Jerry Jones: I don’t want to say Dak Prescott’s slumping, but that’s probably fair

NFL: DEC 12 Cowboys at Washington Football Team
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The Cowboys beat Washington 27-20 on Sunday, but it was not an overwhelming offensive effort for the NFC East leaders.

They averaged under four yards a carry on the ground and Dak Prescott was 22-of-39 for 211 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions over the course of the game. Prescott’s performances in six games since returning from a calf injury have not been up to his previous standards, which led to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones being asked if Prescott is in a slump during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

“I don’t want to say ‘slump,’ but that’s probably fair,” Jones said. “But it’s such a multi-faceted evaluation that I would say that our offense is definitely away from where we were playing five and six games ago from the standpoint of production. What the opposing defenses has to do with it needs to be considered.”

Jones said that Prescott is healthy and that he doesn’t think there’s “merit” to the idea that his mechanics are out of whack as a result of time missed due to injury over the summer or in the season. He also said he has “real confidence” in Prescott and the offense putting everything back together.

“He will figure it out,” Jones said. “That’s the key thing here. He has no superior in working on it, studying it, taking it to the practice field, repetition. He’s as good or better than anybody I’ve ever seen and so he will mentally and physically rep this through.”

The Cowboys have a comfortable lead in the division entering the final four weeks of the year, so that gives them time to find their way back to the right offensive groove and any steps on that front are likely to start with Prescott returning to form.

14 responses to “Jerry Jones: I don’t want to say Dak Prescott’s slumping, but that’s probably fair

  1. Should of asked “you think that huge contract was worth it?”. Average at best. Cap crap for many years

  2. I like Dak but this is why he was never worth 40 million. If a single thing goes wrong (right now it’s the running game) his performance suffers

  3. Good player, but not elite. He’s probably top 10 but not top 5. In no particular order but all ahead of Dak…

    Wilson – when he’s not hurt


  4. Aaron Rodgers was “slumping” too when McCarthy was in Green Bay. The Packers offense is much better now, and Rodgers is playing better than ever. Jerry, why don’t you try hiring the best coach available? I realize Jerry’s a HOFer, and nobody’s going to tell him what to do, but Jerry has the answer looking at him in the mirror.

  5. It’s a talented offense, but the running back doesn’t have the same burst he once had and every defender knows it. There have been so many plays these last few weeks where the Zeke of old would’ve turned it into a big gainer. But he’s not the Zeke of old; he’s just old Zeke. That allows defenders to key on the passing game and puts a lot more weight on the QB, a weight the qB doesn’t seem able to carry.

    McCarthy has to get creative with his use of Pollard and Zeke to alleviate the pressure on the passing game.

    But let’s be real. “McCarthy” and “creative” are not usually words you hear in the same sentence, unless they’re coupled with the word “not.”

  6. Jerry was wrong when he thought Zeke Elliott was the key to the Superbowl and overpaid him Next he thinks Dak Prescott is the key and over pays him also WRONG again.

  7. Hard to keep up with Jerry’s latest takes. Wasn’t it just a few days ago he was saying Dak was playing great and anybody saying otherwise was crazy?

  8. “Aaron Rodgers was “slumping” too when McCarthy was in Green Bay. ”

    Not even close. Rodgers stats were great almost every year, even under McCarthy.

  9. He has always been slow to process coverages when he cannot go to the first one designed for the play. He was exposed as someone who is good with the first call against pressure, but the obvious issue with him is that he doesn’t see the field well when having to go beyond the first choice. Whether it is because he is mentally slow or cannot read a defense after the pre-snap read, he has a glaring issue.

  10. Jerrah can say all he wants about opposing defenses, and when Dak throws an incomplete pass to a reciever who is unable to get ANY separation, I can buy it. But when Dak is air mailing balls over the heads of wide open receivers, hesitating and throwing touchdown passes to wide open LINEBACKERS and running out of bounds for 2 yard losses instead of throwing it away, I don’t think Dak is slumping. I think he’s lost it. I just hope he can get it back. Dak’s not and never will be a great QB but I think he’s a pretty damn good QB. Just hope he gets it back.

  11. It’s clear Dak’s playing injured. He will likely need surgery in the offseason.

  12. Dak is the same level of player as Derek Carr. If either one is your starter you are going to get mostly good play with some frustrating ups and downs. Jerry definitely way way overspent. Just a terrible decision money and cap-wise.

  13. Dakota has been slumping going on four years now;

    the statistics don’t lie and his have been going downhill faster than a soapbox derby;

    he has beaten maybe two teams with winning records in three years, pads his stats between the twenties and garbage time when the games have already been decided;

    inside the red zone Dakota has been particularly pathetic, which is why he is the most overrated overpaid starting quarterbacks in the league;

    if his primary receiver is not open he runs, if Elliot is not beside him he is a virtually guaranteed three-and-out;

    wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowsills, like the Texans, Browns, Vikings, Giants, Eagles, Lions, WFT and Saints go shopping for a quarterback however slim the pickings are this draft;

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