Jared Goff: I think your character shows in these last four games

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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The Lions won’t finish the season winless after defeating the Vikings in Week 13. But that doesn’t mean they’re OK with ending the season with one victory.

Speaking to the media on Monday, quarterback Jared Goff said the goal is to rip off “four straight wins” to cap 2021.

“We’re trying to win every game,” Goff said, via Eric Woodyard of ESPN. “We’ve got Arizona next week and we’ll deal with whoever we’ve got after that, but it’d be tough to stand up here if I didn’t believe in those guys, and I was ‘BS’-ing you guys. But I believe in those guys, I believe that we can win games and I believe that we can play with anybody. I believe in our coaches.”

Goff also noted he feels like a strong finish to this season can help carry some positive energy into 2022.

“I think at the end of the day, we’re playing for pride and who we are,” Goff said. “I think your character shows in these last four games. You find out a lot about people in times like these, in times of adversity. I believe I know who’s in that locker room, so I don’t believe we’re going to find anything we don’t like, but it does test you.”

In his first season with Detroit, Goff has completed 66 percent of his passes for 2,791 yards with 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He’s also fumbled nine times, losing six of them.

7 responses to “Jared Goff: I think your character shows in these last four games

  1. I think the Lions will be ok. Making changes isn’t always the answer. You have to be able to finish what you started, and then evaluate. Heck, Bill Walsh was 2-14 his first year in SF, then 6-10 the second year. They won the super bowl his third year. Then won four more. It’s not smart to keep pressing the re-set button. The Lions have a good personnel guy. The roster will improve, and the wins will come.

  2. If Goff wants to see the Lions win long term he’ll continue to Goff his way through the season and help ensure they get the #1 pick.

  3. If Matt Patricia who is a rocket scientist couldn’t fix the Lions, nobody can. Just sell the team and move.

  4. Marty P was a martinet without the résumé to back it up;

    he did get rid of a lot of the Lions Snickers-soft players—Snacks, Diggs, Slay—but at the expense of alienating everyone else;

    kinda reminds me of the DI in ‘Full Metal Jacket’, but he had a chest full of medals to back him up..not that they helped him in the end, either;

    the HC the Lions have now is part Knute Rockne and part Horatio Hornblower—players on any level run through walls for coaches like that;

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