle another woman. This guy is a joke.

  72. Very few college coaches make successful transitions to the NFL. Meyer’s has been an epic disaster. Whether it’s intentional on his part or not is anyone’s guess If it is, that’s really pathetic and unfair to the players,fans,and staff of the Jags.

  73. captainobvious says:
    December 11, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    What’s wrong with a head coach who states facts? What have his assistants ever won before? I’m okay with an iron fist as long as it results in more numbers in the win column. The guy has a history of winning wherever he goes. That comes with a level of respect and maybe the occasional hottie dancing on your lap.


    Since getting called up from the minors, Meyer is 2-10. If I were Bevell and Brian Schneider I would wear my Super Bowl ring and my Super Bowl Champion t-shirt to every meeting for the rest of the year. And it wouldn’t be my ring finger I wore it on.

  74. You tend to be a better coach in any sport when you can hoard the top talent in college football at programs like Ohio State and Florida. The problem is those 4 and 5 star recruits get spread out among 32 teams in the NFL. Can’t believe his narcissism causes him to think his team’s 2-10 record is a reflection on his assistant coaches and not him. He is wound too tight to be a successful NFL coach. Need to stick with kids and college Urb,instead of men and pro football.

  75. Urban Meyer is a proven winner? Really?

    At the NFL level?? Cuz if not, his college clippings mean Zero Zilch Zip.

    Trevor Lawrence also won in college.

    This ain’t college. Welcome to the Big Show fellas. Man up.

  76. In a court of law this is called “Hearsay” & is inadmissible until I hear him say those words on a recorded conversation…….. they never happened.

  77. Not sure who the bigger loser is – Urban or the nitwit who hired him for 12 million a year.


  78. I mean everyone is hopping on the hate Urban train, seems to me he’s listened to everybody else too much. Darrell Bevel only claim to fame is he was Russ Wilson’s OC their first super bowl but they were trying to get rid of him then. Joe Cullen is holding up his end of the bargain for the most part, I don’t know, but allegedly from what Urban was saying I can’t sit here and disagree with him. If the league has the parity that they say it does then we cannot lack talent that much, coaches need to earn their check just like the players do.

  79. Sucks for Marvin Jones. He’s a class act who made a steady impact in Detroit (on and off the field), despite Matt Patricia. Now it looks like he’s dealing with another coaches’ entitled, egotistical, train wreck. Good grief!

  80. Ha! Darrell Bevell won a Rose Bowl as a quarterback and a Super Bowl as an offensive coordinator (and went to another Super Bowl) and Urban Meyer had the balls to call him a loser and ask him to prove what he has done?

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