Baker Mayfield: We got conservative, we need to put it away

NFL: DEC 12 Ravens at Browns
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The Browns got a much-needed win against the Ravens on Sunday afternoon, but it wound up being a tighter affair than most people thought it would be at halftime.

Cleveland was up 24-6 at the break, but the Ravens were able to close within 24-22 before the Browns were able to slam the door on their comeback effort. After the game, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield spoke to reporters and the Progressive pitchman said he thought the team needed to be less conservative.

“We did enough to win the game, so check that box off, but got conservative,” Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “I think we need to put that team away. We got ahead early, just need to capitalize when the defense is playing like that and holding them to points. We need to put it away. That’s what good teams do, so we need to improve on that. But we were better in the red zone today and on third down. That’s something that obviously, I’ve talked to you guys about. So we just need to play better in those situations to put the game away.”

Cabot reported before the game that Mayfield hasn’t been thrilled with the offensive play-calling throughout the season and Sunday made it clear that winning doesn’t put any of those feelings to rest.

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  1. I think Stefanski is a smart guy but he doesn’t have the eye of the tiger in his okay calling. Way too vanilla and conservative.

  2. The browns all look tentative. Seeing ghosts, playing scared, happy feet, confused. Way too much in their heads. They really don’t have a rhythm. Who knows, maybe they will end with 8 wins, maybe they will all get tired of the overthinking and just go play football. The play calling hasn’t inspired confidence in the fans or players at all this season.

  3. That was definitely an issue they had last season where they would go up huge by half time then just hope they could run the clock down for two quarters without even trying to score and play prevent D. There were quite a few games where they might as well had just had the backups in during the second half because they clearly weren’t aggressive after half time because the coaches were playing the math.

    They have a winning record when they do it but it definitely isn’t comfortable for fans to watch when they let teams come back hoping that the clock will hit zero before the other team can get the 2 or 3 TD’s they’re down at the half. The Browns definitely look like a Tony Dungy coached team (Can only win if you have a lead by half time but struggle in situations where they have to be aggressive four quarters).

  4. This guy is gonna get a big contract by the skin of his teeth. Him & Mr Regular Season season Lamar will end up being albatrosses on the teams’ salary cap, Meanwhile Burrow will be the best QB in the AFCN & then legitimately get the $100m+.

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