Kliff Kingsbury: Bill Belichick should win Coach of the Year every year, name the award after him

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Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury had only a brief NFL playing career, but he was drafted by the Patriots in 2003 and spent his first year in New England. And he came away from it with a lot of respect for Bill Belichick.

In fact, Kingsbury says Belichick ought to win the NFL’s coach of the year award every year, and the award should even bear Belichick’s name.

“They should just name the award Bill Belichick and when he retires, bring that back,” Kingsbury said. “Until he retires, I don’t think anyone else should get that award. He should be that every single year he is coaching.”

Belichick is a three-time Coach of the Year winner and is the betting favorite to win it again this year. Kingsbury is second in the Coach of the Year odds, and he would get Belichick’s vote.

For his par, Belichick said he thinks Kingsbury should get the award.

26 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: Bill Belichick should win Coach of the Year every year, name the award after him

  1. He’s right about that. They should (and one day probably will) name the award after The Hoodie.

  2. Coach of the year. Feels more like Comeback of the year award. Belichick should have won it most years since 2002, yet he’s really being considered because the Patriots had a 1 year rebuild last year.

  3. So Belichick says it should be Kingsbury, and Kingsbury says it should be Belichick. But Belichick is the greater coach so he is probably right.

  4. How do we know Coach of the Year is a joke award? The fact that Belichick has only received it three times.

  5. It would be cool to name it after him. And of course it will get nicknamed The Hoodie. Or simply The Bill.

  6. I actually thought last year might have been some of his best coaching. They really were not a very talented roster.
    This year I might give him his first executive of the year award. The 2021 draft and the free agent signings instantly turned the Patriots into a contender. And they redshirted Ronnie Perkins and Cameron McGrone, who could both become significant pieces in that defense.

  7. Classy and I have to agree about he should win it every year. Hell even last year with sorry cam they won 7 games.

  8. chickensalad43 says:
    December 13, 2021 at 2:49 pm
    Except last year

    On the contrary, 7 wins with Newton was one of his better miracles.

  9. Id give it to Kingbury. Belechick is still the best, but he unintentionally tanked last year by going with Cam Newton at QB. Had he had a competent QB it would have just been business as usual and this year wouldnt look as such an improvement.

  10. Nice comeback sneaking past SD with a pick 6 and pick 3, then playing the colts backup squad – As a head coach, BB has losing record without Brady who is on his way to his 8th title at 44. Speaks for itself.

  11. jimjets says:
    December 13, 2021 at 3:00 pm
    Except for the cheating and never winning a SB without Brady, yea, sure.


    Still can’t let that go ay? Keep clinging that and maybe they’ll start stripping away Super Bowl rings, kind of like rubbing the genie bottle.

  12. Surprisingly, both guys are telling the truth. I mean, if you’re going to name anything after anyone, they should name any coaching awards after Belichick. And, other than perhaps himself, Belichick is right about Kingsbury being Coach of the Year.

  13. chickensalad43 says:
    December 13, 2021 at 2:49 pm
    Except last year.

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    GREAT COACHING in 2020. An outlier year and a fantastic job with awful Newton in a lame duck year.

  14. Belichick won two SBs without Brady. His defensive game plan for one of them is in Canton.

  15. In that case, the Super Bowl should be renamed the Brady Bowl when he retires. He did win the most of them.

    I don’t believe this, just trying to make a point.

  16. A Bill Belichick Coach of the Year Trophy is exactly what should happen after his retirement.

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