Joe Judge “encouraged” by Giants’ fight in 37-21 loss to Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers defeat the New York Giants 37-21 during a NFL football game.
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The Giants guaranteed themselves a fifth-straight losing season with Sunday’s 37-21 loss to the Chargers, but head coach Joe Judge wasn’t in a mood to focus on the negatives after the game.

Judge is now 10-19 as an NFL head coach, but he has consistently pointed to silver linings to the team’s losses and that continued on Sunday. The Giants were down 37-7 at one point in the fourth quarter, but they put a little lipstick on their performance in garbage time and Judge complimented that effort in his opening remarks at a postgame press conference.

“In terms of how we played, I’m encouraged by the way the team fought,” Judge said. “They continue to practice what they preach in terms of fighting to the end and playing for one another, you know, finishing what they started, but ultimately, it wasn’t good enough. We had a good week of preparation, we have to make sure it transfers over in how we execute on the field. There were some opportunities we didn’t take advantage of. There were some situations we need to handle better in all three phrases. Make sure we get off the field and stay on the field and capitalize in field position when we get the chance.”

The Giants are expected to part ways with General Manager Dave Gettleman at the end of the season. Judge’s fate is less clear, but it seems hard to believe that others are as encouraged by the team’s weekly defeats as the head coach claims to be.

17 responses to “Joe Judge “encouraged” by Giants’ fight in 37-21 loss to Chargers

  1. Encouraged? I mean it’s the right thing to say as the head coach I guess but this team is toast. Gettleman will “retire”, Judge will be let go, Saquon will be traded, they will draft or trade for a new QB.

  2. At the time Joe Judge was hired was he on anyone’s radar as a HC candidate?

    The guy was a young, unknown special teams coach who had given no indication that he was ready or able to take over his own team.

    The result in NY are exactly as anyone could have predicted, except Gettleman, apparently.

  3. I watched the game Joe, some of the play calling just didn’t make any sense, it put you in position to lose the game

  4. Daniel Jones is a good quarterback. The issue for the Giants is with their offensive and defensive lines. They must draft guys here and find something in free agency. It will be a huge mistake to trade draft picks for a Russel Wilson. This will not solve their issues. Eli could still be playing if he had a good offensive line. I would use first three picks on up front guys for sure and then buy someone in free agency so you get at least two new guys on both sides of the ball.. They have enough skill players. Gentlemen must go! He has made too many bad calls and just throws money at problems. Nate Solder has been a big bust for one.

    Giants should have 3 more wins here as they had Washington beat and should have beat Atlanta and Kansas City.
    Also should have kept Colt McCoy.

  5. I get all the positive points these coaches make but when will anyone of them just say we just suck! from top to bottom this team needs an overhaul!

  6. with 3 minutes let, chargers left the field…. and it still took 7 plays for the giants to score…

  7. Guy preaches aggression but is a total wimp when it comes to 4th down. He shares with Gettleman the arrogance of being the smartest guy in the room. While I hate to change coaches every 2 years, he has done nothing to show he is going to be a winner.

  8. So encouraging being shut out nearly 3 full quarters. They trailed 24-7 until 4 minutes left in the game and then decided they would score 14 points and lose by 16 points.

  9. Expect many more comments like this from a coach who is desperately trying to save his job and convince any person that will listen, that he is the man for the job.

  10. Joe Judge would be “encouraged” by the way the band played after the Titanic hit the iceberg.

  11. Those comments are what you would want to hear from a coach that has a very young team and a rookie QB, the Giants are not. They are a veteran team with a QB that should have enough experience to at least contend, they are not due to a very bad GM and clueless owners who hired a out-of-nowhere first time coach. The current status of the Giants is an expected outcome of very bad clueless coaching staff, recent 1st round picks are busts and the team has almost no talent.

  12. This team is horrid. The chargers xmas gifted them those two garbage time tds yesterday by pulling Herbert and the starting defense. Hate to say it but they really need to clean house.

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