Josh Allen in walking boot but calls foot injury no big deal

Buffalo Bills v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Josh Allen wore a walking boot on his left foot after Sunday’s overtime loss to the Buccaneers. He downplayed the injury but did acknowledge he will undergo further medical testing Monday.

The Bills announced it is a foot injury, Katherine Fitzgerald of The Buffalo News reports.

“Honestly, I’m not quite sure (what the injury is),” Allen said. “I guess we’ll do some more tests tomorrow. I finished the game on it, so I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal.”

Allen did not miss any plays after injuring his foot on a 23-yard run in the fourth quarter. He landed awkwardly on a tackle from behind by linebacker Devin White, with Allen’s leg folding underneath him.

“Yeah, there was no way I was going out,” Allen said.

Allen threw a touchdown pass on the next play before hobbling to the sideline. Athletic trainers taped his left foot, and he had three more carries after that, running for 109 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries on the day.

“It’s pretty sore,” Allen said of his ankle. “It’s football.”

27 responses to “Josh Allen in walking boot but calls foot injury no big deal

  1. Josh Allen carried the team on nothing but heart and pure talent. His team let him down and the NFL as a professional sports league let him down. Stefon Diggs could have his jersey, helmet and pants torn off by a Buccaneers DB with the ball in the air and the Refs would find no contact on the play.

  2. Allen’s courageous play at the start of the 2nd half is what inspired the rest of the team, imo.

    He just leaves everything on the field. He’s such a fun player to watch. He deserves a better team & coaching right now.

  3. Best to be safe with the boot. Hope he heals well, and soon. Great player to watch and root for.

  4. Criticize the refs
    And they will humble you for as long as it takes to make you regret it. And they get immunity. For what?

  5. IMHO Mac Jones’ performance against the Bucs was more impressive if you take into account the moment and the conditions. This game was the Bucs coaching staff nearly choking the game away and Brady saving them in overtime.

  6. Neither of these teams are my team, but those backfield refs who didn’t call Pass Interference on those throws to Diggs should be fired Monday morning. And then they had the balls to call PI on a pass to Evans. Total incompetency.

  7. Mobile QB’s are great till their not. Even after recovery and rehab that lost step means learning a new way to win.

  8. Pass interference calls can really go either way but when a jersey is pulled and it is clear the jersey is being stretched, there is no way a flag should not be thrown. Happened twice to the Bills and then when the Bucs were struggling to get out of their half, they throw a PI on one of those 50/50 ones for them. Really inconsistent on the zebras part and does affect the outcome of the game. Josh was awesome. Go Bills.

  9. perfect exanple of a blatant;y manipulated outcome- I wanted the Bills to lose and yet there is no question they were hosed by the refs no PI twice( ok, let yhe players decide the game) then an immediate PI in Ot no less– if you are still thinking the game is not rigged you are deusional this happens waaay too frequently for there not to be manipulation- when millions of dollars are at stake, is anyone truly surprised?

  10. Allen put on a great show…it’s a shame that the referees didn’t do their job. Officiating gets worse all the time…just as the NFL is now publicly embracing gambling. It will be a Bucs-Patriots Super Bowl..

  11. The league certainly wants to see Tom Brady advance to the Super Bowl. After watching the performance of those refs, there can be little doubt. Anyone still think gambling hasn’t had an effect on the sport?

  12. Indianapolis isn’t lurking in the rear view mirror anymore. The entire league needs to take notice.

  13. See a lot of bills including Allen looking for flags on every play. I think refs are sick of it

  14. Allen looked pretty dejected after the game, and for good reason, as he left it all on the field. What looked like it was going to be a blowout (and I was ready to turn it off and get some sleep) turned into a great game. Tale of 2 halves.

    The pick by Sherman though was not a good throw, sometimes you just got to give up on a play.

  15. The boot may not be a big deal, but the fact that he’s the best runner on the team is.
    He won’t last long if that continues to be the case in this season or in the future.

  16. That weasley McDermott is throwing Allen to the injury wolves, knowing it’s the sinking Bills only chance.

    Allen zig-zagging down the sidelines, faking going out of bounds the whole way while knowing he’s not allowed to be properly hit, makes him seem more talented than he actually is. Much more talented.

  17. Big Brady fan here, so glad they won, but boy, that Allen is a warrior! He almost single-handedly pulled out a win for them. As for the refs, they’ve stunk all year long. Why should last night have been any different? The Bucs Defense quit after the first half, or Bowles and Arians started playing it too safe and it almost cost them the game. Stupid coaching decisions! If they coast like that again next week they’ll lose. Come on, guys… play all 60 minutes, okay? Geesh!

  18. Clearly, Allen went all out in the 2nd half. He was playing on the road on a short week after a tough loss. I give him a lot of credit. He believed they could win going into the locker room at half down 24-3 and almost pulled it off.

    Horrible coaching and execution by the Bucs from the mid point of the 2nd quarter. Brady saved them in OT but he played poorly for much of the game, their play calling was arrogant, the defense didn’t hold the edge and they squandered both an interception and a failed fake field goal late in the first half that would have put the game away.

  19. Allen reminds me of Kevin Bacon saying “don’t worry, all is well” as mayhem breaks out in the movie Animal House. What I don’t understand is why Buffalo settles for clowns like Singletery at RB instead of drafting a stud to keep Allen from scrambling around.

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