Matt LaFleur says he will “absolutely not” fire special teams coordinator Maurice Drayton

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers’ special teams have been awful all season, and Sunday night was another ugly performance, highlighted (or lowlighted) by Chicago’s Jakeem Grant racing through the Packers’ punt coverage for a 97-yard touchdown. But after the game, head coach Matt LaFleur said one thing he will not do is fire special teams coordinator Maurice Drayton.

Asked if he will consider a change at special teams coordinator, LaFleur answered, “Absolutely not.”

At the beginning of his post-game press conference, LaFleur said unprompted, “Certainly the special teams was not good enough.” But when he was asked about Drayton’s job security, he defended the coaching.

“We got to get things corrected. I’ll be the first to tell you that, yeah, there’s some things we have to clean up as coaches, no doubt about it, but we have to execute better as well,” LaFleur said. “On a bright side, I think our PAT field goal operation has been much improved. I think our coverage units have been solid most of the year. Tonight they were not.”

But despite the poor play from the coverage units, Drayton won’t be going anywhere.

19 responses to “Matt LaFleur says he will “absolutely not” fire special teams coordinator Maurice Drayton

  1. He won’t be fired during the season … he WILL be fired after the season. If he isn’t, LF is nuts!

  2. 260 return yards, one punt return for TD (the only one in the league this season), a kickoff out of bounds, attempting to field a kick going out of bounds at the 5, muffing how many freaking kicks… failure to recover the Bears onside kick.

    What else am I missing? The only ‘good’ from the ST unit during the game was they didn’t miss three FG/XP kicks this week. Green Bay won’t go anywhere playing like this in the playoffs on ST. The only reason this game was as remotely close as it was is because the ST unit was giving them the ball at midfield (or the end zone) pretty much all night long.

  3. Really there’s nothing he can do at this point except what he said. I would imagine after the season will be a different story.

  4. Same as sun rising in the East every day, fans (of all teams) will call for firing anyone who has a bad game or sometimes even just a bad play. Tells you how many people think in video game framework.

  5. They appear to be on the road to the super bowl. Now is not the time to shake things up.

  6. You see holding on returns what it has to be in the 60% region ? yet the guilty players often not even close to the ball carrier negating a very nice return walks off the field and nothing is said to
    them .
    They get off scott free for being such a moron that burns me how weak and pathetic these coaches are nowadays.
    Should he be fired ? well his unit should be made to practice untill they get it fixed.

  7. Why would you ever paint yourself into a box like this? He should be considering this, and while he doesn’t need to say it – he should not be guaranteeing someone’s job like this.

  8. Absent a significant change the Packer’s special teams will cost them their season and probably in the playoffs. Given his response to the horror show last night this is now on LaFleur and he owns that outcome. They were bailed out on the muff punt and who gives up an onside kick in today’s NFL and don’t even start on the field goal situation. The Packers special teams are worse than a college team at this point. The bar now is please, please don’t miss a 30 yard FG, please don’t fumble the punt, and please keep the returner from crossing the 40. They are a disgrace and a capable team would have beat the Packers last night because of that unit. After watching last night I don’t know if we could go lower but there always next week against the Ravens with JH who’s background is special teams so I can only imagine him watching film today feeling like a kid in the candy store.

  9. Love everyone second guessing the coach.

    When he was hired everyone said “he’s just a guy that stood next to McVay”

    He’s lost all of 9 regular season games in 3 years – combined. All with a QB playing games in the off season with the franchise.

    I’d cut him some slack – it’s not like he’s not proven so far to be a better than average coach. After all – it’s looking more like McVay just happened to stand next to him…

  10. Please don’t fire Maurice. The worse his unit does, the better it makes me look. Especially every time I play against teams with losing records.

  11. Special teams were terrible. If Robert Quinn hadn’t mocked the belt, we might not have won that game.

  12. The Bears always seem to have great special teams. The Packers, other than Crosby, just the opposite (and yeah I know the Vikings haven’t had a good kicker since Fred Cox).

  13. I’m OK with LaFleur defending his coach. Let’s face it; it’s not like making a coaching change this late in the season will likely have a significant effect.

    But, what he should do, what he NEEDS to do is give Coach Drayton this message: ST doesn’t have to help us at this point, but we can’t let it kill us. Returners need to catch the ball first, even if they fair catch every single time. They have to know when to let the ball go out of bounds. Cover teams have to stay in their lanes. Max protect on FGs and extra points. Nothing fancy, no trick plays, no gimmicks. Just very basic football.

  14. Mocking a team and their fans will ultimately come back to bite you. So the the smart thing to do is not mock, be gracious. If your character says you must mock, be smart at the least and wait until after the game is done. Don’t be stupid.

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