Lamar Jackson has a sprained ankle; tests are coming on Monday

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Ravens have lost two in a row, and they play the Packers next weekend. Whether they can stop the skid may depend on whether they can get back quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Sunday that Jackson has a sprained ankle. Harbaugh added that Jackson will have more tests on Monday.

An ankle sprain can affect a guy for a while, or not long at all. If depends on the ligaments involved and the severity of the sprain/tear.

Regardless, the Ravens now have plenty to worry about. Without Jackson, it becomes harder to win the AFC North. At some point, they may have to fret about not making the playoffs at all.

15 responses to “Lamar Jackson has a sprained ankle; tests are coming on Monday

  1. Another classic “all is well!” Whinebaugh moment. They always misrepresent the injury upfront.

    It’s probably a 6 week high ankle sprain. lol

  2. I love the Ravens and I appreciate the heart they’ve shown but it is not in the cards for them this year. Just too many key injuries have worn them down.

    Gotta love the comedic Pats troll commenting on the Ravens lack of sharing specific injury details. Because we’ve all seen how Bill Belichick just won’t ever shut up about that stuff. Reporters are like Whoa, Bill, that’s TMI, don’t forget the HIPAA privacy laws. LOL

  3. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    Lamar on one ankle > Baker Mayfield
    Baker would have finished the game.

  4. How ironic that Lame is injured while impersonating a QB. Had he just run with the ball as running backs do, he’d still be playing.

  5. No roughing called on the low hit either. You can bet your bottom dollar that if brady was hit low its a Flag 999999999 out of 1000000000

  6. Huntley provides the Ravens with a better chance of winning anyway. He actually can throw the ball. Lamar had 3 great drives of 3 and outs and completed 4 passes for 17 yards. Except one pass was 11 yards, so really he completed 3 passes for 6 yards. Total. I really cannot understand what you guys see in him. His last 7 games have been atrocious.

  7. It looked like he messed up his ankle last week so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same ankle that hadn’t healed. It’s possible his movement was already compromised which may explain why he only had two carries in the first quarter.

  8. Today is a perfect example of why Josh Allen is so much better than Lamar. He’s worked hard on his accuracy. He reads defenses, not perfectly, but knows what to do under pressure. Yes he will scramble from time to time as he’s also an incredible athlete, but he’s a thrower first. He can make all throws. He’s clearly on the upswing in his career, while Lamar is the opposite on all these counts and unfortunately is on a path to be a backup or even out of the league in 3 years because he can’t throw, refuses to learn how to read defenses, and has no idea what to do under pressure.

  9. For people calling for the flag, he was out of the pocket and no longer protected by the Carson Palmer rule.

  10. Lamar has been exciting to watch. And he got a lot of wins in the short time he has been in the NFL. But he hasn’t proved himself a pro caliber passer. If I’m EDC, I’m letting Lamar test the free market to see what kind of offers he gets, before I put anything on the table.

  11. It’s really unfair to compare Jax to Josh Allen. Josh has a howitzer arm, Jax couldn’t throw a ball thru a paper towel.

  12. I know it’s hard, but the Ravens, the media, and the fans need to forget about Lamar circa 2019 when he won MVP in a year in which their gimmick offense had some nice regular season wins. That is so in the rear-view mirror. I’ve been taking for years now about his serious deficiencies as a QB: inaccurate, can’t throw reliably, can’t read defenses, can’t handle pressure. It’s a tough formula, although his scrambling abilities have masked a lot of his weaknesses. But now you have 7 games– nearly half a season– in which the body of work is awful. He’s going downhill fast. He’s not adjusting in any way. He’s been the worst or 2nd worst QB in the league in that timeframe. And he’s killing your team with turnovers. It’s obvious he’s not an NFL QB. Great scrambler, but that doesn’t work over time. Never has, never will.

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