Sunday Night Football: Aaron Rodgers still owns Bears, throws four TDs in 45-30 victory

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Earlier this week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted his “I still own you” comments to Bears fans could be used against him at some point.

But Sunday was not that day.

Though the Bears held a 27-21 halftime lead, the Packers scored 24 straight points to beat their division rival 45-30.

Rodgers was terrific, particularly in the second half when he threw a pair of touchdown passes. He finished the contest 29-of-37 passing for 341 yards with four touchdowns. Green Bay’s last scoring drive was a 13-play, 71-yard clock bleeder that ended with a 3-yard score from Rodgers to receiver Davante Adams. The long possessions took 8:38.

With that score, Adams tied receiver Jordy Nelson for No. 2 on Green Bay’s all-time list with 69 touchdown receptions.

Adams finished with 10 catches for 121 yards with a pair of touchdowns. Allen Lazard also had six catches for 76 yards with a TD.

After the second quarter, it looked like the game was going to be a shootout. Chicago scored 24 points in the period and Green Bay put up 21. According to NFL research, it was the first time since at least 1925 that there were five touchdowns of at least 35 yards in a single quarter.

But the explosive plays slowed down in the second half as the Bears didn’t manage a first down on their first four possessions. Quarterback Justin Fields was strip-sacked on Chicago’s first drive in the third quarter and that led to a quick Green Bay touchdown.

The Bears didn’t score until Cairo Santos hit a 43-yard field goal with 1:22 left in the fourth quarter to make it a two-possession game.

They made it more interesting by recovering an onside kick. But Fields threw his second interception of the night on fourth-and-13 with 53 seconds left, effectively ending the game.

Fields finished 18-of-33 passing for 224 yards with two touchdowns and a pair of interceptions along with one lost fumble. Fields also led the Bears with 74 yards rushing on nine carries.

With the win, the Packers move to 10-3. If the Cardinals lose to the Rams on Monday night, Green Bay will hold the NFC’s No. 1 seed. The Packers travel to Baltimore next week to play the Ravens, who may not have quarterback Lamar Jackson after he suffered an ankle injury in Sunday’s loss to the Browns.

Rodgers’ regular-season record against the Bears also improved to 22-5.

The Bears, however, are 4-9 and look more and more likely to make a regime change. They’ll take on the Vikings next week at home next Monday night.

53 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Aaron Rodgers still owns Bears, throws four TDs in 45-30 victory

  1. The worst thing about tonight’s game is the only meaningful comments from Bear fans involve throwing some type of sarcastic mud on Nagy, Pace, Philips, and the whole McCaskey clan. What a mess. You can’t fire the McCaskeys.

  2. Packers covered but man the special teams are going to cost them in the playoffs if they don’t fix it fast.

  3. After a rusty first quarter, this should have been a blowout win for GB except for one of the worst all-around “Special Teams” debacles in NFL history. If Crosby had n missed a couple of placekicks they would have had all the bases covered. If the Packers get torpedoed, it will most likely be the kick teams that do it. Use Mercedes Lewis as punt returner. At least he can catch!
    Bears are still playing hard for Nagy. Fields has a lot to learn, but he has a lot of potential too. Good rivalry game.

  4. When are you going to learn that mocking Rodgers with a belt celebration is a bad idea, especially when it’s at Lambeau and ESPECIALLY considering you’re a bears player? Never forget, Rodgers OWNS you.

  5. In really don’t know if Nagys a good coach or not, but there are worse out there by far. The Bears did everything and anything they could do in the first half to keep the game close. The Pack beat them the same way they beat the Rams. Wore them down with superior depth.

    Back to Nagy, I’m sure he’s on the hot seat, but if your not careful Chicago, your gonna wind up like the Lions. You think they wish they would have kept Jim Caldwell? Nobody good is going to wind up wanting the job

  6. Rodgers absolutely lit the Bears up just as I suspected. I didn’t expect the Packers special teams to be so terrible though.

  7. Some of those Rodger’s passes were ridiculous; can’t believe some packer fans want this guy gone. Don’t let the media’s over coverage sway you. This dude is insanely good.

