Key pass interference call, non-call rile up Bills fans

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The Bills could have won Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers. Some would say they should have won. Some would correctly say they would have won it, if defensive pass interference had been called against Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis during a key third-and-two late in regulation, with Buffalo trailing Tampa Bay, 27-24.

Davis significantly hindered Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. The official looking right at the play didn’t throw a flag, however.

Then, in overtime, the official called defensive pass interference against the Bills, giving Tampa 19 yards of field position and boosting what became the game-winning drive.

Said NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay on Twitter: “This is not defensive pass interference. The receiver creates the contact. It is especially noteworthy given what was not called late in regulation on the Buffalo 3rd & 2 play.”

The end result? Bills fans are upset. They think the fix is in, even if it isn’t. But whether it is or isn’t doesn’t keep people from thinking it is. And Bills fans, who constantly end up on the wrong side of things when facing Tom Brady, are thinking Brady got an assist for his first post-Patriots meeting with Buffalo.

17 responses to “Key pass interference call, non-call rile up Bills fans

  1. Bills fans are just angry that it’s back to second place, at best, in the division for the foreseeable future. And I’m not a Patriots fan!!

  2. the problem is everything is called pass interference for some qbs. its such a light subjective penalty, that impacts the game so much. either let them play or call everything.

  3. Ever since Brady left NE and owners are ok with Brady being promoted away from NE to spread NFL money down to Tampa, Tampa is being assisted in every game including last year’s SB which was an abomination.

    Their players get away with murder.

  4. As someone who is not a fan of either franchise, was anyone really surprised that Brady gets all the calls? This has been the case since the tuck rule.

    Possibly the only other player in the league who gets more calls go his way is Aaron Rodgers.

  5. The refs are trash and they’ve been trash all season. While they really can screw a game up, if the bills had played 60 minutes like they did in the second half, they win. They needed to show up on time and they win regardless of calls

  6. But he turned his head half-way around to “locate” the ball and put his arms up using the universal sign of I’m-not-committing-a-penalty (fingers extended, palms facing out) so the refs really had no choice but to eat the flag. /s

  7. I’m a bucs fan and believe there wasn’t Pass interference in either of those plays. the bucs got a freebie with the flag on Evans.

  8. Same thing happened against Green Bay in the playoffs last year and against the Colts this year.

    GB receiver clearly interfered with right before half leading to an INT where Tampa scored. Then in last 2 minutes Tampa gets the PI call that they hadn’t called the entire game.

    Against Indy 1 PI not called leading to INT by Tampa. Then 2 PI’s called against Indy leading to a TD vs FG.

    You can call it sour grapes all you want but it’s obvious the NFL gives whiny Brady too many calls.

  9. Where was the outrage when the Bills got a gift unnecessary roughness call in the NE game as Josh Allen dives for a first down and the defender shoves him out of bounds?

  10. It’s easy to claim conspiracy when incompetence is the more likely culprit. DPI is ridiculously inconsistent both ways. I would be OK relaxing the contact rules if it allowed them to make it less of a judgment call.

  11. Fact: You can’t rely on bad calls deciding games. You simply have to convert all opportunities. Another fact: NFL officiating has always been bad and will never change or it would have by now

  12. Buffalo has had 5 one score games and lost them all. The refs didn’t tell Buffalo not to call any running plays in the first half or not to put any pressure on Brady or to put a linebacker on the Bucs fastest receiver in OT. Whining about the refs is how fans lament losing.

  13. Same thing happened against Green Bay in the playoffs last year and against the Colts this year.


    The Packers are the last team that should complain about other teams getting favorable calls

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