Matt Nagy: Teven Jenkins will be just fine


The Bears traded up to take Teven Jenkins in the second round of this year’s draft, but the offensive tackle’s debut was delayed by a back injury.

Jenkins made his regular season debut on special teams in Week 13 and he finally got snaps at left tackle against the Packers in Sunday night’s 45-30 loss. The outing was a rocky one as Jenkins was flagged for multiple penalties and gave up a strip sack while filling in for Jason Peters, but head coach Matt Nagy focused on the future after the loss.

“I love Teven. I think he’s gonna have a really, really good career,” Nagy said, via “His future is very, very bright, and you learn from these moments. You really do. So, he’ll be just fine. He’s going to rally and he’s going to do everything he can to get better.”

With Jenkins and quarterback Justin Fields on the roster, the Bears have multiple reasons to be focused on the future although Nagy may not wind up being around to see how things play out for either of the rookies.

5 responses to “Matt Nagy: Teven Jenkins will be just fine

  1. Fields and Jenkins look a long ways away from being the franchise players their draft positions warrant. Cole Kmet is another 2nd rounder that looks like he’s about hit his ceiling, which is TE2. Meanwhile, the D Backfield apart from Jaylon Johnson is dreadful.
    GM Ryan Pace needs to face an accounting along with Nagy and the other coaches for how this team has regressed the last 3 seasons.

  2. Only the Bears would draft a college RT, pre-injured, and expect him to be a world class LT. Pace can’t help himself from locking on a player and making trades to acquire said player, only to watch that player flop miserably. It’s in his DNA and I can’t wait until he’s gone.

  3. I thought the Bears had a chance. But then Quinn mocked the belt, and we all knew what happens next.

  4. Quinn did the the first game as well, and we all know how that game turned out. You’d think Quinn would be smarter than that.

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