Zac Taylor: We tried everything to stop George Kittle, he finds a way to make plays

NFL: DEC 12 49ers at Bengals
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The Bengals couldn’t stop 49ers tight end George Kittle today, but not for a lack of trying.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor said after Kittle caught 13 passes for 151 yards against his team that the Bengals attempted everything they could to stop Kittle today, but he was just too good.

“When a guy is that explosive, and that big, that good of hands, that catch radius, he makes a lot of plays. And I promise you, we tried like hell to take him away, and he just finds a way to make those plays,” Taylor said.

With the 49ers fighting for a playoff berth, Kittle has been playing outstanding football, with 332 receiving yards in the last two weeks. Even though the 49ers’ opponents know he’s the player they need to stop.

22 responses to “Zac Taylor: We tried everything to stop George Kittle, he finds a way to make plays

  1. For those that continue to place Kittle behind any other active NFL tight end, please review tape of Kittle’s last two games

    There’s nobody out there better, period.

  2. He’s a Beast! Really what other 49er player do teams work so hard to contain? Deebo is a close second but Shanny should use 19 as a receiver more often. Gritty win.

  3. Kittle is so fun to watch, he makes me want to go out and buy some of those glasses he endorses.

  4. When a head coach admits this, it means he’s in over his head. Let alone the extremely questionable play calling at the end of the game. Zack Taylor has the talent of an 11-2 team and they’re 7-6. Change needs to be made.

  5. With the exception of the browns game I do t think any team has outworked the bengals for 60 minutes.iterally 5 of their 6 losses has come from poor coaching and adjustments or a lack of. Taylor is a below average coach and an abysmal in game manager.

  6. I’ve been a bengals fan for at least 39 years. In all of my memory I can’t remember that team every covering tight ends well, even average ones

  7. Throw the ball Zac. You have a QB who can dominate the league. Put the game on his back. He can carry the team, just like any elite QB.

  8. Brandon Flowers in man to man on Kittle on 3rd down in the red zone in OT is not doing everything you can to stop kittle. Play calling was horrible on both sides of the football and coaching was even worse

  9. As a Bengals fan…just so frustrating to see the same type of be Bengal mistakes my whole life. Just have to wonder if it stems higher than ybe head coach and is just a culture thing there that is tolerated.

  10. As a huge Gronk fan, I regard Kittle as the TE who has inherited the title of Best TE in the league. He blocks at a top level and dominates the middle of the field as a pass catcher.
    Total non-diva, too.

  11. Tried everything but playing for the win with a td from the opponents 26 yard line in OT.

  12. Seriously Zak?

    Why would those words even come out of your mouth. Try not taking the ball out of your franchise player’s hands in OT. Then you probably wouldn’t need to worry about what Kittle was/wasn’t doing. Just saying.

  13. This loss is a prime example of a talented team being held back due to poor coaching. The 49ers played a great game but the Bengals gifted them too many opportunities which turned into points. You can’t win football games in December making that many stupid mistakes. Bottom line Taylor needs to go after this year.

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