  8. Ryan Pace’s most recent high draft picks aren’t looking very good right now. Fields and Jenkins have a LONG way to go and Cole Kmet looks like he’s already hit his ceiling which is TE2 at best.

  9. The next Chicago regime will get to go up against a Packers organization that is going to have to be stripped down to the studs, given their salary cap situation. It’s already a long shot they can retain both Rodgers and Adams. And a lot of key players are going to walk for better salaries as they get squeezed out. Nagy and Pace will miss out on that.

  10. Wannstedt, Juron, Smith, Trestman, Fox, and now Nagy. Next up ________? Or should we just wait till Rogers goes fulltime on a game show and try and get him.

  11. I do own them, but I keep asking myself, What good does it do a man if he owneth the Bears but loseth his pinky toe? That may indeed maketh this the last dance.

  12. As a Bostonian and pats fan living in Chicago where my wife is from, I forewarned my wife not to celebrate at the half, I needed to see sustained solid play in the 3rd to be excited.

    I was right. The bears proceeded to take a nap at the half and not wake up. Rodgers sliced and diced them. You could see how slow and methodical they were.

    Regardless of the punt fumble recovery flag, I don’t understand nagy’s logic. Lets punt on 4th and inches down 2 scores. The game was about over at that point.

    Goodbye Nagy, Goodbye Pace, hopefully the McCaskey’s sell.

    Oh yeah side note, the bears threw away their 2022 1st to get fields……what a monumental mistake……

  13. The game was only close courtesy of the Packers not-so-special teams.
    As noted above, they were a disaster…

  14. “Hello, is this Halas Hall? Oh, good! I’d like to speak to Aaron Rodgers, please. Yes, I know he plays for the Packers, but I was informed that he owned the Bears.”

  15. When you are in a shootout, punting on 4th and inches is the kiss of death. If you don’t think you can pick up 6 inches you might as well not play the rest of the game.

  16. Has anybody seen a disaster of a special teams play as last night’s game? Over 200 yards of returns in the 1st half? Muffed punts, botched kickoffs, punt return td, onside kick debacle .. all around terrible. It’s just not one area; it’s everything special teams oriented. It won’t happen as it isn’t the “Packer way” but man o man, in any other job occupation heads would roll. Inexcusable .. simply inexcusable.

  17. mnrasslinggovjesse says:
    December 12, 2021 at 11:55 pm
    -If the Packers get torpedoed, it will most likely be the kick teams that do it. Use Mercedes Lewis as punt returner. At least he can catch!

    Bears are still playing hard for Nagy. Fields has a lot to learn, but he has a lot of potential too. Good rivalry game.

    First round exit if you play a playoff team like that on ST, I think. It is to the point on punts that I wish they wouldn’t even put a return man back there, just let them down it where it falls.

    I wonder if the Bears are still playing hard “for Nagy” or if they were amped up more for the Rodgers ‘own you’ hype. I will say that the Bears played pretty well in the first half. But then the wheels fell off, did they even have the ball in the 2nd half?

  18. mnrasslinggovjesse says:
    December 12, 2021 at 11:55 pm

    …Bears are still playing hard for Nagy.
    The Bears didn’t show up for the second half.

  19. The Bears are who we thought they were.

  20. The Packers special teams were a disaster. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as bad as that. Every kick return to the 40, the 97 yard punt return and another punt return that didn’t go all the way because the punter forced the returner out of bounds. And the weird thing is, that wasn’t even the worst part. The Bears kicked off going out of bounds and the kick returner inexplicably touched the ball??? Pack started the drive in their own 5 instead of the 40. That won’t fly in the playoffs against a good team.

  21. A shootout with the Bears and their rookie QB, who threw a pick six. Looks like that playoff loss will come before the NFCCG this year. As in, round 1.

