Nick Bosa: We almost blew it, but we didn’t


49ers defensive end Nick Bosa went into Sunday’s game against the Bengals with designs on sacking his good friend Joe Burrow and reaching that goal helped the 49ers get a win.

Bosa sacked Burrow twice — a third sack was wiped out by a penalty — and the second one came on third down on the Bengals’ lone drive in overtime. That forced the Bengals to kick a field goal and the 49ers were able to answer with a Brandon Aiyuk touchdown that made them 26-23 winners on the road.

The 49ers led the game 20-6 in the fourth quarter, so going to overtime was an unpleasant development for the team but they were able to survive thanks to the plays made by Bosa and others in the final minutes.

“We almost blew it, but we didn’t,” Bosa said, via “No, we did a good job and we made the plays that we needed to make.”

Bosa now has sacks in five straight games and continuing that streak against Atlanta next weekend would boost the team’s chances of remaining in playoff position in the NFC.

8 responses to “Nick Bosa: We almost blew it, but we didn’t

  1. They’ve already blown it with that atrocious start to the season they just don’t know it yet 😂 !!!!!! San Fran is atrocious, they can’t hang with the NFC front runners, SF is at best second In their very own division .

  2. Gold Jacket performances by Nick Bosa and Kittle. That was a good game. Both teams brought it and we had a good officiating crew for once.

  3. With the way the taunting rules were applied yesterday, I’m not surprised Niner fans are bubbling with joy at the officiating…

  4. Bosa won that game yesterday with that sack in ot. He’s just an incredible player and I give the niners lots of credit for hanging in there for the win. The bengals youth is gleaming right now and they just aren’t ready to seize the moment. Improving that o line need to be a priority in the off-season.

  5. Bosa should be considered for Comeback Player off the Year. He suffered a lot more than an ACL injury. His knee was torn to shreds. He’s tied for 3rd in sacks this season with a chance to win the sack title. Monster

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