Ravens planning on Lamar Jackson playing this week

NFL: DEC 12 Ravens at Browns
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson left Sunday’s loss to the Browns with a sprained ankle and head coach John Harbaugh gave an update on his condition Monday.

Harbaugh said that Jackson did not suffer a high-ankle sprain, which he called “good news” because it means that Jackson is not ruled out of starting against the Packers in Week 15. The coach said that the current. plan is for Jackson to play with Tyler Huntley backing him up.

“We’re gonna see where we’re at with the situation,” Harbaugh said. “The plans are right now, in my mind, are for Lamar to be out there. We’ll see where it goes this week. If he can go, he’ll go. If not, Tyler will be the quarterback.”

Huntley was 27-of-38 for 270 yards and a touchdown after entering the game early in the second quarter. The Ravens fell to 8-5 with the loss, but remain one game up in the AFC North.

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  1. Huntley just needs to cut out the fumbling while running with the ball. other than that he looked pretty good for a backup

  2. I’ve had two sprained ankles, one which required crutches for a couple months. For Lamar, it certainly depends on how severe the sprain is, but I’m really doubtful he can play on even a moderate sprain with only one week rest.

  3. Probably will lose at least some mobility with the sprain which won’t make him as much of a running threat.

  4. He’s not going to last the rest of this season. Guy has to run because he cannot get the ball upfield through the air. Defenders are pummeling him.

  5. Why play Lamar? He’s been the worst or 2nd worst QB in the entire league the past 7 games. He’s made zero adjustments to the defensive schemes bringing pressure and has become a one-read, tuck and run, turnover machine. Can’t throw down field or to the numbers. But no problem, you guys keep believing it’s regular season 2019 and convincing yourself Lamar is the best in the league! Everyone else will happily face him.

  6. Lamar has been an exciting player to watch and certainly changed the game for defenses. And he has won a ton of games. It is also quite an accomplishment that he hasn’t gotten injured sooner. With all the injuries on the Ravens we are lucky to be 8-5. But his play over the last several weeks has been nothing short of bad. There is something mental going on. Tyler is clearly playing better, so give him the start and let Lamar work out the head issues.

  7. Guitarkevin: I agree. I think Lamar’s lack of confidence in his throwing (because of his poor accuracy due to his awful mechanics) is showing up. He doesn’t trust himself, and I don’t think the coaches do either, to throw the ball when there is any sign of pressure or his receivers aren’t wide open. He’d rather take his chances tucking and running, which worked for a while. But now with pressure, his escape routes are cut off and he’s struggling big time. I’ve been noting for a while that Lamar rarely completes passes to receivers who aren’t wide open or which aren’t 3-5 yard slants, outs or sticks. But every Ravens fan kept telling me that he was a great thrower. I never saw that.

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