House committee requests all evidence of alleged interference by Daniel Snyder in NFL investigation

Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens
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Plenty have noticed Tuesday’s report from the Washington Post regarding allegations of inference by Washington owner Daniel Snyder in the investigation of workplace misconduct within the organization. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform are among those who have noticed.

On Tuesday, Representatives Carolyn B. Maloney, Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Raja Krishnamoorthi, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, issued a statement calling on the NFL to “immediately produce” all evidence regarding Snyder’s efforts to obstruct the investigation conducted by attorney Beth Wilkinson.

“It has become clear that Dan Snyder’s words and actions regarding the investigation into the Washington Football Team do not align,” Chairwoman Maloney said. “While Mr. Snyder publicly stated that he wanted independent investigators to ferret out the truth, today’s reporting suggests that he was privately trying to obstruct the efforts of the very investigator he hired in an effort to conceal damaging information. These disturbing revelations have only strengthened the Committee’s commitment to uncovering the truth in this matter. The NFL must honor Commissioner Goodell’s promise to cooperate with Congress and fully comply with the Committee’s request for documents.”

Krishamoorthi was equally vocal in his position that the information should be produced.

“Today’s news confirms our worst fears: Dan Snyder actively fought to undermine NFL’s investigation into WFT’s hostile workplace culture,” Krishnamoorthi said. “According to this reporting, not only did he try to prevent a key fact witness — a woman he paid $1.6 million in a sexual misconduct settlement — from speaking with investigators, he went as far as to send private investigator to witnesses’ homes. Snyder will stop at nothing. To get to the bottom of this story, NFL must immediately turn over all evidence of Snyder’s interference and the other documents we requested over a month ago.”

Congress commenced an investigation regarding the WFT investigation after emails were selectively leaked by someone to the media, resulting in Raiders coach Jon Gruden resigning under duress. The league responded, and the two sides apparently are haggling over the question of whether and to what extent the investigation consists of privileged information.

35 responses to “House committee requests all evidence of alleged interference by Daniel Snyder in NFL investigation

  1. I see all the way from space Mr. Amazon getting the Washington FOOTBALL CLUB in the not too distant future.

  2. This whole thing stinks like a Seattle fish market……. And now the government’s involved.

  3. Keep in mind, Goodell backed the idea that Snyder would use his OWN people to investigate instead of using an independent body to do so.

    Obviously, everyone at the time thought it to be suspicious or a complete joke, but this was knowingly allowed by Goodell.

    This is NOT just Snyder.

    This is collusion from Goodell similar to the Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt cover ups, or the cover up of Peyton Manning’s HGH use in 2015 with his shipments from from Guyer.

    The obvious other question is, what does Snyder have on Goodell to be able to dictate to the commissioner this way?

  4. This will be great fun to watch, especially if it means the end of Snyder having anything to do with the NFL.

  5. The only people in America who can make Dan Snyder look sympathetic are the clowns in Congress.

  6. Kill the anti trust exemption, and let’s have multiple professional leagues. Go Congress!

  7. It’s obvious they want him out….. they want someone else to own the team. NO matter what if I’m Synder I’m suing the NFL. This was clearly an inside job.

  8. I agree with touchback6I

    I’m sure if all the dirt is to see the light of day , it will be very damaging for the NFL.
    The Gruden witch-hunt will seem like small potatoes.

  9. We are in the middle of a worldwide health crisis, inflation levels we haven’t seen since the lates 70’s, and an immigration disaster, and congress wants to waste it’s time getting to the bottom of whether an NFL owner hit on an employee on his private jet over 10 years ago or not?

    Bezos already bought Thursday Night football. They cannot let him use his weaponized news site to force Snyder to sell so that he can step in and buy the team.

  10. Because congress has nothing better to do with Covid-19 killing more Americans in 2021 then in 2020, inflation running wild, the national debt about to drown our country while global warming is going to fry us all. I’m beginning to think that guy who walked around with “The End Is Near” on one side of his billboard and “Jesus Saves” on the other knows a lot more then I thought he did.

  11. This will be the end for Snyder. If Eddie DeBartolo can lose his ownership of the 49ers over one bad mistake after being a great owner, how can Snyder keep control of his team after another debacle? He’s not going to be the owner within the next couple years.

