Urban Meyer denies calling assistant coaches “losers,” but admits that he’s hard on them

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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The Jaguars had no comment about Saturday’s scathing report from NFL Media regarding multiple Urban Meyer interactions with players and staff. Meyer himself addressed the situation in a conversation with Jay Glazer of Fox.

As to the report that Meyer got into a heated argument with receiver Marvin Jones that prompted Jones to leave the facility until other members of the staff persuaded him to return, Meyer issued a general denial. Others have confirmed the situation. We’ve heard from a source with knowledge of the situation that it did indeed happen.

As to the report that Meyer called his assistant coaches “losers,” Glazer said on the air that Meyer admitted to be demanding of his staff, telling Glazer that “I’m hard on my coaches” and “I get after them.” Glazer explained to PFT that Meyer did not admit calling the assistant coaches “losers.”

Glazer did not address whether Meyer admitted or denied the report that he ordered the benching of running back James Robinson and then later claimed it was injury related.

Meyer also said he still thinks he has the full support of ownership. Maybe he does. But ownership can be fickle and fleeting when it comes to full support. In many cities, coaches have the full support of ownership until the precise moment that they don’t.

11 responses to “Urban Meyer denies calling assistant coaches “losers,” but admits that he’s hard on them

  1. Never ends with this guy. I’m guessing an announcement of a mysterious health ailment is again in his future.

  2. It’s clear that Urban Meyer has already worn out his welcome in Jacksonville and he’s surely working on his exit strategy. Now,it will be a battle of who flinches first between Meyer and owner Shad Khan. Urban wants to be fired to get his guaranteed contract money and Khan wants a resignation to void the guaranteed money. Oh…the webs we weave.

  3. Just fire the guy already! How much of this does a team half to take? He been proven already to NOT be a good coach.

  4. The only loser around here is Urban Meyer. I don’t care how many games he won in college, he’s 2-10 as a head coach in professional football.

  5. Coach Meyers problem is that you don’t have to be liked in order to be an effective coach you do have to be respected. He isnt.

  6. Most HOF coaches took over losing organizations, so the winning didn’t happen overnight. No different with Meyer. When a losing coach is hard on coaches, he’s wrong. After that coach turns it around and starts winning, then being hard on coaches is part of him being brilliant. Not my first rodeo.

  7. Garrett has already been selected..Meyer getting fired after this season is the reason Garrett did not take the Duke job

  8. Such a shame Lawrence has to start off what I think will eventually be a multiple pro bowl career with Jax. The entire program is a disaster and they would of been wise to of hired a coach similar to Vrabel. Someone that has played the game and players respect and look up to. Meyer belongs in college with young men, these NFL players are grown ass men making millions and you need to earn their respect. He is trying to demand it and that will never be successful. Hopefully for Lawrence sake they make a change and this kid can get his career on track instead of ended up on IR from getting destroyed behind that line.

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