  22. Kind of wondering where the praise is for AR here?If that game were the Bucs,Ravens, or Chiefs all we would be hearing is how Brady,Jackson or Mahomes rose up and willed their team to a win!Despite the struggles of the ST units they would not allow a loss to an inferior opponent.
    Funny at the end of the Bucs game after Brady led another comeback win(credit where due)everyone forgets the half dozen awful throws he made earlier and allowed the Bills back in the game.These first downs he missed on kept the game closer than it should have.
    Division games against your fiercest rival are always tough and add extra fuel with the whole I own you thing,made for a great game.AR played incredible and deserves his due here.
    Looking forward to GB vs. TB part II again in the NFC Championship Game.With a different outcome this time!

  23. At the end of the game not one Packers offensive lineman was the starter week one.
    The All-Pro’s at left tackle, edge rusher and cornerback did not play. Their slot receiver was out. Their starting tight end is gone for the year.

    The Packers special teams are really bad except for the punter and occasionally the kicker.

    I laugh at the Bears ‘fans’ who think Fields is a bust. The kid has it but doesn’t have the players around him. But like all things Chicago the fans and the media will eat him alive.

  24. Packers were fortunate these special teams holes were exposed by a team like the Bears and not someone better, or worse yet, in the playoffs. At least now they have some time to address it before it’s win or go home time.

  25. Bad special teams will not bode well for the Packers. We have seen this before when we played Seattle in that Championship game. We had all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. The special teams came back and bit them. It surely will happen again at the most inopportune time.

  26. The Packers special teams are really bad except for the punter and occasionally the kicker.

    Crosby has been the Leagues least accurate kicker for almost a decade now.

    Its funny people are just now getting the message.

  27. I didn’t see a whole lot from Fields. Doesn’t throw with a lot of accuracy, and definitely stares down his first read. He can run pretty well, I guess. Rodgers is playing at a super high level though, the offense looks good and the defense isn’t soft like they were when they lost to the 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

  28. All these Pack Fans are cute. “Never mock the Belt!” – Yeah okay…too bad your guys belt is for having just 1 Ring.

    The Real ‘Belt’ resides on the man behind the Bucs right now. NOT on Rodgers. Dillusional people.

    Besides, what’s it say about your guy when he’s got just as many Conference Championships as Rex Grossman? Yeah…way to go

  29. Bearfan54 says:
    December 13, 2021 at 1:20 am
    I can’t wait for the Rodgers era to end. I’m sick and tired of losing to the Packers.


    You said the same thing about Favre. And just like the Packers had Rodgers ready to go when Favre left, they’ll have the next guy ready to go when Rodgers leaves. Could be Jordan Love or it could be someone else, if Rodgers sticks around for a few more years. Then you can say they “lucked into another one.”

  30. It is so incredibly humbling to be a fan of this team, the most successful franchise in the history of the NFL. Even in the face of the seemingly insurmountable, between injuries and special teams faux pas – the heroic Green Bay Packers once again prevailed. It feels like 2010 all over again, as if the very hand of the almighty himself is guiding our fate. We are the chosen ones. Fans of lesser teams will never understand the feeling of this level of success. It truly is humbling.

    Better football…………

    ………..for better people.

  31. Packers defense crapped the bed again giving up 30 points…they are going no where in playoffs!

    They gave up 2 touchdowns. What were you watching?

    The offense put up 38, and they really didn’t play all that well.

    .. It still doesn’t feel like the Packers have played their best game, and they may be the 1 seed in the NFC after tonight.

  32. Many good points made. The winning has been a nice reward for enduring the 70’s and 80’s for those of us that felt that pain. What’s cool is that each “rivalry” has its own vibe and, overhyped or not, Packers-Bears is always fun on the calendar. The biggest continual surpise of this year’s club is the resilience/depth in the face of injury. Other years GB has been torpedoed losing half the guys. If this Packers team does anything besides a one-and-done, Gutey should get some atta-boys, too.

  33. Quinn must be a “slow learner”. In both games this year he mocked Rodgers’ championship belt celebration after a sack, and all it achieved was to fire Rodgers up. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

  34. Rodgers is 23-4 in full games against the Bears, and the announcers were talking about this “fabled rivalry.” Comical.

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