  12. Snyder seems like a bad guy. However, does Congress have NOTHING else more pressing to work on than a sexual harassment investigation? This is a simple “My lawyer talks to your lawyer and we work out a settlement” situation, although it involves multiple people. Now the House of Representatives are getting involved? C’Mon, man, why don’t they look into people in Government and what they do? That’s what their supposed to be doing (and rarely ever do)

  13. There should be no need for Congress to get involved in this. Snyder is what he is, and he will threaten and bully his way out of anything unless the facts see the light. The different disclosure of investigations of players (Ray Rice, Tom Brady) versus Snyder would be just another reality check, except that the NFL made public the Panthers’ former owner’s issues and effectively forced him to sell the team. Why not follow that example? Because Snyder is too unpredictable, and that scares the ownership group, and therefore Goodell. He’ll get medieval if they give him the Carolina treatment. So they cover up.

  14. My guess is he won’t make it thru the middle of next yr one thing congress likes to do is get in front of cameras to act like they doing anything so Dan my boy might as well sell now

  15. Snyder got to hire Wilkinson and turn the investigation into a joke in return for giving up the name Redskins.

  16. I find it 💯 ridiculous that Congress is wasting time and tax payers money on this. Don’t get me wrong Snyder is a scum bag who deserves to be punished but this Country has a lot bigger problems than the Washington football team!!! This is just another distraction keeping people’s attention away from what Congress is doing to this Country!

  17. My guess is Roger will be found to have intentionally aided Snyder in burying this this. My second guess is the NFL will be told if they don’t fire Roger ASAP they will stand a big chance of losing their monopoly exemption. And good riddance to Roger. And Snyder.

  18. If the Oversight Committee were really trying to figure out what happened they would of already subpoenaed those in questions..
    This is just for show to distract everyone from what’s really going on.

  19. The problem is that all major sports leagues have antitrust exemptions. Congress can revoke that if they want. The NFL has no choice but to do what Congress wants. There is a reason that its always Congress that goes after them.

  20. Politicians need to stay the h-ll out of anything that doesn’t concern them. If any investigation needs to be done I certainly don’t believe polticos have anything other than their own interests at heart. Politicians have already intruded too d-mn much into our lives.

  21. Just a reminder to all those that thought the government had no business getting access to the investigation and emails…now do you see why?

  22. Can someone please explain why the federal government is involved in an investigation regarding a NFL football team???
    The NFL is definitely shady when it comes to their narrative regarding cover ups and certain players they want no stories to get out about. And then their is certain “poster child” players that can do whatever they want knowing the shield will never come down on them. Sure Manning took HGH but do you think for one second with him being a poster child for the “shield” that they would lay the hammer on him??? Of course not. There is another QB playing in the NFL that could (and possibly is) doing the same thing that would NEVER be tested for HGH or any other PED because that would throw the league into a embarrassing tailspin. That player could take or do whatever needed to continue to play at his age and nothing at all would ever be done to stop it. Just using as an example that standards are different for certain teams ans players.

  23. Wow with everything goin on in America right now (rampant crime, Russia threatening to invade Ukraine, China treating to invade Taiwan, Covid, the highest inflation rate ever, the FBI tracking patents as domestic terrorists, the mass influx of illegal immigrants on the southern border) Congress is concerned over a civil matter of a professional football team. Can’t make this stuff up, and the politicians wonder why everyone hates Washington DC.

  24. This is the way it works: collude with the government to create a monopoly like Amazon. Purchase the Washington Posr so your control a major media outlet in the power center of our government. Donate millions of dollars to politicians campaigns, then use your power and influence to get the government to go after the owner of a company you want to force him to sell. Within two years, Jeff Bezos will own the WFT

  25. Bezos may buy a team…. but it would be the Seahawks.

    I’m not sure other owners would want him at the table though. The man can literally outspend all of them.. combined!

    I think they’ll be happy to take his Amazon money. Not so sure they’ll want him as a partner.

  26. davedsone says:
    December 14, 2021 at 10:50 pm
    My guess is Roger will be found to have intentionally aided Snyder in burying this this. My second guess is the NFL will be told if they don’t fire Roger ASAP they will stand a big chance of losing their monopoly exemption. And good riddance to Roger. And Snyder.

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    This is the ultimate win/win to stop Goodell’s cheating that has been going on for 15 years.

    Can anyone seriously name a commissioner with this kind of track record in any sport?

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